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  1. Just booked with them 2 days ago. Was told all fares refundable up to 90 days out, and can price adjust up to that date as well. No $ upfront, thought it was a great deal.
  2. Would probably cruise. But would definitely only be sailing from my home port(Cape Liberty). Would not want to worry about flights home.
  3. Jr suite, So you have access to Coastal kitchen
  4. Just got off the phone with RCI today. They told me that individual FCC's can be applied to the total price of a cruise. As opposed to individual FCC's only being used for the person that it was issued to. Is it true, If so that is a great change. You never know with RCI, every time you call them you hear something different.
  5. Looks to me that the first place they could be sailing from is the N.Y. area. ( Never in a million years did I think this would be the case ) These politicians from some these states chose to bury their heads in the sand. And this is what they are winding up with. Don't ever deny science.
  6. Great rates indeed. Never had a problem with the TA, but I don't ask for anything usually. But never had to deal with a pandemic before. lol. Doesn't say anything about Friends& Family only Vacation club. Just wanted to know for the future. Thank you for the info.
  7. Same everything. Tried to L&S a couple of weeks age before the latest announcement. What would be a TA rate, and how would I know If I had that. I usually book through a cruise comparison site, and the best deal usually gets my $.
  8. July 4, 2020 oasis to July 2 2021 Oasis
  9. First I called up RCI and they told me I could do it, then spoke to TA and they they told me no. So I call RCi back again and they changed their tune. No real answer. So sent an email to Mr. Bayley. Just think I got to good of a deal on my canceled cruise and they don't want to honor the price.
  10. These Rooms are probably the best deals in RCI's fleet. Always look for them on Voyager and Freedom class ships.
  11. Still can't figure out why I couldn't L&S, same everything one year and 2 days apart. Such B.S. I guess I got to good of a deal the first time. RCI doesn't want to honor it.
  12. I have a good size FCC and every time I ask about paying with an FCC the TA's blow me off. What gives. I think the best deals are through TA's. But starting to think taking the FCC was a mistake.
  13. How come RCI said I can do a L&S on my booking, but my TA said no. 2x I spoke to RCI and they said I could do It. Can someone give me insight, as to why the TA would said no. If RCI is ok with it shouldn't the TA.
  14. I'm trying to do a "Lift and shift" on a sailing in early July. I have been trying to get in contact with my T.A. since Saturday. With no response. I spoke to RCI and my sailing qualify for the L &S. Is there anything I can do to do this on my own. I'm starting to get a little pissed.
  15. Do you think cruise lines should come up with a policy ,where they refund your money or a FCC for a cruise if you get sick on the cruise. I think a lot of people get sick and dont say anything. Thus infecting more people. Note: I have never gotten sick on a cruise, Hungover hell yeah.
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