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  1. If you are on traditional dining, you will be assigned a table in either chic or grande for the entire sailing. If you are on my time dining, you will be assigned a table in either American Icon or Silk, depending on what is available at the time you are dining each day. I would imagine you could request one over the other, but you may have to wait.
  2. I'm on that sailing also, looks like upper 60's for the high, too cold for my blood for swimming. We were just going to tour the dockyard this trip.
  3. Our 12/6 Anthem sailing, the deluxe package is $42 now with a BOGO 50% deal, it was the same a few weeks back with a 30% off and $45 when it was 20%. There is absolutely now way to figure out what the $ discount is, you can only go by what the price is.
  4. There is a new Quantum class ship coming in 2020, perhaps to Cape Liberty
  5. The drink package on my anthem sailing next month has been "on sale" for months now, either 20%, 30% off or BOGO50. Either way, the price has been either $42 or $45. The sales are bogus as they never disclose what the price the % off is based on.
  6. Seapass cards do not indicate which deck you are on . only the cabin #. If you are in cabin 11648, the seapass card only says 648. Anyone stealing or finding your card would have to try and access multiple cabins to find which one it worked on.
  7. Keep in mind the new policy also states that the 12 bottles must be carried on, not checked. We used to check a case in Bayonne all the time, but have not sailed since the changed policy as of 9/1/18
  8. The coke freestyle machines do offer Mr Pibb.
  9. We finished in 32:52, the countdown clock in the picture I have shows 27:08 left.
  10. 12/6/18 Anthem $42, been fluctuating between 42 & 45 for the past month
  11. This is no longer allowed, in order to get the deluxe plan now, both adults in the stateroom must purchase it.
  12. You might want to take a look at the Royal Incentive Rewards program that allows you to buy certificates but not for a particular sailing, this would lock in a rate, then you could redeem the certificates for the winners.
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