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  1. This question is for the UK travellers which company did you book through, was it sunwing or TUI. i guess I have more than one question. what have they offered you. new article in today’s news feed talks about the Canadian government letting the air carriers off the hook by issuing vouchers for travel. i am going to challenge by saying I booked a cruise through sunwing. They assumed the responsibility to get me to the embarkation point.
  2. I have been in contact with Sunwing. I was informed that due t9 the changes in the rules they are only responsible to give vouchers. I shall now start a campaign towards the government regarding their policy which will allow travel providers to keep their clients money and potentially Close down their business so as not to be liable for honouring the vouchers. they get to keep all assets and re-open under another name. or file for insolvency and then start over. it has happened before. by the way we would all be settling in aboard today and enjo
  3. Yes I got mine today also. Not happy with the voucher. It ties up my money in their account. Not usually a Sunwing traveller but this was a one off because of the great deal. I shall be going after a full refund
  4. Has anyone actually received their refund or future cruise voucher. I have not heard anything from Sunwing or Marbella since submitting my cancellation request
  5. Yes me too. I got my email from Sunwing and selected the refund option. hopefully the world returns to normal sometime soon. To top it off NCL just informed me that my CruiseNext certificates are about to expire. hope they will extend them. on the lighter side, if you hear about a guy named Noah planning a “couples only cruise” let me know.
  6. Yes. I have been notified by my tour operator and have filed my refund form today. thanks. when everything returns to normal we’ll try this again.
  7. I believe that ABTA is a UK organization and probably won’t benefit the Canadian travellers who. Are affected by this. Travel restrictions are escalating quickly. Many cruise companies have suspended service to the end of April. Many UK based companies have recalled their vessels to their home ports on completion of their current itinerary. hopefully Marbella will do so also.
  8. 100% agree with you on that. We had already booked our travel for the year when we found this one. Being that it was such a great trip we decided to do it as well. l am also all in for the cruise voucher and will rebook as well. Hopefully same time next year or earlier. we are just hoping we don’t get stranded in Toronto on the way home next week.
  9. When you cancelled did you get a full refund or did you get their 25% plus the 75% voucher. I have still not cancelled as I am waiting for either the government to impose a travel restriction or Marella to cancel the trip. Marella has cancelled all cruises up to March 28 which entitles people to a total refund. Sunwing/Marella is just stalling hoping every one will bail out early.. some cruise companies have already announced a 125% future cruise certificate with the option of taking 100% refund. the UK is now getting in,on the travel restrictions so I believe
  10. I agree. I think that we have pretty much decided to cancel. However I also think we will wait for a while before making the final commitment. we are travelling for the next while in Ontario (probably more risky than the cruise) will make the final decision upon our return
  11. Quite true. if everyone accepts this offer now, then they are off the hook to us should they need to cancel the entire trip. wonder what the UK people are hearing
  12. That’s better than nothing I guess. However I will fight for a full refund. The cost of cruise will definitely be higher later as well as the cost of airfare as companies try to recoup their losses. I would consider a replacement cruise with similar itinerary at a later date as well as an air voucher for a free flight. don’t jump on the offer too quickly, you may be sorry. scenario booked a cruise and paid 2000.00. Trip was cancelled and given a cruise voucher value of 2000.00. 8 months later booked the same cruise and tried to use my certificate only to find
  13. Meldxb we are out of Halifax and my wife is concerned. The government has not yet issued an advisory against cruises or against any part of our itinerary. It’s was only from the public health officer Dr. Tam. a level 3 or 4 travel advisory from the government( dept of foreign affairs). Would be a definite warning against travel. Vitalsign makes a good point, however we must all use our own judgement based on individual circumstances. my wife is going to speak with her doctor this week and get some advice. She may decide not to go. I will miss her. neither TUI o or Sunwing are
  14. Looking for fellow travellers on this cruise to share ideas and start a discussion.
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