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  1. I have to admit the lanyards are pretty crappy. Just calling it as I see it.
  2. I can confirm this. My wife went platinum midcruise and got the perks day one. Love the free laundry!
  3. A) Alchemy Bar B) Guy's Burgers C) Dive In Movies D) Lunch, free,at Captain's Cucina I always think I've sailed on the Dream but my signature betrays my memory...
  4. Little French Key was my favorite excursion on this itinerary, I think you'll have a blast!
  5. I vote teppanyaki. Been there and La Cucina 2x, enjoyed both so I don't think you'll go wrong with either choice. The lasagna on Escape was my wife's all time fave (and she's from st louis, home of many great Italian joints). The 2nd time on Epic she retracted that claim, have to admit my bite was noticeably not as good as before. Good luck!!!
  6. Maybe. i've been to all four ports and i have one clear favorite overall. I really like hearing opinions from my ncl peeps in one thread, however.
  7. Looking for the BEST excursion you've had from just one of these four port of calls. Cozumel Costa Maya Roatan Harvest Caye We just purchased 7 nt cruise on Escape as honeymoon gift to 22 yr old son and fiancee, who have only sailed once (MSC) so they will be in awe of anything and everything on the Escape and from these ports. We plan on pointing them to this thread as opposed to sharing our experiences, don't want them to try to do OUR recommendations...We would rather them read YOURS! What's the best of the best from this itinerary? (Thank you for your tips!)
  8. We were on 11 nt Epic last november i dobt recall seeing any kids. We are pushing 50 and were often the youngest couple in eyeshot
  9. Been to GSC 2x and I'd say tenders were noticeably choppy, I certainlt understand why they can't operate some days. There was a great post explaining why GSC in particular faces this challenge, wish I could link it.
  10. We booked 4 nt OV room on sky last year for $199. Still the best bang for buck cruise we've sailed, will be hard to top. RIP Open Bar
  11. My wife and i always tip $1 per round. Most folks don't seem to tip above the cheers SC, in our experience.
  12. That's fantastic! I forgot I posted this, appreciate your reply Fabby
  13. I'm sure you can. I've seen YouTube videos where the cruiser has gifts in cabin from viewers.
  14. I forgot, we had several couples rave about some private home on beach party available through Carnival excursions on Turk. I expected something like airbnb but they described dozens of folks. I am pretty sure it had "Home" in title on excursion page.
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