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  1. What is it that you are trying to prove here? That the package you paid for drinks now lets you walk through a few doors and get the same benefit? You're still completely missing the point. They are not free. MSC enhanced the convenience for you. That is what companies often do with high-margin items. At best, they enhanced the value for you. That's not off the wall either. They are not free. Because the difference between that option, and not having it, is a big difference in MONEY.
  2. Bravo for Royal taking a stance to fight back against the liars, cheats, and thieves of the world. I remember the days of looking both ways before you cross the street. Now it's I'm walking and will sue whoever hits me. There's no need to virtue signal on how bad I feel for the family, because those feelings are standard to everyone.
  3. My god at the rage and entitlement here. I hope I never become like this. "Free stuff" makes people act like animals. It's crazy that other lines can survive without unlimited gluttony for a few hours. I would gladly take 3 free drink vouchers per day.
  4. I've been to my local big cities' downtown 100+ times. I still enjoy it without having to necessarily see something new every time. So if there's an island I repeat every year or so, I'll manage. Like my last trip to Nassau. I had been there multiple times, and lots of people complain about it mostly because of that. It has some great beaches and other spots. We laid at one after hitting the casino and had unlimited coconut rum drinks for $20. The last thing on my mind was previous visits there. But I get it, that experience isn't the same vs going to somewhere new. Maybe try all kinds of vacations. New lines. Land vacations. Etc. Maybe just try new activities? On a joking note (kind of) I rarely see any concerns from D+ other than free drinks. That seems to be the vacation anymore.
  5. That is quite the statement. Pay for what? The retail price? For bottles of water? For wine you can bring on for $10? OJ? Those are all silly reasons to spend that much. Here's my bold assumption, MANY people would never spend $900 on liquids in 4 months. Sucking down whatever you can at every meal doesn't suddenly make it a solid investment.
  6. I've never understood why this is such a bizarre concept to some people. Is there some sort of minimum spend threshold to use a card? I almost never use cash for a multitude of reasons. Let's just keep it to not wanting to deal with change and touching dirty money for smaller sales. I'm certainly not paying anything extra to do this. In fact, I am getting rewards from it.
  7. If you're not worried about sleeping on the upper, is it really worth an extra $174?
  8. It seems like each time I buy the wifi package, it just goes up in price
  9. People can argue all they want that it's not going to happen, and you know what? It is rare that something does happen. However, what is your recourse when something does happen (as has many many times before)? For some people here, it's blaming the cruise line, but that gets you no where. When you are late to your cruise, the consequences are huge. At best, you are missing a day or so of your cruise, and having to pay for a last-minute flight and hotel somewhere else. For us, we chalk it up that a cruise includes at least 1 day in the port. That is 1 extra day of our vacation to enjoy the city the night before and the day of. That next morning is infinitely more peaceful than flying. My upcoming cruise will have that morning spent on the beach enjoying a beer. It's a win win.
  10. If you're talking about the wandering bartenders, they aren't likely to be your personal butlers. They have a lot of people to serve and a lot of people tipping a couple bucks each time. Plus, how much money are you willing to sink into alcohol for this? We always had just fine service walking up to any of the bars. Never much of a wait more than a few minutes here and there. I've never once seen these high roller tippers commanding all of the service.
  11. It's up to you, how does $1200 in liquids sound? For me, that would never be an option. It is not worth $1200 no matter how many opinions of convenience you give me.
  12. I am always curious of these comments about music playing until the wee hours of the morning. I can never seem to find these spots. I assume it is a room near the nightclub, which plays music until about 2 am. Still, I can imagine that being annoying if you are trying to sleep. I usually stay on level 6-8, mid-back. The worst I ever had was a 6 aft on one of the Fantasy class ships with a very noisy engine. Woke me up every port day as it was grinding like all hell.
  13. I saw this article today, and it made me immediately think of vacationers. "Where can I get free drinks? Where can I get a free shuttle? Where can I get free flights? Where can I get free Lobster? Where can I get free gratuities? Where can I get free excursions?" It's probably the most annoying topic in all of travel. My friends do it, family does it, the internet does it. A $3000 price tag that includes everything they want is the best deal ever, while $2000 + $500 fees is the most greedy, nickel and dime company there is. While it's true that there can be loss leaders and sales, a word "free" someone doesn't actually mean you are saving money. Isn't that why we wanted free in the first place? You're falling for marketing. I also like that the article goes on to spell out what is actually free in life. Things that actually matter. Thrills, conversations, enjoying the sunshine. Worry more about the experiences than how much you can consume because it's "free". https://www.postconsumers.com/2013/09/24/best-things-are-free/
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