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  1. Tragic, I'm turning 50 very soon and, at my Dr's urging, did a full screening for men of my age. Fortunately all came back normal. People need to put fears aside and take care of themselves. Responsibly, of course.
  2. Agree. Now touching door handles in a public bathroom - that's a different story!
  3. Interesting concept, but you would still have to sanitize it regularly. I'll stick to using my hands (and sanitizing, of course)
  4. OMG they were one of my all-time favorite teams. "Run Charla, run"
  5. I was afraid to click on this post fearing it was a political question I vote for Anthem.
  6. We have a couple land based vacations planned for the upcoming Fall and Winter. Of course we will have to wear masks in stores, restaurants, etc. but not a big deal at all for us. Will take any kind of vacation right now.
  7. Same here. One season they traveled through Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat, Oman, among other places. We were so intrigued we decided to go an Arabian Gulf cruise. One of our most memorable ever.
  8. Really enjoying your review and pics John. Brings back fond memories from our Baltics cruise.
  9. No but Harwich is no further than Southampton and a better option, geographically, for northern Europe itineraries.
  10. Agree, that would be great. Also I wonder why Royal abandoned Harwich.
  11. Istanbul, Cyprus, Israel & Egypt. We were booked on this itinerary years ago but had to cancel. Would love to see it offered again.
  12. I hear you. We haven't gone this long without a cruise in the last 15 years or so. But I realize and accept we have to wait until it's safe. Looking forward to that time.
  13. Hopefully the people who thought they could go back to business as usual when states began opening back up don't assume the same with this news. Unfortunately "recommendations" don't mean anything to some.
  14. Too funny, I was just thinking I wonder where Cantore will be 😲
  15. Same for me. Seems to work OK - for now.
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