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  1. Things to know about the future: supply and demand. The price will be what people are willing to pay.
  2. If you really need food at the wee hours of the morning and pizza won't do it, get the room service. The philly cheesesteak was phenomenal
  3. Or even easier, understand that things happen. Any cruise ship can be delayed during embarkation or debarkation. Weather, medical emergencies, security, and more, it happens. Either plan for that, or learn to deal with it when it does happen. No amount of a cruise line "doing something about it" can prevent it from happening completely. Don't expect to show up and board at the earliest possible time and get mad when that doesn't happen. Maybe I'm looking at it wrong. At 11 am I can still be on vacation without having to be on the boat asap. At that time, I am usually in my hotel still, pool, or enjoying the port. My room isn't even ready then and I'm not paying extra to get to a room two hours early during chaos time.
  4. They do not. However, right outside Ocean Plaza you will find Guy's Pig and Anchor BBQ
  5. Just curious, did all of these people who showed up at 11 am have an 11 am checkin window or did they just go on because "they know you can" get on that early? I get the excitement of wanting to get onboard early and start vacation, but this is one of many reasons I don't. I don't know that there's going to be a big suit against Carnival because of a delay of a few hours. How many businesses are obligated to refund a portion of the service due to a delay?
  6. Was it really not communicated anywhere that boarding would be later?
  7. Because it is illegal to smoke indoors in both of those states. This is not businesses choosing it. Appearing to be packed doesn't mean big business isn't being lost. While second hand smoke isn't a healthy activity, it isn't some cloud of cyanide that will give you cancer before you get home. Deep in all of the scare tactics of second hand smoke, the real data shows us it's people who worked in smoking environments, lived with someone who smokes 1-2 packs a day, etc. Many people smoke thousands of cigarettes per year and never get cancer. The best is people who say how dangerous it is and have poor eating, drinking, and exercise habits. Most people breathe in more smoke from cars than they do cigarettes. Yet It's the casino that did you in. I hate cigarettes btw.
  8. Taste bar is old news. Been gone for a while now.
  9. After two Fantasy class cruises without one, I was so glad to see a fridge on the Dream. The cabinet had some venting to it. I didn't have to open the door.
  10. Carribean for me. I don't like when it's cold. September can be hit or miss.
  11. I agree with you on the first part. The ventilation system and process to keep it clean sucks. I've been to plenty of smoking casinos in Vegas and you would almost never know people smoked in there unless you saw it. I get it there are differences between the two though. There is a niche for almost everything out there. If you cater to it, are you better off? Are you alienating a bigger base? First post nails it. The gambling/smoking addicted crowd brings in the big bucks. I don't see that going away anytime soon, so I don't expect that to change. I do think there is more they can do to keep it clean though.
  12. I just don't see $1000 worth of value there, even if that is what it "would have cost". I'll definitely try it though.
  13. It amazes me that some people travel with just a carry on, some people travel with two checked bags. Here I am traveling abnormally with 1 checked bag.
  14. We went to Grand Turk expecting a beach day. I don't know if we just came on a bad day, but we weren't overly impressed. The wate was murky and full of seaweed. It is probably one of the most convenient beach accesses of any port. It is super easy to get to. We stopped over at Margaritaville and had a great time. If you want the nicest beaches, you take a ferry to St John from St Thomas. Blows everything else away. It is costly and a little hike though.
  15. I've generally had good luck finding it by loading the cruise documents. They usually update often.
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