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  1. I look at it like this....on my last cruise the tips were $14/day/person and it came out to roughly 18.5%. I'm typically a 20% tipper, start there and go up or down accordingly. That said, I could never see removing the tips as a whole. I can possibly get by with reducing the tips but even still, I personally, don't feel right about that. There really are so many people behind the scenes that get these tips....the same people that serve in the MDR you'll often find on the Lido deck during the day. The vast majority are busting their butts to make our trips enjoyable and I always see the employees working....doing something. That's just been my experiences but I really do think if people do the math and see what percentage they're actually tipping it could give a little more perspective vs simply removing/reducing because of "bad service."
  2. You'll definitely be able to get your specialty coffee on that last day (we always do) but I haven't seen the bars opened. One cruise we were in a lengthy "fog delay" coming back in and they "opened" the bars up which lends me to believe they would all normally be closed. We were able to utilize Cheers for our drinks but the count to 15 was continued from the night before. For example, I had 13 drinks the previous day and was able to only get 2 debark morning. Not complaining, just explaining.
  3. That must be it. I got even more curious and looked to see which lines/ships were there during those months and not many. Celebrity, Holland America and Caribbean Princess. Thanks for the info.
  4. I did. It was just in scoping out what else was out there I thought it was odd. Seemingly a big gap of nothing.
  5. Just curious if anyone knows why there are zero Carnival cruises out of Ft Lauderdale from May thru Sept 2020. Was planning for next years family cruise and found that odd. THI
  6. I live just outside Atlanta and with my first two cruises I guess I just didn't know any better and we left around 5am to get to Jacksonsville. 1) We had no issues thankfully. 2) I was way too tired that first day of the cruise. 3) Unless there'd be no other way around it, we now arrive the day before our cruise and stay in a hotel. Arriving a day earlier makes all the difference to me. Lot less stressed. Lot less tired. Vacation starts a day earlier too!
  7. Just the kind of information I was looking for. We did go ahead and get it and will be in G26 and are very much looking forward to it.
  8. Can I ask why you like it so much better? I realize everyone is different, just curious.
  9. Any help is appreciated....currently booked in an interior room on Deck 7 (Empress) on the Paradise. Poking around I found some interior rooms on Deck 14 and it'd be $180 more (total) to switch. Any opinions on this deck? We stayed on the Lido deck on the Liberty last year and loved it. The Fantasy class ships don't have that option so this seemed "close." I appreciate the feedback.
  10. Carnival does have a soft sided cooler for sale that comes with 4 beers, stadium cups, opener and coozies for $40....not a bad deal really considering you get a cooler. I realize it's not the same as the Cheers package but as a previous poster mentioned, you can sometimes get unopened beers (and then put them in the newly purchased cooler)
  11. We did it on the Liberty back in December and it was $15. I did not see anything about it in the Fun Times so I asked one of the bartenders on the first night about if/when there was a class. She told us yes, there was and it was held on a sea day. She also said we needed 5 people so we quickly recruited 3 more people. We gave her our stateroom numbers and the next day we had the class. It was one the best things we've ever done on a cruise. Very fun. Very informative. You can also buy a shaker set with a jigger, strainer etc. I think that was $15 too.
  12. Has anyone bought liquor from duty free shop at Amber Cove and then took it to the pool instead of buying drinks from the bar? Don't judge, I'm thinking purely economics here.
  13. Awesome, thanks! I think I have sketched out a little pub crawl in Cuba as well. I guess we'll drink until we're out of money lol
  14. Thanks for the details, this is exactly how I plan our cruises and trips! Where did you book your Key West pub crawl through? We're currently scheduled for the same itinerary in Sept 2019 (fingers crossed). Nice to know it didn't take long to get off the ship, through customs, currency exchange, etc. I will say that trying to decide how much money to exchange has been on my mind since I booked the trip.
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