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  1. In Helsinki, depending on the day of the week and/or time of the day - my LW and I had great luck when we opted to take the tour bus [no specific excursion] to the city center. Very close by there was a craft fair going on, quite a few of the local Finnish and a number of food trucks / stands with local selections. Close by was even what looked like a converted train station that had many quality vendors with both cooked and take-away delicacies. We didn't have to walk too much, there were a bunch of comfortable seating options and it was a great way to experience the local culture.
  2. Very true! And additionally, if / when you do get on ‘the waitlist’ for an upgrade [UAL again] your priority is the lowest you could imagine. The plane would have to be majority occupied by Amish fist time flyers for you to have a chance. [All due respect for the Amish...]
  3. In my experience [with UAL] you should be able to choose seats on line as soon as the flights are booked. The angst comes when you wish to use miles to request an upgrade to the next higher cabin. That ‘link’ doesn’t show up until the flights are paid for.
  4. There are many of the Cabin Stewards that are hard charging - possibly aiming for the Butler or Lead positions. If or when you have one of those, it feels like you are blessed with Butler level service even when in a Veranda Suite. Last year on Voyager we were so-blessed. Haven't had a 'Bad' butler yet, but some were better than others. Looking forward to one day having a female butler. I've always heard exceptional comments regarding the few that are aboard Regent ships
  5. In a phrase; "The Butler fills in the Unknown or the Unexpected." After you get settled and discover something that was expected wasn't arranged or something unexpected was available but you were unaware of it, the Butler is a perfect agent for resolving the issue. Most who scoff at having a butler and state they never use him/her are perfectly correct that they are unnecessary , but even if you are able to brighten a single day or evening by requesting something 'extra' their value will be seen. On a Baltic Cruise where we were disembarking in South Hampton and staying a few days in London, my wife met a couple of ladies from London who were extraordinarily helpful is helping us use our time wisely and see the most we could while in their city. We were blessed to have a suite with a butler and they were in an 'H' suite. Upon inviting the ladies for drinks and canapes in our suite for the next port departure, all I needed to do was mention to the Butler that we were expecting guests at 5:00 and he arranged for a wide range of deluxe canapes, the wines that the ladies preferred [he found that info] and presented everything with flair and finesse. After dinner when we returned to our suite and it was if there had been no gathering what so ever. Everything was back in it's place and nothing was out of place. Only the Best!
  6. There are to-o-o-o many excellent dishes to consider. IMO, it comes down to what you want immediately after coming onboard; The Pool Grill Hamburger - Medium Rare - with Cheddar Cheese - Tomato - Lettuce and Mayo. With a toasted bun, Hot French Fries and a Pickle spear on the plate. Don't forget the draft beer and an alfresco table in La Veranda overlooking the stern.
  7. We did the Baltics in 818. Loved the Penthouse. Full disclosure: Haven't stayed in the F1/F2 Concierge suites but I'm sure they're nice also. My Pluses/Minuses - The balcony is big enough for 6 people comfortably. Has more than a few get-togethers with friends in G-H and possibly some F suites. - The living room area is ample for a couple or maybe 4; no more. Ref: The Balcony... - Closet is cramped if there is more than 1 (3/4?) of a clothes horse in residence. My wife and I did just fine on a 12 night that required 'normal' clothes. - It's better to eat on the balcony than the living room table. But the table has an additional top to increase its size during meals. - Bathroom / Shower is wonderful. Commode Private. No Bathtub - if that's important, but a WoW shower. - Overall, we thought the Penthouse Suite was very comfortable and were doing it again on Splendor. But this time in 820!
  8. My LW and I did the post Christmas through New Years Cruise on Voyager this last year in the Caribbean. We had enough children onboard that it was noticeable but not so many that is was a burden. Most times... Overall, I am more critical of the parents who lose connection with their children and allowed them to intermingle [read:Disturb] with other guests in Prime 7 or Chartreuse during obviously special dinners. The crew was overly apologetic while the grownups kept talking and wining while the rest of the patrons ground their teeth and tried not to whine...
  9. We could as easily convince you as to why you should enjoy Caviar, Fine Champagne or Escargot... You either try it and you love it, or you try it and shrug your shoulders. If others sing the praises of any aspect of life at sea on Regent, it's your ear that will be excited by the melody and words. Buy the album; or change the station. That's up to you. I will always treasure the memory of my wife and I arriving after traveling over 36 hours to get to Stockholm Sweden [From Hawaii] and being met at the baggage claim by two Regent representatives. "Welcome to Stockholm, Can we carry your bags?" "We have a car waiting outside to take you to your hotel." At the hotel they accompanied us to the counter, all the concierge said was "Welcome to Stockholm; Your room is ready!" It was 9:00 in the morning... I can't say that couldn't happen on another cruise line. I can't say that it will always happen on Regent. All that I'll say is I would be shocked on the one hand while anticipating it on the other.
  10. My LW and I truly enjoyed the New Years Cruise on Voyager last month. However, in regards to the PARENTS aboard during the cruise: 1. Why would they choose Regent Seven Seas to bring their children on a cruise and 2. Where the heck did they leave their parenting skills/responsibilities? At Home? I had a high tolerance for the youngsters on the pool deck during the day. I had no animus about them scurrying around La Veranda during the meals. It was when they were brought into Prime 7 or Compass Rose for dinner (Read: New Years Eve/Day!) and they are running between the tables, playing with their toys, and causing a ruckus that I thought: What the $%^&? God Love the Little Children! Parents: Do Your Job!
  11. Mimi.pow, I'm sorry you couldn't get Regent to bend and sway to your whims. Although they are usually very accommodating, they are a business providing a service - not a service looking for business. If you are arriving even two days prior to your embarkation and have booked a Regent pre-cruise hotel, Regent will have someone (or two) at the airport baggage claim asking to carry your luggage to your Limo/Bus. Similarly if you book an after-cruise stay at their Regent offered venue, they will take you there in style and a suitable vehicle will be there the morning you checkout to make sure you get to the airport. Of course you should have Regent or your TA arrange these excursions well before your cruise; but not before you are set on your details. There is a cost to these services but other than the Air Deviation fee(s) they are built into your itinerary. As a business, Regent sells transportation services either within an excursion (i.e. Regent Air) or separately from the ship prior to disembarkation. If you go-it-alone, you are in command of your own destiny. Now, all the above so stated, most TA's can arrange everything Regent does - often less expensively - and it won't hamper your vacation. It's not Greed. It's just Business...
  12. I believe Regent has 'Files' on all of us repeat guests. Earlier this year on Voyager I was not in a suite with a butler; didn't ask for any libations for the suite prior to boarding, but there waiting for 'us' in our suite were bottles of our usual spirits and a bottle of our preferred vino too. It might have been that our Stewardess was just over-the-top consciousness; because she was! Thanks Paulyn!
  13. My LW and I departed from Stockholm on Explorer in 2017 (Late Aug) and stayed at the Haymarket. It is a converted warehouse with boutique style room, numerous restaurants and a very attentive staff. The motif of the Haymarket is 'Roaring '20s / Hollywood' and that was done tastefully. The room we stayed in was large and overlooked the marketplace that appeared at 0530 and was gone by 1800-1900. The hotel is about an easy 10 - 15 minute walk to old town and the harbor. The breakfasts that were offered were Scandinavian fare and enjoyable - but the western world of eggs, bacon & potatoes were also available a few steps away. We didn't partake any dinner venues - but I must say there were ample crowds in all of them each night. 4.5 Stars
  14. Seven Seas Grandeur or to conform to the Regent's naming conventions - Grandyoor!
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