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  1. Report him and ignore him. Total piece of garbage.
  2. Agree, temps aren't much different in Summer vs Winter in the Caribbean but humidity is much higher in Summer making it feel much warmer.
  3. $100 average for a blow dry? That seems a bit much. Then again, I've never paid to have my hair blow dried so I have no idea what landside salons charge.
  4. Agree. I've seen the difference as little as $80 and as much as $800 for cruises of the same or similar length. It's crazy.
  5. Maybe it's just been luck of the draw but the food on my Allure cruises has been much better than food on my Adventure cruises (not that AD food was bad, just not as good). Not to mention far more choices on Allure.
  6. I agree, and when they first started offering the non-refundable option this is how they did it. Would be simpler if they went back to this format.
  7. Refundable deposit IS offered when booking online. When you get to the "Select your Preferences" tab it's there clear as day. I've booked nearly all of my 46 cruises online and haven't had a problem distinguishing between refundable vs non-refundable. It does default to the non-refundable option but you can choose the refundable fare if you wish. Really not that difficult.
  8. I need a bong hit after reading 10 pages of this.
  9. Totally agree. Maybe it's because I'm usually a lot more hungry (hungrier?) at lunchtime than dinner (too many snacks in the DL/CL!) but I really seem to enjoy the selections and food itself much more in the MDR at lunch vs dinner.
  10. Agree, and I think it's a combination of the chopping and mixing that make it so good!
  11. I know right? I could mix up the same items myself at home and it would never taste as good.
  12. Definitely save room for lunch in the MDR. You can make a meal out of the tutti salad bar alone or do what I do - get a nice salad along with something off the menu!
  13. And don't forget the tutti salad bar. Yum!
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