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  1. We met alot of last minute cruise deal people that were awesome. One of them I'm now friends with on FB. Clearly not all last minute cruise deal people are like this. Life is not that polarizing. I bet you would have been awesome to hang with on this cruise and be just as shocked at these people's behavior.
  2. I know because they told me, and everyone one else near them, multiple times throughout the cruise, loudly comparing how much they paid with other passengers. They also didn't have the drink package, again, I know this because they told me and everyone else near them. The one man also said he "made a good living." He said this after complaining that his wife shouldn't "bite the had that feed her." (he was such a lovely man) So It didn't seem to have anything to do with "wealth" From what they told everyone around them, they hop on last minute cruise deals all of the time and then expect to be treated like royalty. My biggest issue is that they were openly rude to the staff while paying almost nothing to get on the cruise and affecting others experience. Maybe this is the reason there are so many complaints that the crew is miserable. Because they have people screaming "hey buddy get me a mudslide" at them.....
  3. I’m just off the breakaway and it DID NOT work at all. Not on the when connected to the WiFi and even the purchased minutes. I also wasn’t receiving texts through cellular at sea. We purchased the $1O messaging part of the app and it would only work with me and my husband, We couldn’t add anyone in other cabins. They tired telling us we had to go on our purchased internet minuted to use it with people outside our cabin, which I thought was pointless. Save the frustration and just purchase the unlimited “steaming” internet.
  4. So we just had a similar experience with a few passengers on the breakaway. They were loud, obnoxious and extremely rude to the staff. Anytime they were near us they were so loud and obnoxious and they would butt into our conversation. They seem to always be around us. My problem is I’m on vacation and really don’t want to be confrontational. So we would always just try to change venues when they were around. Unfortunately it really did affect our cruise, and i’ll probably take a break from cruising for a while because of it. What I did notice was these people all seemed to be ‘last minute cruise deal’ people which I think is a bummer that these people are paying half what I paid and putting a damper on my vacation.
  5. Thanks so much for the review!!! I’ll be heading over soon!
  6. Happy Birthday! And thank you so much for this. We’re on the breakaway on 5/5 so I’m SO PUMPED for this live review. Thanks so much!11
  7. We’re cruising on 5/5 and it also wasn’t available. I heard they’re getting rid of it but I haven’t heard what’s replacing it. I was a little bummed because I wanted to do it this time. It’s a pretty big space to just be empty so I’m hoping they’re putting in something awesome’
  8. Does anyone know if the outdoor area on deck 8 on the breakaway is completely non-smoking now or just by the bar/outside the humidor?
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