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  1. I’d like to know the answer to this as well. I thought that this had been discussed on this board but I am unable to find that thread.
  2. We were in concierge cabin 9237 on equinox in August. It is a nice cabin on the slant with a huge balcony. It was also directly above one of the the smoking areas. On port days the smoke smell was extremely unpleasant.
  3. Just wanted to follow up on my outcome on this issue. After several emails and a phone call I have been told that the move up program is no longer accepting bids on this particular cruise due to lack of inventory.
  4. Thank you. There was no additional email address included in the email invitation. I responded to the invitation. They came back and said they don’t manage it and gave me a new link to try. It didn’t work either. I winder if many any are having this issue. Very frustrating to want to make a bid when we have been invited to do just that....but to not be able to.
  5. We are also on the October 20th cruise. I’d received the upgrade email back in August. At the time the link worked but I didn’t bid. Today I decided to bid and I get the same message.
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