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  1. As a veteran of over 60 cruises and 15 different cruise lines my first piece of advice is to RELAX...and take a deep breath because things are not as complicated as you think. Princess is a good cruise line and has an excellent reputation for its Alaskan cruises. Princess has a very good website where you can find all kinds of information. I’m in the UK so I access it through www.Princess.com but I’m not sure if it is the same in the US and Canada. If you open the website and look at the top of the page you will find a section that says 'on board our ships'. The cruise line has 1
  2. My husband and I are keen cruisers on both ocean and river ships with the driving force being the destinations rather than the cruise company and ship. We have done river cruises on the Nile, Yangtze, Mekong, Irrawaddy, Amazon and Rhône and have one booked for June this year sailing from Amsterdam to Bucharest. We loved every one of them!As others have said, a river cruise is very different from an ocean cruise because ships are much smaller and the land experiences are more intense. A river cruise give people the chance to get know an area in greater depth. We do land tours as well but find t
  3. The driving force for us is destination as we are keen to see and experience as much of the world as we can. Our budget is limited as are the years we have left so the cheapest inside cabin is our usual choice unless there is a specific reason to pay for a higher grade. We have an aft balcony booked for our Celebrity Infinity cruise to the Antarctic because we know we will use it a lot but have the lowest grade inside on our Sky Princess round trip cruise from Southampton to Canada and New England.
  4. Rum Rat, I loved your post with helpful tips about doing a world cruise. We haven’t done such a long cruise but have done several which have been 4 to 6 weeks long and I have 2 suggestions to add to your list. The first is to take a pre-completed calendar with ports and booked tours etc marked on. I make my own using a word document grid table and fix it on the cabin wall with white tack. I tick off the days and add or subtract items as needs be. My second it about keeping a diary. I kept a hand written holiday journal for many years until I discovered the 'notes' function on my iPad
  5. Qaqortoq is also a small settlement with very welcoming local people and some beautiful, flower filled countryside. I would do this trip again in a heartbeat.
  6. We visited Greenland in July but it was still quite chilly. The icebergs were spectacular. Nanortalik is a small settlement but we were made very welcome by the local people. There isn't a lot to see in the town but there were a lot of walks through some wonderful scenery. Crew members were collecting ice to turn into ice sculptures!
  7. We have been to some of the ports on the cruise that you are thinking about taking. The advice from Pompeii is excellent and i absolutely agree that being on a large ship like Caribbean Princess will make it more difficult when visiting the small settlements in Greenland but I really think it will be a worthwhile cruise particularly if your interests are scenery and wildlife photography. Below are a few photographs to wet your appetite. St John's, Newfoundland. We did a 'Puffin and whale watching tour' which was very interesting even though we didn't see any whales. The sail-in and sail-o
  8. I echo what Comcox and Britboys say about the activities on Fred’s ships. Fred has a lot of amazing and unusual itineraries and this is the main reason that we sail with them so regularly. we also like the small ships and find like-minded passengers along with decent food and service. We won’t know what impact COVID will have when the ships start sailing again but this is our experience at the beginning of this year. We completed a 4 week cruise from Australia to Sri Lanka last February on Boudicca which had a lot of sea days and we found plenty to do. All the original ships have good l
  9. Good morning. This will be my last post so I want to thank everyone who has made it so enjoyable. Thank you Damian for the first 2 threads and thank you Kalos for this thread. Your clever ideas certainly sparked amazing responses from so many posters and I was continually delighted by the creativity and humour of you all. You have brightened my days time and time again and also given me the incentive to get my multitude of pictures sorted into some semblance of order. You also created a diversion during these unusual times and helped to keep my brain active. I wish you all the best Chris
  10. Sorry, I'm getting a bit obsessive but it helps stave off the boredom so I hope you don't mind a few more from me. Can you guess the film from the photograph,,,,Some are more tenuous than others? Answer under each picture. Rocky The Graduates Jaws Pretty Women Alien Up Pompeii Titanic ....and extra sorry about this one!.... Gone with the wind
  11. Today my contributions come with apologies to Playschool. Let's see what is through...... the square window the round window the rectangular windows the arched window and the high window
  12. Loved your posts Gettingwarmer 💖 I'm getting towards the end of my collection too but I do have just a few more so here is my contribution for today.... With apologies to George Formby... ..for a nosy parker, it's an interesting job Lightning strike Now that's what I call a Take-away Washing... machine
  13. Do you fancy something to eat? Breakfast first Mid-morning snack Lunch with a drink and Dinner
  14. Mud, glorious mud Stuck in the mud getting cold feet Ooops, my hand slipped! The latest in nouvelle cuisine
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