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  1. Ugh that's probably heading our way. Sunny and mid 70's in Miami Sunday - enjoy!
  2. Safe travels and have a great cruise. Bracing for a cold, windy weekend here in the Northeast - would love to be heading for Miami this weekend.
  3. I've traveled to 30+ countries in 5 continents. Jamaica is one of the dirtiest, nastiest places I've ever been to. No thank you JMO.
  4. Just checked and I also don't see anything for Ovation. Odd. Hoping everything settles down with Corona in the Med. Lots of people, you and I included, will be very disappointed, if we have to cancel.
  5. At least RH has a great DL. Are they using to the adjacent lounge (can't remember the name) as spillover?
  6. Best of luck it all works out well for you. We're not booked for the Med till September but also keeping a close eye on things.
  7. Daily Mail sounds like the UK version of the US National Enquirer. Total garbage.
  8. Yes, we were supposed to port in Malta on a Med cruise several years ago but it was cancelled due to a storm. And Santorini is on my bucket list as well - will be so disappointed if we can't go.
  9. Agree, wise decision not to stop in for a drink! Hope the friends are able to get back home without incident.
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