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  1. Agree. I'm not a complainer but that would have sent me over the top.
  2. I bet they wouldn't be as loud as Guns N Roses or KISS
  3. Been to many, many concerts. Too many to count. Almost always close to the stage. Other than having my eardrums blown the next day awesome. But we're talking about shows on cruise ships. Apples to oranges.
  4. We had an I-pad recorder in front of us once as well. Took several around us to finally get her to stop.. She was defiant.
  5. Yep but the self entitled lot don't care and do as they wish.
  6. IMO quality and selection is definitely better since the upcharge.
  7. I've seen this as well. Find it very rude and inconsiderate.
  8. I miss the chicken drummies on the old (and free) room service menu 🙁
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