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  1. I already find it tough enough to fit in all of the things I want to eat on say on a Dream class ship. Now with even more choices, it will be even tougher. I love the concept of street eats and having more options you might not find everyday at home. I also love me some fried chicken sandwiches. Yet people are still going to complain because there "aren't enough options at the buffet"
  2. I have been on multiple 4 day cruises. Not once have I ever noticed much of a difference from the 7-day ones. The fact is, cruising in general has quite a small representation of people in the "party" age group when you look at total demographics. Sure you'll find more of them on the cheaper, mass-market lines. But nothing like some people make it out to be. Some people will judge an entire boat by the actions of those they can count on one hand or clutch their pearls at the sounds of the hairy chest contest, which is easily avoided.
  3. Value is largely an opinion. Sometimes basing it off of limited experience. Sometimes comparing things that don't even make sense. We can talk round and round, but it comes largely down to opinions and preferences. I do know a few things for sure. I can travel to a lot of points in the US for about $200 pp and many other Caribbean or other foreign countries, I'm lucky to for $500 pp. I know you can get some good deals on AIs in places like Mexico. People will tell you how cheap it can be to go there, but neglect to tell you the flight was almost the same price, and the entertainment options are fewer. Nothing wrong with either choice though. Variety keeps vacationing exciting. I'm currently planning a Hilton Head trip. I dare someone to tell me how much cheaper it is than cruising.
  4. Find some things that would interest you such as itinerary, ship amenities, etc. Come in with a positive attitude and experience a good chuck of what is offered. Some people like to overdo it and over analyze. There really aren't any bad cruises. You might find you like some things more than others. I say just jump it and enjoy yourself!
  5. Honestly, I doubt I would notice any difference with the senior officers. Generally though, your biggest, newest, and flagship vessels are going to go to some of your best performing officers rather than someone newer who hasn't been proven to take on such a task. I assume (and hope) that this was some sort of advancement or pay increase for them. As a manager, it's great to see people taking on new opportunity and being rewarded for great work. Plus, how cool would that be to be the guys in charge of such a vessel? That has to be a pretty surreal experience!
  6. I've been on the Liberty twice now. Including a month and a half ago. The worst thing I could say is that the first time, the Punchliner had long lines. Other than that, I had a fantastic vacation each time. Out of the options we had for the most recent one, I chose the Liberty specifically over the similar Fantasy class. I love that the Liberty has fridges, big screen on Lido (and dive in movies), more food options, bigger Serenity, etc.
  7. Bartender reaches in the cooler, and opens your beer bottle = deserves 18% Employee retrieves your order, travels up from the hull, and delivers it to your cabin before you reach it = WHAT?! 18%?! I think both are a waste though. I would love the option to pick it up myself and save $50 on already steep prices
  8. Some people love to one-up others, and/or always have "insider access". I always laugh at those "oh yea, I met the captain. He is a really good guy. I got his number if you need anything."
  9. There's a lot of hibachi restaurants near me. The food is pretty good at all of them. There is this one that certainly stands out for one reason, the experience. They do a lot of the standard "hibachi" show aspects, but they actually know how to connect with the customers far better. People are always having a great time there, and it is ALWAYS busy because of it. A lot of the old timers will tell you that what is important to cruising is things like tablecloths and silverware spread, because that is nostalgic to them. Royal is a great product, but not that fancy when you consider other luxury lines. Unfortunately, they just can't duplicate that vibe. For me, that's the thing I remember more than trivial accoutrements.
  10. It's pretty easy actually. You would get the new price almost as if you booked it under the current promotion. You don't get to collect different offers along the way and stack them up.
  11. I love the indian vegetarian dish. I've heard before that you can ask for it non-vegetarian, but never heard of it having to be some large prior commitment.
  12. Every line does this. Most hotels do it too. They know people will pay it.
  13. I went to Carlisle Beach where we paid $20pp to get a chair, umbrella, and catamaran with turtles/rays, and a shipwreck snorkeling. On top of this, the beach was very nice. Highly recommend.
  14. None of those things are the point. I am a dumb internet consumer. I heard of people getting attacked recently in DR. Now I heard even famous people getting shot there? Not going! On a side note, I understand your point, and the facts. Not everyone goes beyond the headline though.
  15. The #1 perk of the suite is telling everyone you have one
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