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  1. Add me to those who don't believe the"predictions". They predicted a brutal winter for my region (they always do) and we had one of the mildest winters on record. It's already green and trees sre blossoming weeks ahead of schedule.
  2. What a ray of sunshine you are. Forget about all the positive clinical trials for treatments going on. Never mind. We're all doomed. No need to respond as you're going on my ignore list. You take care.
  3. Sigh. I could go on and on how Democratic leaders have failed thier people during this crisis but I won't. Not the time. Put your Trump hatred aside and work together.
  4. Please leave politics out of this. Not the time to divide our country. Stay healthy.
  5. Heard a prominent Dr on the news say viruses thrive in cold weather and don't do well in the heat. Don't know if this will have any effect on slowing the spread but sure as heck hope so.
  6. Way too early to make any kind of predictions. No one knows.
  7. @ReneeFLL respectfully disagree. My best friend, my old college roommate, just lost his job today after 15 years with the company.. He has 4 children. This stimulus is much needed. I'm a small business owner and if it weren't for the government and banks assistance I don't know if I could survive. God bless our government and banks.
  8. Please don't make statements about something you know nothing about.
  9. Many flights to Vegas have been cancelled but not all. Just checked on flighttracker.
  10. @Johnny_B awesome pics. Thanks for sharing.
  11. We had a land trip booked for May which we cancelled and rebooked for August (hopefully we can go). We have airfare booked on United which we booked in March. They say on their website if you booked in March you can cancel and rebook with no penalties. I'll be pissed if they don't honor this.
  12. Grey Goose guy myself. Great minds think alike!
  13. Wish I were in a DL right now.
  14. Exactly. Only the man above knows how this is going to play out. All the options posted are nothing more than speculation.
  15. No one knows but I would guess highly unlikely.
  16. Now isn't the time for a US vs Canada debate. We share a continent for God's sake. Drop the politics and let's try to get through this nightmare.
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