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  1. I personally don't know or care if SL's, CL's, or DL's are open once cruising resumes. So trivial at this point. If I want a drink I can buy one at the bar. Not to mention the crap food on offer. We're just D+ but have no intention of cruising for the foreseeable future.
  2. That shower bar looks awesome! May have to look into that!
  3. Oh come on. You're comparing apples to oranges now. Of course wheel chairs should not be banned. Stop it.
  4. Unfortunately the cruise lines, at least RC, tended to look the other way when an "emotional support animal" had an accident in a public space. There are many posts reporting this
  5. Yes but in proper, designated areas. Big difference.
  6. Thank goodness. No more little fluffys dressed in full outfits being pushed around in strollers. And peeing and pooping in public spaces, not to mention the staterooms.
  7. OK thanks. I think all our governments are struggling how to deal with this unprecedented situation right now.
  8. So you are saying people would be allowed to spend a week on a farm then a week at a beach resort with no human contact? Don't see how that would work. Not trying to be snarky, just don't understand.
  9. I was at my local supermarket today to pick up a few things. 95% of people were wearing masks. The 5% who weren't, despite a sign on the door saying they are required, really pissed me off. Some people don't care about anyone but themselves.
  10. So with all the trials in North America, Europe and Asia you don't think a vaccine will be available in the next 12 months? That's hard to comprehend.
  11. I bought the same pack Carol. I'll buy more if I need. Agree it's no big deal. I wear a mask virtually everywhere I go out of my house and would have no problem wearing one on a cruise. That being said,. we've decided to hold off cruising until a vaccine comes out.
  12. This is what we do. Haven't printed the paper pass for quite a while.
  13. We go to Sanibel Island in southwest FL. Hopefully they will be up and running by October.
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