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  1. What is your experience with an assigned cruise consultant from Carnival? I know one person at work who raves about her fella, but we've never gotten anything above and beyond the website's offers. My wife just went to whatever level 75+ nights is with Carnival, I must admit I am a lowly 19 nighter guy. Thanks!
  2. I got XXL linen windbreaker 2nd day of cruise for about $10, it was on the clearance rack in the main NCL swag shop. I think it was 80% off. they had several other items, too. really didn't need it but I didn't have one for a November cruise and thought it couldn't hurt.
  3. Obstructed view is never a good option unless it's due to a "balcony guarantee" rate that was considerably lower than getting a regular balcony. midship balconies are pretty decent, lots of folks like them and swear there is less "motion to the ocean" than the front or back. I must admit I've never experienced any motion in front, middle or back. extended balconies would be my choice if give the option, obviously. I've always wanted an aft facing extended balcony, however the last cruise we were on we came across a couple that just couldn't stand it. I was stunned.
  4. my wife and I are about to book a cruise, almost certainly on Carnival. does anyone else get a heightened level of excitement right before booking? I am late to the cruising game, only starting earlier this decade. My wife has been cruising since the 80s. My first three cruises were on Carnival - so it was all I knew. Then, we booked a NCL cruise since I am a huuuuuuuge Parrothead and it had a Margaritaville at Sea onboard. Our last three cruises were on either NCL or MSC, it was really hard to come close to matching their deals during the timeframes we were sailing. During those few years I've accumulated a MESS of Carnival Gift Cards ($1200 or so) and I can't wait to get back on onboard!!! I have enjoyed all the cruiselines we've been on but there's something about your "first love", no?
  5. the districts screenshots are pretty, pretty cool. much obliged.
  6. drink off the ship at local bars a short distance from port? drink beer instead of cocktails on the Epic. after that, I'm plum out of suggestions.
  7. Cagney's is my favorite. We tend to have a "liquid dinner" on embarkation day, followed by a few bites in the buffet right before closing. Cagney's is my favorite NCL restaurant but Teppanyaki is also quite good and my wife's favorite. we usually do hibachi first and save steak for near the end of the cruise.
  8. we were on 11 day epic in Nov/Dec and we had two laundry specials. if memory serves it was $9.99. we fit 5 days worth of clothes, for 2, in bag both times. day clothes + dinner clothes. bag is paper and its a big delicate but we rolled up items and made it pretty easily.
  9. I like to read a fair review. Personally, I have very few areas to nitpick while on cruises. I understand that some folks are happiest when they are miserable but I avoid them at all costs. I know there are some (very few)things that I dislike about cruising that don't impact others in the same manner and vice versa. C'est la vie! I also really dig into the "why" behind the comments, pro or con, when someone takes the time to submit a paragraph instead of a sentence. I also love a sense or humor or wit.
  10. loved the sky and gsc. would recommend staying on ship in freeport, which ive never said about any port.
  11. My first three cruises were on Carnival, my last four have been NCL/MSC/NCL/NCL. NCL has my favorite food at sea. We generally do either the buffet or Specialty Dining Restaurants. I don't have anything against the MDR other than I prefer the specialty restaurants or the casual dress at the buffet. I didn't care for the buffet on Carnival (sorry!) but LOVED Guy's burgers. NCL wins me over with the Free at Sea. Carnival's unlimited drinks fee puts them out of the competition, for me, with NCL. I think NCL has considerably better entertainment options, too. Carnival is hard to beat with number of ships and ports in this hemisphere. I really liked their balcony rooms, except for the shower curtain mentioned above. I didn't mind the Epic bathroom weirdness but I'm sure some despise that feature. The art auctions are very comparable. Carnival has the better outdoor movie setup, but the Epic is pretty strong in this area.
  12. great point, Wheels.... the MSC website is an abomination. trying to do anything off mobile phone was nearly impossible. we had to call to book.
  13. we have only sailed MSC once and it was delightful. the only negative I would state is that MDR is slooooooooow. we got used to it. PROS *staff are very eager to please. and the Divina was immaculate. *passengers have more of an international feel, not just americans. I liked that. I didn't see any proverbial "ugly American *tourists" that we always see on NCL/Carnival. might have been luck. *buffet pizza is best at sea. *the shows are different than NCL, it was explained to us that they were designed to appeal to everyone not just folks who spoke a particular language. again, very cool. *not a lot of trivia, which I missed. *MSC is less of a "party boat" than NCL/Carnival.
  14. been on the Epic, Escape and Sky. all are very different, all are very pleasant. sure the Epic bathrooms are weird, and tall people won't exactly LOVE the round beds but we were amazed with the amount of storage in our balcony room. way more than we've had previously. we had a great time over 11 nights.
  15. I have enjoyed almost every port we have been to over the years. Except Freeport. I'd probably stay on the ship if we ever went there again.
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