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  1. Sure will. Great cruise line so I can see any reason not to.
  2. Wouldn’t bother me in the slightest to go on it. It will be totally disinfected.
  3. Sapphire for me over the big monsters any day 😄. Love the wrap around promenade deck.
  4. They didn’t take my kettle away on my recent cruise on the Majestic.
  5. We were on it as well. Enjoyable cruise overall but we wouldn't necessarily rush to go on Majestic again. Much prefer the size of the Diamond/Sapphire and the suite layout on those ships if far superior to Majestic. The piazza to me is just overused for entertainment purposes which would normally be in other areas on other ships. Far too noisy for most of the day to sit and enjoy a quiet drink with conversation at normal levels. Maybe I didn't see all the food in the Marketplace but what I did see seemed to be the same day in and day out. The VIP lounge available to suite pax is a great idea. Victoria who staffed it twice a day was very helpful. It was always stocked with pastries and fruit in the mornings and then with small sandwiches and desserts/cookies around lunchtime. it was great to be able to pop into it early in the morning to grab a reasonable decent cappuccino from the machine there. Also just a nice quiet to spot to sit and read or chat to other pax. Breakfast in Crown Grill was outstanding and no trouble at all in getting unlimited mimosas or spicy bloody Mary's.
  6. Sure am. Not in an aft suite so don't know how they compare but the PH is smaller than ones we've had on grand class and the Coral.
  7. On Majestic at the moment. Have got the slippers etc but no umbrellas. Hasn't rained anywhere though. Laundry collected by our steward in the evening is back the next evening. Had no problem using our first night free specialty restaurant dinner moved to the middle of the cruise. Staff on board are very good. Somehow ended up with 3 minibar setups. One for suite, one for an elite but I'm platinum so maybe they felt sorry and just gave me one as well. 😁
  8. Love suites and would rather cruise less but do a suite when we do. In a suite on Majestic at the moment and I have to say it is not as nice as the Grand class suites. Seems much smaller. No sink in the wet bar and no walk in closet. Other than that it is fine. Balcony is very narrow. There are much larger balconies at the stern but I'm not a fan of aft suites. Great cabin steward who is sadly leaving the ship tomorrow in Singapore.
  9. Went to Crown Grill on the Majestic last night and it was the best food on the ship so far. The Filet mignon, potato and creamed spinach were excellent. The food on this ship is not great at all imho. The marketplace is particularly bad. The breakfast in Crown Grill is very very good. No trouble at all getting a spicy Bloody Mary or 2 or 3 for breakfast. 😁
  10. No they don't. Am on it now and it's not setup like on the Diamond/ Sapphire etc.
  11. Not a coffee maker but a kettle would be greatly appreciated to make a proper cup of tea.
  12. Princess are not good at exchange rates. In 2008 a group of us got the Dawn Princess from San Francisco to Sydney in balcony cabins for about AUD3400 for 31 days. Princess did the exchange the wrong way. They tried to get out of it but our wonderful agent went to bat for us and they honored the fare in the end 😄
  13. Id be asking questions if it’s not same day. That’s what I expect after paying for a full suite.
  14. As one of the few people here for whom an aft balcony holds zero attraction I’d have jumped all over that offer.
  15. Passports if collected will be returned to your cabin.
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