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  1. Jkgourmet didn’t think of cold medicine ! Good call ! Thanks !
  2. Thank you Cruisestitch and Muffinz for the info! I have several lists of what to pack, but usually forget one thing ! We are counting the days til Solstice, Alaska ! Fifty eight til we head for Seattle !
  3. I’ve looked at the various deck layouts for the Solstice, but only see “ general shopping “ areas. Can someone fill me in on what shopping is available ? I saw someone mentioned Tiffany’s, but I can’t imagine that is all. Is there a small shop for sundries ? Things we may have forgotten to pack ? Also, what is the Mast Grill like ? Better alternative at busy times to the buffet ? This is is our first Celebrity Cruise, though my tenth cruise in general. Really looking forward to the Celebrity experience. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello ! Have really enjoyed reading your various travel logs. There is a ton of information on Alaska on the “Alaska Board”. I’ve been using the info to plan our first Alaskan Trip scheduled May 31 on Solstice. Give the various trip reviews a look. Info on excursions and lots of info on what to wear. I have found very helpful.
  5. As for knowing your “status” by looking at the color of the wristband, when we last bought one on RC they were out of colors, so everyone from that point in time on for that cruise, got a black one. Not sure whether black indicated steerage or elite. Didn’t matter one wit.
  6. HOS.... Harmony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean
  7. We had a wristband on our last cruise on HOS. They were ok, but still needed to use a sea pass card to get on and off the ship. We also removed them when we cleaned up for dinner each night. Not very fashionable, rather ugly rubber. Worth the extra $5.00, maybe?. Not sure I would bother again. Besides, I collect all my sea pass/ sail and sign cards as souvenirs.
  8. Thank you Budget Queen and AKfamily for the responses. I will look into renting a car closer to the pier per your suggestions.
  9. We have a car rental reserved in Juneau so we can do some exploring on our own. The car rental is at the airport. Are there taxis, UBer, etc that we can pick up at the pier ? We will be on Celebrity Solstice the first week of June this year. Thanks in advance for the info.m
  10. Beautifully done ! Have our first Alaskan cruise coming up May 2019. Thank you for sharing !
  11. I’ve been reading your review with great interest. We have an Alaskan cruise booked for May 2019. Really enjoying your pics ! We are fellow Mountaineers, I live in WV Northern Panhandle about 1 1/2 hrs from Morgantown. Thank you for your input !
  12. Thanks for the info Denny01 ! I like to have an alternative to the main buffet for breakfast . Found the Solarium Buffets on RCCL quieter and less crowded. Hoped for the same on Solstice.
  13. Thanks for the quick response Chezmarylou!
  14. All...we have our first Solstice Cruise lined up for this May to Alaska. We have sailed Carnival, NCL and Royal Carib. Have just a couple of questions, if you would indulge me ... 1. Can we get regular. (Free) tea at the Cafe Bacio ? I understand specialty coffees and teas are $$. 2. What toiletries are provided in the bathrooms ? We have a veranda 2B. 3. What is the breakfast buffet In the Solarium like ? Worth a visit ? 4. We are thinking of room service breakfast during our visit in Tracy Fjord. Will it arrive in timely fashion? Hot ? 5.Will the MDR be open on embarkation day for lunch ? Thanks in advance. I’m sure we will come up with other questions as the trip closes in.
  15. Hated the “Fine Line”! Thought a total waste of time. What’s with the twirly guy ? He showed up at other venues during the cruise. Very weird and not at all entertaining. Loved the ship, loved the other shows.
  16. Good luck to your son Sean and his application to the USCG! My son is a Coastie, has been in for 16 years and loves it ! It is a very rewarding occupation.
  17. Having seen the results of lost luggage, my cruise partner and I always pack half our clothes in each other’s luggage. We watched one poor couple wear the same shirts and shorts for 7 days due to lost luggage. Hopefully, the airline won’t lose both our bags ! Oh, and we always get trip insurance, just in case ! Go ! Have a great time ! Stop stressing !
  18. Thanks billlslowsky and jelayne for the quick responses!
  19. We are actively planning our first Celebrity trip, Solstice to Alaska next spring. I am very interested in participating in the Hot Glass experience. Does this fill up quickly ? Is it offered only on sea days ? Can I pre-register somewhere on the site beforehand ? Is it worth the $$$? Thanks in advance!
  20. Really enjoying your pics and reviews! Have first trip to Alaska booked for next May. Counting the days! Thanks for posting!
  21. Mobile passport. In the App Store. You fill in all your info before leaving the ship. Gets scanned in Customs, speeds you through in no time. Used it in May on Harmony and was a beeeze. Free to download.
  22. Used WOW bands on HOTS in May. They are $5.00 each. The ship had a limited amount of them at the time, so if you want one, get it once you are aboard.
  23. Buy the luggage tags from Amazon. They lock on, impossible to rip. Not very expensive and well worth it! No more staples and packing tape. Takes two minutes to attach. You are spending money for the cruise. Spring for theses. Can be used over and over.
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