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  1. I just watched a youtube video on a Balmoral excursion from ship yesterday. it didn't wow me. cruisers said it was $69pp and their lunch was $56 for a couple sandwiches, chips and sodas. the pool area looked kinda cool, not too many out islands have what I assume is a fresh water pool on them. there was only one beach area for the cruisers most of the rest of the island was blocked off for Sandals. Ive seen video on the Blue Lagoon and it looked superior, give it a looksee. that said, we are in Nassau next month and have a beach visit excursion to Rose Island. stay tuned!
  2. Almost everyone I've seen in the specialty restaurants (guys) wear slacks, usually a golf shirt/long sleeve collared, and shoes (not sandals). im sure there have been folks who wore dress shorts but I literally can't recall them outside the MDR/buffet. I've seen ties and even sportcoats but not anything approaching formal, not there would be anything wrong with that.
  3. last M&G we attended there was a white elephant gift exchange, where each gift could be swiped up to 3x. I think there were almost 75 participants and it took forever. I had one of the last choices and I refused to steal anything in order to do my part to help move things along. There were several, how do I say, LARGE personalities who kinda made the event exhausting. My recommendation is to set a floor price for any gift bag cruisers bring, perhaps $15? I know we personally spent 2x our limit to hopefully ensure whomever selected ours wasn't devastated. there were quite a few coffee mugs, only, that went over like lead balloons. good luck on the door prizes. I think any sane person would appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness no matter what they receive.
  4. Anyone know of new additions or changes to ncl main theatre shows in '20? Normally I'd just go to ncl website and search ship by ship but I've made commitment to the Mrs (who booked surprise cruise later in year) to stay off the website, even without logging in. Ha! ***We saw Priscilla on Epic and it was way better than I anticipated. We liked the Cirque show but i hated the cramped seating at dinner table, itty bitty living space! We missed both shows on Escape a few years ago -went with Jersey Boys dinner show instead.
  5. Cagneys Teppanyaki Moderno Bistro Cucina Supper Club That's my rankings, so far.
  6. Balcony deck 8-10...no smell whatsoever. I did smell it on deck 2 or 3 in hallway when getting back on ship from a port.
  7. We spent 11 nights on the Epic and I would gladly sail her again. Is the restroom thing odd? Yup. did it impact my enjoyment level of vacation? not at all. I will say the overall storage we had in an Epic Balcony room was heads and shoulders above any other cruise ship cabin. I can agree with the lack of water access in public areas (fixed on Escape and newer ships) is a bit of a downer, but enjoyed most everything else on Epic.
  8. I support this option 100%, unless you stay in South Beach and decide to wander the streets admiring the art deco architecture and many dining options. Enjoyed both almost equally. If you get the intercontinental pony up for a waterfront view. Truuuuuust me.
  9. Imma say this...I had soda daily as a kid and i graduated high school 6'2" 165 lb. I gave it up two decades ago and have fairly consistently gained weight since (due to aging and metabolism decreasing). I don't eat sweets or junk food. It's a cruise vacations....let the kiddos eat cake and quaff Pepsi!!!
  10. Enjoyed Cagneys all 3x we've dined there, 3 diff ships. I'm a mid level steak snob, go to top shelf steakhouses on land only 1-2×/yr.
  11. Download the lyft app, first few rides usually get discount credits. Easy, inexpensive. Highly recommended.
  12. The free laundry is a fantastic option. You can pack less or go home with almost all clean clothes. A win win. My wife is platinum and we had our entire entourage (3 rooms, all family)board priority late last year. Granted it was about noon and hardly anyone was there.
  13. The luggage tag can be useful to many, not all. We just got one 2 weeks ago. Far better than the crumpled up lanyard from early '19.
  14. Wander around old San juan. Find a spot to eat. I have my favorite haunt but I lucked into it my 1st trip. Lots of great food to discover!
  15. Used metal straws last week on Paradise. Saw 2-3 people at bar buy them after seeing me reuse it. Paper straws suuuuuuck!
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