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  1. Oh ok. So you go to a website to check your own bid? I assumed you just made your bid and walked away. People are posting things like “I leave is 3 days, how do I know if my bid has been accepted” So why don’t they just check the website? I should probably just wait and see if I get the letter, I’m just in the pre cruise obsessed stage. Plus there are SO many cabins available on my June 01 sailing, (so confused by that too) it’s got me convinced they must want to get people bidding, not sure why they’re waiting so long to send out the offer letters. Thanks for indulging me. I’ll stop now.
  2. Can you explain further? Isn’t there a minimum bid? I haven’t read all of the thread so forgive me if I’m repeating past posts, do you mean wait to place your bid? I haven’t experienced the Royal Up process yet or dealt with it on Celebrity either. Thanks!
  3. This is a great question. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm sailing in a 1C on Sympohony on June 01 and I have the UDP and UBP so i'm not sure if the upgrade to a JS is even worth bidding on. If its 400$+++ PP to bid on a GS I doubt I'll do it, just because its a trip without my husband and he'd probably get aggravated with me, the cruise is expensive enough with the fare + drinks + food for the 3 of us, close to 5k. There are so many suites still available still, close to 50, it's seems like they will have to start the Royal Up process soon?
  4. I have had lunch at Chops with the ultimate dining package on embarkation day in the past so I assumed it would be included on Symphony Of the Seas in June. I guess I will find out soon enough. I am hearing conflicting reports.
  5. I have ultimate dining package, is lunch day 1 included?
  6. The reason most of us will never sail Carnival. Once was enough for me, what a huge mistake.
  7. Looking at the cruise planner, trying to decide on the photo package. It shows a photo of a kid at the flowrider. Are there photographers outside on deck now? I only remember there being photographers around the inside of the ship and on the gangway when you get on and off. I had annual passes at Disney last year and it included photos everywhere which was awesome, so I'm wondering if it's kind of like that now?
  8. Curious what the embarkation process is like in Miami? Any Tips? I have been able to check in online, and will be driving to the port in June and wondering what peoples experiences have been like so far? I'll be parking my car at the port and I seem to remember reading you can just park your car and there are porters in the garage, but I could be mistaken. Any advice is much appreciated, I'll be alone with 2 kids. Thanks!
  9. I'd be careful with this one, someone posted a couple of weeks ago, they bid on the "spacious: balcony and won basically the EXACT same cabin. They were really mad, and couldn't do anything about it.
  10. How lucky to be close enough to be reached by helivac.
  11. Is there any way to find out the hours of Adventure Ocean during the sea days? Also, I think they offer to watch the kids during the lunch and dinner hours, for a fee. I can't find this info online, has anyone had their child watched during lunch/dinner? Thanks for any information.
  12. I found an old photo, you can kind of see his "bed" in the foreground. The attendant made it up every night. So funny.
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