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  1. Not sure why anyone needed to mention anything about a cruise contract. I certainly didn't blame anyone (other than Mother Nature) or insinuate that we should have docked. But hey, I only started the thread, what it turned into after that is beyond my control. Time to recover now that we're back home...
  2. I was done venting with my original post & never blamed anyone except Mother Nature. I fully understood it was part of cruising. That was kinda my point.
  3. I have little doubt that they frown on guests dumping the grounds. I actually told a crew member before I did it myself. His response was that he was waiting for the main guy (who I mentioned meeting earlier this week) & wouldn’t touch the machine but had no idea when the main guy would be around. He proceeded to leave the DL so I took care of it. I’m generally a rule follower & in a perfect world they would maintain the machine better... but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
  4. FWIW, the machine has been functional every morning for the rest of the trip so far... although I did have to empty the coffee grounds myself this morning. Maybe I’ll get a tip envelope tomorrow. 🤣
  5. Hope you guys are enjoying whatever you’ve turned this thread into, lol. I was just sharing some info & venting my disappointment. Nothing more. SMH.
  6. FWIW, on Harmony now & we haven’t needed an overflow lounge. It’s been crowded at times but we go every night & have always found 2 seats without difficulty.
  7. We will definitely try again. My wife was so looking forward to holding a sloth. We had a private tour booked with Rony’s & were going to make several stops including a school. My wife is a kindergarten teacher & after collecting extra supplies from her own classroom mentioned it to her colleagues. She wound up filling an entire old large wheeled duffel with donations. It’s bigger & heavier than either of the suitcases we used for our own stuff. Despite her personal disappointment, she went down to guest services this morning to see what could be done about getting the donations to the school. A guest services manager was incredibly helpful & told her if she could come back on day 7 with contact info from Rony, as long as someone was willing to pick up the bag, they would keep it in storage & drop it off during their next stop in Roatan. I was impressed with that response as guest services is in the middle of dealing with upset guests complaining & asking about compensation for missing that stop. We’re as unhappy as anyone but these things happen. Off to watch the women’s World Cup before heading to the diamond lounge, dinner, & two shows. It’s mexican night with a chocolate buffet in the WJ. Things can only get better from here... Go USA!
  8. Currently on Harmony. We were supposed to dock at 10:00am ship time. Around 8:30 the Captain announced that it was unsafe to dock at Roatan due to high winds. My weather app shows 25-35mph on the island. While I fully understand that there’s nothing to be done about it & safety comes first, we’re pretty upset to say the least. We have never been to Roatan even after 8 Caribbean cruises & pretty much picked this itinerary b/c of it. Just wanted to share & vent a little. 🤬
  9. Currently on Harmony. Was at Coco Cay Monday. No idea about the jays but there are umbrellas EVERYWHERE.
  10. You’re very welcome. CC has helped me so much that paying it forward is the least I can do. Enjoy your trip!
  11. We got off the ship around 9:30am & it was drizzling so that played a role in how empty it was. We started at Chill Beach where my wife snorkeled from shore & saw a ton of small fish. Later we moved to the pool. As the map they give you shows (sorry I don’t have a pic right now), everything is a short walk. Easily under 15 minutes even with young kids. It’s not as big as you might think (yet big enough). It was a bit more crowded by the time we moved to the pool but there were still plenty of empty loungers. For a party of 10, you’d probably want to choose a single spot in advance & stay put. Even if it wasn’t raining, I’d expect you to find 10 loungers together if you got off the ship on the early side (and I don’t mean you need to be the first ones off & race for chairs, there is a lot of seating). I can’t tell you where to sit as it depends if you want the beach, the pool, the free kids splash area (that has a really cute pirate ship & small water slides), etc. But as I said, it’s a short walk no matter where you set up camp so no reason not to visit as many areas as you want. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks. We started using rash guards 2 summers ago (got them specifically with Captain Bob’s excursion in mind). They definitely work, found a good deal on amazon right before we left & bought a couple more. Laying out baking in the sun still isn’t my thing but they come in handy for any actual outside activities. Was just wearing one on the Harmony water slides about an hour ago. 🙂 Off to lunch...
  13. Also, FWIW, if going to coco cay, you still have to bring towels but there is a towel stand there that will happily exchange your wet/sandy towels for fresh ones. You still have to return them on the ship of course.
  14. Should be fine. Even FaceTime continues to work with Surf. Onboard Harmony right now & this is actually the first time I’ve bought surf & stream. I was able to stream video two years ago on Oasis with Surf but no such luck this time around.
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