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  1. If your a regular cruiser then you’ve got the next 12 months sorted out so 24 months makes common sense. Each individual FCC would have their own date of expiration from the date issued, like most do these days.
  2. We’ve more or less sailed exclusively on royal but have got our 1st celebrity cruise next March on eclipse from chile
  3. As a leading cruise critic connoisseur where would you put your next cruise with what company and why? Just interested
  4. Heavy cruisers or like us we’ve been at it 22 years, so it does take a long time unless you live in the vicinity of Florida where it’s like an hop on hop off cruises ship depot
  5. I believe that our children retain level status as their parents when they are old enough to travel alone. Hence they stay at diamond level until they reach it on their own accord then only do points start being added to their 80 point level (example). We have a 26 year old son in same position, luckily he doesn’t travel with us much these days 🙏
  6. Look at my previous posts today and you have echoed what I have basically said
  7. I don’t believe I’m owed anything and yes royal doesn’t have to do anything. What they must do is stop advertising perks if they’re not prepared to give them (trade and descriptions act). I’ve traveled with them since 1998 and can understand some points
  8. Well this has been interesting reading through this topic of D+ cutbacks. Being D+ myself I agree with some points and not others. It seems that royal brought in a level as emerald into the wrong position while in the meantime made it too easy for people to reach Diamond level, hence the overcrowding in the lounge. I always knew in the back of my mind they would do something about it one day. Putting 3 drinks on card for Diamond makes sense for the business and the overcrowding in lounge. But what royal has to do is establish a starting date for this to happen fleet wide, stop advertising perks unless your prepared to give them. What ever happens some will cry, the sooner it happens the better.
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