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  1. this is the biggest BS they try to feed people and some bite it hook and sinker. it takes they 10 minutes to process all the refunds. noone is writing checks by hand and has to tally everything in a big dusty logbook. How long does it take them to process their charges after you leave the ship and this is more complex operation. does it take 90 days to process your payment when you book your cruise? There is one and only one reason - cash flow issue, scrambling to find money that were spent already etc. If they delay refunds by 60 days, it is 2 month of interest they do not have to pay. I am also positive that their legal team is looking into any loop hole to get out of refunds, bankruptcy included. There is no excuse for this, if you cancel service you should refund money on the spot.
  2. I do not see anything on the menu worthy $120 either. would like to see at least an oz of caviar for this price, but anyting "with" caviar is usually 10 eggs or so. Also... all the ingredients from the typical PG menu. beef, halibut, lobster
  3. Do you guys have any experience regarding any adjustments/upgrades if price drops after the final payment is made. Thanks in advance
  4. exactly... they were always in ocean bar. I am surprised too because it was a very popular venue when they were in. I talked to one group about two years ago, there were 4 of them from Argentina and Peru. lady solo vocal, drums, base and keys. They told me they had a very hard time justifying their group of 4 as bosses preferred there would be 3 of them instead
  5. you see my observation was the opposite. BB King was full of dancers, RSRR - had people but they did not stay long and dance floor was empty for the most part. but the guys i'm asking about were always in addition to the other two on big ships
  6. we used to love listening to those bands on board. sometimes they were trios sometimes quartets. they played some jazz, classical songs like Sinatra and of course some latin music. The best were on Cuba cruises but they were always there for other Caribbean voyages. Last 3 cruises I have not seen them on board at all. are those part of "effective management" bu HAL. Last K-dam cruise they had rolling stones venue where they blasted Nirvana to the group of perky octogenerians. I am in the 40s but still do not get the choice of such music on board. You can not dance to it and the atmosphere is nowhere resembles rock concert.
  7. the term "last night" only fair for a particular passenger. for crew and PG it is business as usual. today this crowd tomorrow another one. one can think of availability of certain items, but according to HAL itself discussed at their kitchen tours, their protein replenishment happens only every 3 weeks and veg/fruits every two weeks. nothing in PG, like pretty much everywhere else on the ships is "fresh from the market/ocean/farm/ranch"
  8. what ship was it on if you do not mind sharing?
  9. Anyone bought them from Sal de Mer or PG? My question if you remember the price.
  10. your TA will see them in the system
  11. to answer your question - they are all crap. they will start smelling, they are very difficult to clean, they will carry over strong smells. later it will have a bacterial/fungal biofilm on the inside surface that you will consume each time you use it unless you sterilize it, which is kinda hard to do at home, let alone ship. the later process will be more likely in silicone ones and less likely in metal ones, but those plastic mouth pieces are plastic. you can pack some scent free dish soap to help
  12. what about all the plastic of their packaging? that case for silicone one has enough to make a box of straws, same with those metal ones. another way to make a buck using the fuzzy feelings of "saving the planet"
  13. went on K-dam in december. they had all sweeteners everywhere
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