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    Tram in Juneau

    Easily walking distance. Practically just across the street. To save even more we hiked up and road the tram down. They only ask you make a purchase at the gift shop at the top. The beginning of the trail head is a little ways down but not hard to find.
  2. Thanks for posting this article. I didn’t realize FCC cannot be used to cover folio expenses/on board spending.
  3. Okay that’s what I was thinking so it is possible for a PVP to move or “roll over” the FCC from a cancelled booking without the wait. Dose it sound right that a deposit must be with “new cash” since you “moved a payment?” Too bad we are out of FCDs or we could just use those.
  4. Tried to do this today. Have the replacement cruise picked out and would like to have the current promotion of $150 OBC per person. Our PVP said: 1) We had to pay the deposit in cash and could not use FCC for it. 2) Could not roll it over must wait the 60 days for Princess to process the FCC reimbursement.
  5. My concern would be weather. Do they cancel zip line trips for rain or only for lightning? If rain than there is a high probability it will be raining that day. Back up plan to explore the town?
  6. Awesome! You had one of the great head waiters.
  7. My dad called and spoke with Princess yesterday about other questions related to cabins in our group and while he had the supervisor on the phone he brought up this topic. She told him that the personalizer and the auto email you get back doesn't always go through and you should not depend on it. Best practices is to email them at Dietaryrequest@princess.com At least 35 days in advance that is when they count the number of passengers impacted per sailing and plan menus. Especially if you need something customized for the first night. I found this interesting since I had always depended on the information being submitted through the personalizer. Will e mail this time and see how it goes.
  8. Do you enjoy hiking? We hiked up Mt. Roberts and then road the tram down. (For the cost of a souvenir at the gift shop) Tram tickets are spendy to go up but the only request you make a purchase and you can ride back down for "free." We saw a porcupine crossing the trail. We went early and still has time to see the glacier.
  9. This sounds like something my family members would try to do in our "race to elite" 🙂 If you put her name on the cabin with your spouse and then your name as the solo traveler on the other cabin. (Switching rooms once on board). I presume you would get the 2 credits and she would get the one credit.
  10. I'm not going to argue with you. I simply know for me and my family the sensitivity is high for cross contamination in processing facilities. As well as crop rotation in the fields with wheat. Hence the need for "gluten free" labeling on oats. If you don't have the same level of sensitivity then you don't need to worry.
  11. The good head waiters will bring you the lunch menu the night before and allow you to pre order then all you do is give your name and room number once seated. If you don't get it ask. They do reiterate that you need to show up. Guess many people were placing special orders and then going elsewhere. Ive had the regular waiter and mostly assistant waiters get to know my needs and watch out as well. Jumping in at lunch and stopping a bread basket in the dinning room or checking in with me during breakfast in the buffet. They really do their best and want to keep you safe.
  12. I hear what you are saying. I've found it does depend on your headwaters knowledge of special diets and willingness/creativity. I need to be GF/DF soy free and plant based. The best HW has said he would put in a standing order of a dessert for me. (Trying to remember if I have pictures of those) Then each night there was a very nice dessert. (First night is typically a larger fancy dish with sorbet and berries to make it look nicer) I've had another head waiter request different fruit crips. But that was before I was GF today I'd have to verify the oats are GF. One night and entire Apple Pie was brought out to be shared with the table in addition to their desserts because they wanted to make sure it got eaten and had been made specifically for me. Another HW was so exasperated by my allergy list he went as far as to tell me that "most people are either GF or vegan and not both" so he couldn't think of what my options could be even when I told him what worked on previous cruises. (Learned to enjoy GF spaghetti and sorbet on that cruise.) Thankfully by the end and continued questions/suggestions that HW learned more about what could be done. When he finally went to talk to the pastry chef he found there were premade GF/DF desserts ready for special requests. A nice dessert the last night. 🙂 Having snacks at the ready, especially for ports is always a safe bet. Best case you won't need them until the flight/drive home.
  13. They are certainly getting better and have options. Clear communication and planing ahead helps a lot. I have noticed the variety of options can sometimes depend on your headwaiter. Some have gone out of their way to say "leave it to me" and I'm surprised with an amazing meal each night. On one occasion I had to come up with suggestions and even suggestions of what has worked on previous cruises were shot down and I had gluten free spaghetti and grilled veggies 3 or was it 4 out of 7 nights. For specialty dinning be sure to go to the restaurant the night before and talk directly with the head waiter of the specialty restaurant (not the hostess at the door) for arrangements to be made. One tip that saved me from 7 nights of spaghetti, that I learned here on CC, is that there is always an Indian dish prepared for the crew. With so many of the head chefs being from India that dish is very good. Asking for and ordering that dish is always an option. Only once out of several cruises did I have a less than spectacular experience. Every other time has been wonderful with plenty of variety. Even in the buffet they have a separate toaster and will freshly make any of the waffles/pancake on request to be GF and bring it to you.
  14. We called and tried to add the BEST2DW to our booking and were told no because there was not another cabin in our category open so being "sold out" the promo could not be added. Unless we pay for a cabin in a higher category. Dose that sound right or do we need to try again with a different rep?
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