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  1. I cracked a tooth on a piece of hard-as-a-rock rice at a Hibachi restaurant 2 days before a 2-week repo cruise. I was in a full panic. I called my dentist as soon as they opened the next morning and he got me in an emergency time slot to get a crown. He has a machine that makes them right in the office. Talk about relieved!
  2. Alaska weather is a crap shot. We went in mid July and it was cold and cloudy. Friends went a few weeks later and it was sunny and warm. Either way it's still beautiful.
  3. She's the only left from Golden Girls too. I still watch the reruns!
  4. Freedom class are my favorites. My first cruise since Covid hit is on Liberty next March, hopefully!
  5. Old Navy or Amazon for me. I honestly don't even remember what brands I buy but if you type in the style or fabric you want in the search box they'll show you a bunch of results.
  6. Thank you for your review! We aren't sailing until March, so I know things may very well change by then, but I'm super curious to hear about your experience.
  7. Absolutely. I loved that show, still watch reruns, but I can't believe they allowed some of the stuff Archie said!
  8. Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. I can't wait for the day I can retire. I have about 10 years to go. Ugh.
  9. So true. The acting and writing were top notch. And the AIS episode was indeed classic! Also loved the 2 episodes where Frank and Marie moved to the retirement complex and then got kicked out!
  10. I could never get into Seinfeld. Just didn't think it was funny. Night Court was pretty good though.
  11. I've been on Rhapsody and Splendour (now retired). They are smaller ships without all the bells and whistles, but still very nice.
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