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  1. Wow and wow again....stunning pictures for S.... here are mine Orange-Breasted Sunbird South Africa Black-Necked Stork Australia. Greater Blue-Eared Starling Botswana. Painted Stork India. Southern Double-Collared Sunbird South Africa. Scarlet-Chested Sunbird Zanzibar. Black Swan, Swan River, Perth, Australia, Sun Princess
  2. Rough Seas.... Australia in the Med, Splendour of the Seas. South Atlantic Robben Island, Cape Town Raffles Hotel, Singapore, on New Year's Eve Roatan, Honduras...scary sign Russian Matryoshka dolls, Korsakov, Russia. seen in a Norwegian Supermarket. Thank goodness it is just red cabbage and not packeted road kill!!
  3. Rice barges on the Kerela backwaters, India. Costa NeoRomantica Rice paddy fields, Bali Red earth, Broome, Australia. Rock Strata... St John's, Canada. Mauritius
  4. Rio, Christ the Redeemer Reclining Buddhas... Wat Hanchey, Cambodia. Yangon, Myanmar Religious ceremony, Bali, Roots at Angkor Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Mekong River cruise
  5. Doing a rumba in the Temple of Heaven gardens, Beijing All about rum... Rum Punch, Barbados, Caribbean, Adonia Rum Punch, St. Kitts, Caribbean, Adonia Rum tasting,
  6. I just love the British sense of humour and irony... Another lot of Rs.... River rafting on the Martha Brae, Jamaica Rafting on the Yangtze River, China Rickshaw rides... Ambon, Indonesia Shanghai Railways... Railway Station, Mumbai India, Costa NeoRomantica. Rauma Railway, Andalsnes, Norway World's steepest railway track, Blue Mountains, Australia.
  7. The upside of rain though is that we saw some wonderful rainbows off the coast of Brisbane, Australia Colon, Panama Ice rainbow, Uruguay Rainbows over Iguazu Falls, Argentina Rainbows, Fremantle, Australia Rainbow, Inside Passage, Alaska
  8. R is for Rain. Friends and relatives refuse to holiday with us because they say that we attract bad weather but don' believe them! Amazon River Celebrity Constellation Great Wall of China Whitsunday Isalnds, Australia Hanoi Hoi An, Vietnam Hong Kong Mauritius Port Douglas, Australia Busan, South Korea Mayreau, Caribbean, Adonia Puerto Limon, Costa Ri
  9. So many Rs. Thank you for posting the Rocky Mountaineer, Nile, Rhodes etc as they bring back happy memories. I'll try to do some different ones starting as usual with the birds..... Roseate Spoonbill, Costa Rica Indian Roller, UAE on a colour co-ordinated post! Lilac-Breasted Roller South Africa. American Redstart, Cuba Durian Redstart hitching a lift on Celebrity Millennium as we crossed the East China Sea. Oriental Robin, Hong Kong Rainbow Lorikeet, Australia, Sun Prince
  10. These are my last Qs... Qatortoq, Greenland Qoroq ice fjord
  11. Qumran National Park, Israel, Splendour of the Seas Queues Mausoleum of Ho Chi Min, Hanoi Buddhist monks collecting food offerings in Laos Bamboo Bridge, Laos Disembarking La Marguerite River cruise ship on the Mekong
  12. Quad Biking in Egypt, Thomson Spirit, in our younger days!! Queensland Coast, Australia Winning Progressive Quiz team, Radiance of the Seas, Australia and New Zealand cruise.
  13. Q has been 'quite' a challenge but, once again, the posters have been very creative. I'll start my contribution with pictures of Quokkas. These cute little creatures are sometimes called Scrub Wallabies because they hop around but they are not related. Quokkas are only found on Rottnest Island which is situated off the coast of Fremantle, Western Australia. We took the ferry across and had a wonderful day there and were very lucky to see some Quokkas because they are generally nocturnal animals. Rottnest Island
  14. This was our first experience of sailing in pirate waters off the coast of Africa. We were on Costa NeoRomantica and the ship's protection was to position clothes mannequins dressed as soldiers and holding fire hoses at strategic places around the ship.. Things were a bit better organised a few years later when we had armed mercenaries on board and protective barbed wire around the decks.... Security boarding Splendour of the Seas before sailing through the pirate waters around the Horn of Africa Boudicca Prison in Fremantle, Austr
  15. You are absolutely right about these 2 threads. It is so nice to see positive things about our beautiful world as there is so much negativity at the moment. It has been a real incentive for me to sort out our multitude of photographs and not only has it brought back many happy memories but it has also given me a list of other places to visit if, and when, we eventually get back to travelling so thank you Damian and everyone else who has posted. I still have a few more Ps... Perth Australia - I hope the first one doesn't offend anyone. I assume the word means something else in Austral
  16. Peak tram, Hong Kong Eva Peron's grave, Buenos Aires Perhention Islands, South China Sea Phuket, Celebrity Constellation Patong, Phuket
  17. I was surprised by how pretty Pals village near Palamos, Costa Brava, was.... Padua, Italy Panjim market, Goa, Celebrity Constellation
  18. Pearl shopping Moorea, French Polynesia Our tour bus in Dublin A floating petrol station, Manaus, Amazon River Pizza heaven on Marella Discovery 2 Potter at work in New Mangalore, Celebrity Constellation Largest seed in the world from the Coco-de-Mer palm tree. Seychelles. Costa NeoRomantica
  19. more P creatures... Burrowing parrot, Puerto Madryn, Argentina Arctic Peregrin Falcon. Miami Spot-Billed Pelican Sri Lanka. Pink Galah, Australia, Painted Bunting, Miami Puffin, Iceland Puffins, St. John's, Canada Pink dolphins, Amazon River Polar Bear, Tromso, Norway
  20. So many exotic pictures this morning! My Ps begin with Penguins at Simonstown, South Africa These penguins were at the Magdalena Island Penguin Reserve, Punta Arenas, Chile
  21. I love orchids and there was a huge area of the Botanical Gardens in Singapore devoted to them so I was entranced..
  22. Lots of places in Japan begin with O... This is Osaka
  23. Otaru, Japan It certainly rained that day!!! but the Merchant's house was stunning
  24. Olympic stadium, Montreal, Canada Original Modern Olympics Stadium, Athens, Splendour of the Seas Odessa, Ukraine. Potemkin Steps Odessa
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