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  1. It's a strong economy. Prices just keep going up. I would book sooner than later, especially if you get price protection.
  2. I know most bars are only going to have 2 until Carnival changes their liquor purchasing agreements. I was wondering if maybe the steakhouse, casino, or some other bar might keep one that's not advertised
  3. The move Carnival made is to make more people think this way. Tons of people are scared to death to travel during peak hurricane season. I've been on a September vacation the past 6 years, and haven't been affected by a hurricane yet, but one day it will likely come. It's not the end of the world. For how cheap, the great weather, and fewer kids, I love it.
  4. It would be nice if for once, a company could just be honest. Although the public would get too butt hurt with the truth. "We have changed it because we don't need to give away the farm anymore. People will book the rooms regardless"
  5. Will be going on the Valor in a few weeks. My friends talked me into Cheers again. 2/3ish of my drinks will likely be bourbon. It seems that Woodford and Buffalo are the choices, which works for me. I was wondering if I might find anything anywhere else. Thanks.
  6. The Alchemy bar is probably THE most compelling reason to get the drink package.
  7. The truth is no one knows exactly what will happen. The rules say you can only bring 1, so a 2nd may not make it. The security guard may care or may not.
  8. It shows up on my cruise at $61.95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Jk, it's there and $51.95.
  9. I'll be doing this one soon. Excited to see all of what you did!
  10. I have read multiple times that "common space was taken away" from the Sunrise in areas like the comedy club and main show lounge. Looking at the deck plans between the Triumph and Sunrise, they are exactly the same. What am I missing?
  11. I honestly have no idea why this kind of stuff keeps getting compared to assisted living. These are not the same thing. The primary focus of assisted living is nursing care as you have difficulties caring for yourself. If you that elderly and/or sick and cannot care for yourself, spending almost a half of a year on the ship is probably the worst choice you can make. With that said, if I had the money, I would want to spend as much as my time on vacation as well. Some people naturally gravitate towards the most expensive options. Money can go a longer way through companies like Carnival.
  12. I have heard of corn tortillas, but I haven't seen them. Other than that, you can do a taco salad
  13. Looks like fun. I've always debated if I wanted to do that itinerary or not. Looks like I have to try it. Especially with Panorama on the way I tried my first in and out burger last year in Vegas. It was good, but overrated. I like Guy's better
  14. The top perk of becoming Platinum is wearing it on your lanyard to show off, then to lie about why you do it
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