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  1. Cruising Feb 2021. Wondering if I purchase the drink package now, will it make me pay today, or will this be added to my balance? Same question when adding a Carnival excursion. Just don't want this to hit the card that I paid the deposit with when I hit "Complete Purchase". Thank you!
  2. 7:30pm. Would have wrapped up our 6pm dinner, headed to change into something more comfortable if it was elegant night, and head to the comedy club. Love this thread!
  3. I know your main question is regarding Anytime Dining, however I am not familiar with this as we always do Early Dining. However, I can tell you that yes, the Carnival Hub app will show you the MDR menu for the day. If you're curious about a specific day, Guest Services is always happy to provide the week's menus to peruse at the desk. Many people do this to find out when their favorite dessert will be served, or plan what night they'd like to eat at a specialty restaurant if the MDR menu is not appealing to them. Hopefully this helps some. Prayers for you and your MIL
  4. Lunch is not typically served in the MDR unless on a Journey's cruise like BlerkOne stated. Most people eat lunch at Guys, Blue Iguana, Cucina, Lido, etc.
  5. Their Facebook page shows they are still open for business. Would you mind sharing the email you received? We were looking at using him as well.
  6. Hi all!! I'm very careful to post on this site, as I have had a lot of comments removed, I guess for being too direct. However, I must be pretty direct in this request. We are SO looking forward to Aruba as we have never been to this port. As we will be there from 1pm to 11pm, we would like to do two excursions, a snorkeling excursion and a sunset cruise (or 1 long one that combines both). We are experienced snorkelers (read: please do not suggest an excursion to play with stingrays, a sandy bottom, or some other gimmick. Google Image search "Belize Barrier Reef" to see what our "s
  7. We've booked one for Jan 2021, so staying distracted by doing a lot of planning and finger crossing. We've also been doing a lot of home renovations to stay busy...and here I thought working from home I would be saving money!!
  8. Not to speculate, but maybe this is a good sign that cruising will resume soon? Maybe not?
  9. We're sailing on the Radiance Jan 30th out of Port Canaveral. I've got a few good deals lined up for now, mainly hotels with park and cruise deals, but wonder if I should wait to see if prices drop. When do you typically book your night-before hotel? Any insight is welcome! Thank you!
  10. Sounds like you got a great cruise!! From what I've heard, spa rooms are received well. We're sailing on Jan 30, would love to hear how your sailing went/what differences you notice due to Covid (if any)!
  11. My thoughts exactly. Also notice the seller notes the flag on said ship as the Bahamas (Sunrise). The Victory/Radiance has/will have the Panama flag. Again, just my thought it is the Sunrise.
  12. What ship is the second link? Would be very surprised if the third ship was the Victory, but I could be wrong. Sunrise maybe?
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