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  1. Regent Seven Seas often has West Coast cruises that stay over in Honolulu. I recommend the SFO to Tahiti in Jan 2022. It will be in Honolulu overnight. I live on Oahu and will sadly be disembarking in SFO. I asked my TA if I could stay aboard until Honolulu? She said Yes... But you'll need to pay all the way to Tahiti ... Oh Well?
  2. It's good to hear from the gallery in these regards. Thanks [Again] for all the reassurances. I look forward to seeing everyone onboard the Mariner...
  3. I've been monitoring the 18 December 2021 Mariner MIA/SFO 'Holiday Cruise' and was surprised to find that all categories of the suites onboard were waitlisted. Not that that is worrisome by itself, but looking at the following itineraries from SFO to Honolulu, Honolulu to Tahiti and approximately four more itineraries after that are also all waitlisted. Are they selling suites - or preparing to cancel the World Cruise?.
  4. If you do come to Hawaii (Oahu) and someone says you must wear a mask on the beach, I have just the mask. It says "My Governor is an Idiot" Really, they exist.
  5. I apologize to those who have seen this before, but I'm inclined to use it every time this topic comes up. [Bi-annually?] Regent Cruisers never Tip. But if they do Tip, they Tip for noble reasons. But if those reasons are ignoble they never Tip because they expect preferential treatment. But if they do expect preferential treatment, they don't get mad if everyone else gets that same exemplary treatment. But if the tipping is because your treatment was exemplary and you openly disregard Regent policy, You Tip in private; and in Bitcoin - so that your t
  6. UPSELL! That was the term I was searching for and I couldn't recall. Thanks In addition to upsales, there are other calls you can expect from your TA where Regent offers an upgrade to a superior suite if you give up your current suite/cruise and sail on a future itinerary. I received one of those offers while I was riding 'On the Coach' headed from the hotel in Stockholm going to the Explorer. OK, let me think... No!
  7. Aloha MiamiCruiser, At the fear of stating the obvious, if the desired cabin is not waitlisted, your TA should be able to negotiate the new accommodations any time before embarkation. The cost will be the difference between the two cabins. If you're referring to an complimentary or reduced cost upgrade for a higher cabin, those usually become available in the final days or weeks of the pre-cruise period. Sometimes as close to sailing that you're already in the embarkation port. Those are almost always offered through your TA, and they are perishable in that most or
  8. This is from the 'other' thread concerning refunds.
  9. Aloha all, I'm pleased to report that PG Cruises electronically deposited/refunded my deposit for a cruise we were scheduled to take this summer. It took ~40 days from request submission to refund deposit. [Less $100.00 per reservation or $200.00 a couple] Memory being a decaying condition, I'm pleased with this outcome, if not the timeline it took to receive it. I'll monitor the boards here and possibly reschedule for 2022/2023 if PG is still in business.
  10. All the explanations are logical and appreciated. The Regent 25% or 50% bonus I guess is 'Coupon Value' which if you read the fine print on the back of some coupons it usually says "Cash Value: 1/10 of $0.01" which is more than the insurance company considers it...
  11. Very interesting perspectives. I fear you both could be correct. Again, I hope not to have to prove any of 'us' correct. Keep Smiling!
  12. Aloha, Haoli Makahiki Hou! Not sure if I'm reenforcing the message(s) or refuting it but I wanted to offer my recent experience. My wife and I had a TravelGuard policy that wasn't used from our March 2020 cancelled voyage. [Splendor was not splendorful due to COVID...] I had to have my TA twist some arms at AIG but they agreed to apply the past policy fee from our last cruise and apply it to our next cruise in Dec 2021. The 'Book' value of the new cruise was more than the previous coverage - but it was all covered by FCCs - plus the 25% given by Regent for the cancellation.
  13. At the conclusion of a 12 nite Baltic cruise (Stockholm to Southampton) we stayed in the Regent arranged Marriott Grosvenor House on Park Lane. The hotel was grand in its stature and opulent in its decor. But with the smaller room sizes in Europe and our Regent arranged rooms not being the Windsor Suites and all, we found the 2 nite stay less than the expected Wonderful Experience. The room was more akin to a servants quarters than a hotel room. No view, one small queen bed (for two) and barely enough room to turn around. The bathroom, which appeared to added later was surprisingly good
  14. On my 60th Birthday I was on the Voyager. They had a special menu they offered to all the passengers. We went to Prime 7 and ended the meal with a wonderful chocolate cake with a mini candelabra holding 6 candles. [LW purchased and passed the candelabra to the Mater’e]. Then the whole ship retired to the Constellation Theater where they played dancing music well past midnight. I thought that was over the top! There are perks when you are born on New Years Day...
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