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  1. Morning, just got refreshment package for our Brilliance sailing. I hate too assume, just to be clear we can ordered any coffee or cappuccino with this package? And the food they serve there do you pay for that? Thank you.
  2. Thank you everyone, love the pic island lady! I pick 9. Happy cruising everyone!
  3. Do you hear a lot of noise from the windjammer outdoor seating above on deck 10, or should we pick deck 9? I'm thinking I will hear a lot of chairs being dragged during the day on the balcony. Maybe just answered my own question...LOL
  4. Thank you Biker19. I agree. Basically I think will be $49 brunch.....🤨
  5. I take a pic on my phone, in case no service can pull up pic. Just read the wallet thing. have never used that. And I always print........just feel more at ease LOL Just like plane ticket, just a picture, barcode always works.
  6. Has anyone taken this on Brilliance? This is something I would do without DH. Would I have to eat alone? Not that thats a problem. Its $49, yay or nay?
  7. I got it in an email. Very happy with 40% off refreshment package. Our cruises in Jan and Feb 2021
  8. We are booked on Brilliance 5 day. We have been on her before in Jan. I found there is not a lot of kids. We are trying balcony 9254 (has the cleaning ladder between our balcony and next door. More on their side.) We have never been on Empress, but have two up coming sailing on Brilliance. Very convenient parking also.
  9. Thank you, I will keep all emails.
  10. Could someone please tell me how do I see my FCC when I log into Carnival. Thank you.
  11. Terminal 6 of P.O.T has a self parking fenced area, does anyone know how much parking for this are is? We have parked at the Channelside garage numerous times using Park Connect, but we went out of term 3 and 2. Term 6 will be a first, and garage seems a long walk. Thank you.
  12. Can someone tell me how many entrances there are for this garage?. I have parked there before near terminal 3, our next cruise is terminal 2. I know crazy question but DH is visually impaired and looks like a long walk from the side I have entered before. I know about valet. Just wondering if there is an entrance too garage closer to terminal 2. Thank you.
  13. I wonder if RCC ever do call for final payment? All our years of cruising, different lines, we have never even got a reminder call for final payment.😉. All scammers go (you know where) for all the pain the cause ppl. They are the scum of the earth.....🤬 Good catch, thank you again.
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