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  1. Morning, we have never had a wifi package on any cruise, hoping someone can tell me their experiences. Just need it to check security cameras around the house. I have it on an app. Going on Liberty Monday out of Port canaveral. Traveling to Nassau, Princess cays, one day at sea.. Do you think the value plan will be sufficient, or should I do Premium? Thank you, too lazy to search past post just want to purchase today.
  2. I can't seem to find or how to reserve a clam shell on Princess Cays, or the price. Has anyone rented one lately? We will be there 2/19/20. Thank you.
  3. It was a gamble, we have never tried a guarantee cabin. We have never booked anything but a balcony....It was a last minute cruise, thank god back to balcony in Feb...I may upgrade before we leave or be crazy and keep it. 😂😂
  4. Got our cabin assignment, M260, it's aft on Paradise. We have never had an aft cabin so wondering if you hear a lot of engine noise? First time on Paradise. Do you have a lot of vibration? Thank you.
  5. Just a quick question, first time booking a guarantee cabin and first time on Paradise. Can someone please tell me when my cabin will be assigned? Sailing 1/23/19. Thank you
  6. I had the same concerns for my husband, it was less than a 5 min walk. I think I walk more parking at walmart. lol
  7. I have in the past used Myparkconnect you park in the main garage across the street from terminals. I went RCC last year and it was literally less than a 5 min walk. I was concerned also because my husband is visually impaired. It cost us $28 for a 4 night cruise. I just booked again for our Jan cruise, this time carnival. You pay in advance, they send you a confirmation number you give it to the attended and you go park. That easy.
  8. We have just returned from P.C we went out RCC and parked at their garage. It was $85 for 5 days. easy easy easy. We did a shuttle last year for Carnival. Park N Cruise. That was also easy,but there was four ships in port that day so it was a long wait for a shuttle. They are very organized just along wait, and standing. People were very nice. The return was easy, shuttle waiting with a representative directioning you. But you do have to wait for shuttle to fill up. if you don't mind waiting you save more than half.
  9. Anyone just off Carnival Paradise, can you tell me what terminal number you leave from. I did look it up and it did say T3, but when I read the terminal bio it said #3 was for NCL and RRC. #2 was Carnival. Just planning parking, thank you
  10. I was wondering how can you search how many ships will be docked at Coco Cay. Or is it always a given there will be two docked at a time?
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