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  1. Hello Owlet, Just came across your question and wondered how the cruise went for you!
  2. Hello GinBoy, Just wanted to check in and see how things went for you and your mates on the Marco Polo. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Marylizcat. I agree that adjusting expectations is important but am struggling for specifics to share with my friend -- specifics always help illustrate anything better! I sort of have in my mind what a low price, BIG ship experience would be (maybe MSC, Costa, etc.) -- crowded situations at times, queuing for everything, disrespect of queues and other rude behaviour of other pax, little fresh food (mostly frozen) -- but I am having trouble translating much of this to the 800 pax ships with Cruise & Maritime like Marco Polo, or even Magellan at 1250. Can you give me some specifics based on experiences with C&M?
  4. A friend is considering a Norway cruise, and both the itineraries and prices with C&M are very attractive, but with no experience with this cruiseline for either of us, it seemed wise to seek advice here. She has only cruised once, doing the crossing on Cunard's QM2, and she likes to be aware of risks she might be taking, what she's getting into, etc. How would things compare, generally or specifically?
  5. About that Voyage Planner -- it's really great to know in advance which nights will be gala nights, theme nights, etc. But it sounds like this info is available only on the hard copy in the cabin once we are aboard. Or might there be some way to tune in to it online before the cruise, for planning purposes (such as when to schedule dinner reservations at a specialty restaurant)? We sail on 12 June.
  6. Thank you all for the great recommendations about lunching at the PG -- of course I had to look at that menu and promptly started salivating. Sounds like as soon as we are on board and settled we should find the right people and line up a few lunch reservations. But I have one question -- what is the new cruise planner some have mentioned? I looked on my HAL account and did not see it.
  7. I read somewhere that the Pinnacle Grill serves lunch for a cover of $10, rather than the $35 charge at dinner. We thought we'd try both, but I wonder if anyone can tell us how things work for lunch there? My online HAL account provides a spot for me to reserve a dinner time, but I found nothing about lunch. (We will sail on Prinsendam.)
  8. We did the cruise around the islands with Norwegian in January, where I did the helicopter thing on Kauai, and then spent five days afterwards on Maui. One of the most memorable things we did on Maui was a circumnavigation of the island called Road to Hana, with a super-informative local guide in a van so we had a chance to see and learn about the gorgeous eastern side of the island up close, not-so-developed, which was refreshing. We did that on one of our portstop days, with a port pickup, tho we were at a different port. Lahaina is a major tourist center so many tour operators should be departing from there as well. I think this is the company we went with: https://www.tourmaui.com/tours/pride-of-america-hana-shore-excursion/
  9. OP Here -- Hello everyone, and thank you all for the speedy responses! We are actually sailing on the Prinsendam out of Amsterdam to the coast of Norway. In fact we'll be on her last cruise with HAL before she goes on to a new life with a German cruiseline. I'm sure once we experience this ship, we'll regret not managing to do other voyages with her, but better this one than none! Yes, we will be in Amsterdam the night before the cruise, in country for a few days before that as well as a few days after the cruise. On embarkation day, we could leave our bags at the hotel, but it's outside the ring (Hotel Alexander), so that seemed like a bit of backtracking although in the end it might work better than waiting for check-in at the ship. Yesterday I managed to snag some tickets to the Anne Frank House with the introductory tour, but our admission time is not until 1130 on embarkation day, so that's what prompted this question -- how to manage things on embarkationt day with this bit of delay in our boarding the ship -- which will be worth it from what I hear about the program at AFH.
  10. We'll sail with HAL out of Amsterdam in June, our first cruise with them in umpteen years. On embarkation day, can we drop off our luggage at the ship, then slip out to town for some last-minute sightseeing, and board ourselves later?
  11. My recent experience was that the rail tickets I wanted for one of our portstops in Norway in June were showing unavailable week after week. I finally picked up the phone and called the rail line (since we have a calling plan!). I learned that they expect alot of track work to be done during the summer, so while they are planning when & where that work will happen, they are not going to sell the journeys that might be affected. Once the work schedule is settled, then they can go ahead and release the tickets. In my case, it was just this week that I could finally book the tickets for 25 June, tho for our port the train is actually operated by the Swedish rail. Perhaps the NSB has similar practices, so this might be the situation you are experiencing.
  12. Great! I haven't used google docs for many years but if it will do what you describe, and save successive versions, that sounds like the way to go! Many thanks.
  13. Seems like there should be a way to have a version open for people to add and save sequentially by date, so if it goes off track we could just go back to the last version before the "contamination" occurred?
  14. I'd like to create a spreadsheet to share with others on our roll call for the day-by-day activities, so we can list the various activities/tours at port locations and people can fill in their own names for the ones they sign up for and see who else is doing the same tour. I love spreadsheets so don't mind setting this up but don't want to spend time entering others' info, maintaining it, etc. I am not sure of the best way to "put it out there" so others can add their info safely.....please advise!!
  15. Yes, that is the same for me BUT once clicked, it zips from one port to another so is little time to visualize the path on the map, and by the time it pauses at the next stop, some of the map that shows the areas covered is gone from view. This is especially significant for days at sea. For now, for planning purposes, I am trying to figure out how close our upcoming cruise along the coast of Norway will come to the Lofoten Islands, and when. I thought HAL's map of the cruise route might help. Alternatively, the navigational map for the cruise would be the most useful but I don't expect to be able to see that until I am on the ship.
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