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  1. Sky had squares for MNF a week ago...no other sports betting onboard. (we weren't at sea on football sunday however)
  2. i've been on 4 NCL cruises with beverage package, bottled water was never included (although you can get iced tap water from bars) I find it fascinating that a six pack of water on Carnival is $5 or so and 4x that on NCL.
  3. We always prepay tips and then $1 cash for every 2 drinks we order together. I don't see very many folks tipping cash except for sometimes casino bar. Just wanted to say thanks, we appreciate all ncl staff on cruises!
  4. We used 2 on 12/2 Sky 4 nt, oceanview was $139 with 2 free. Then got upgrade to balcony on $50pp bid. (Then we bought 8 more cruise next certs)
  5. My wife has dibs next year on hawaii cruise, her "0" bday. She is also big on getting to Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire- 3 of the few places she hasn't been. She has cruised for decades. I did mention the Canal as a bucket list...last year we did 11 nt on Epic our first longer than 7. We survived it with ease, ha!
  6. What 2020 NCL cruise would you select to take if your spouse was picking up the tab and only wanted to go on an itinerary that most suited YOUR interests? No rules, no limitations. (I have one of those "historic" birthdays that ends with a 0 in 2020 and I've always said I wanted to spend a week on St Maarten watching the planes land at SXM. My wife asked me if I would be open to a "MYSTERY VACATION" where I don't know where we are going until I get there. Sure why not?!? We just got off the Sky on 12/6 and I received an email afterwards with a reservation number in the subject. I clicked it and immediately saw the name of a NCL ship which we haven't sailed - and almost as immediately closed the window. ACK ACK. Soooooo....I will refrain from looking at the NCL website until further notice, don't want to spoil the surprise.) But, I thought it'd be cool to see where y'all would want to go....especially if you weren't necessarily paying the tab personally.
  7. When we stay at downtown chicago hotel we are asked at stores if we want plastic bag, which are taxed if used. I have no problem reducing plastics, especially near major bodies of water
  8. I loved my experience on the Epic 12 months ago, wouldn't hesitate to sail her again. Ships are machines which will sometimes have mechanical issues, albeit extremely rarely I've been fortunate to never had an onboard issue. I'm sure that wasn't comfortable.
  9. No sports bar on Paradise. Best option Casino Bar. I'm on 12/26 sailing and will be looking for place to watch a game or two.
  10. Checked luggage last week. They're fantastic, 100x better than paper.
  11. Plastic water bottles might be the next big adjustment. We have a brand of water at our grocery that is in cardboard, I hope that idea takes off
  12. Paper straws are gawdawful, I bought 3 metal ones from margaritaville for $12 I think. Just got off ncl sky 2 days ago. The metal straws were fantastic. Overpriced? You betcha! But I'm bringing them again on Paradise end of month.
  13. 9 deaths would be major International news, extremely unlikely to be accurate.
  14. We went to Marina Cay and had the island almost to ourselves. there was one other couple milling around. worth a google search, I only found it from a trip advisor tortola forum suggestion.
  15. Someone else might do better. We have done 3-4 different catamarans/real sailboats. Once just walked around town,I found a few very strong food places by accident searching for cracked conch. Did resort for day at Warwick week it opened. Very nice, a+ service. This time we grabbed a cab to Margaritaville on paradise island, mainly to sit in the sun. Its our 4thtrip there, love the Tree Amigos and chips (guac, pick de Gallo salsa, cheese dip) and local beer. Took a boat shuttle back...averaged $5pp + tip ea way.
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