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  1. Besides this one we had a Bliss cruise canceled in April and we cancelled a transatlantic cruise on the Getaway for spring 2021 but as of now we have the Encore booked next October for 17 nights through the Panama Canal and another 7 night right after. Hopefully everything gets fixed by then.
  2. Funny thing is today we were supposed to be on the Breakaway leaving NYC on a cruise to New Orleans.
  3. You could be right. The point is I already have a price I am comfortable with in place right now and I still have over one year to cancel with no penalties if I change my mind.
  4. Should be a good cruise we had to cancel a 21 night cruise on the Bliss through the Panama Canal in April. Also have cancelled two other cruises because of the virus. Fortunately we have done three Panama Canal cruises before so we can wait. We have already done two cruises on the Encore and really enjoyed them.
  5. Guess you need to explain to me why I am a sucker. I just booked a 17 night cruise on the Encore from San Francisco through the Panama Canal for October 2021 in a cabin I like a front facing slant cabin which there aren't that many. I have been on the Encore before and enjoyed it. I got a price that I liked and if it goes down I get the price drops and I have over a year to cancel with no penalties. Also I have not had to put any money on the reservation. Just curious why do you think I am a sucker?
  6. We were on the first two cruises out of Miami on the Encore and I really enjoyed the Encore. For us the main two reasons I liked the Encore was the great staff and the entertainment. Didn't really have any dislikes but I am sure others did. I liked it so much yesterday I booked it again for a 17 night cruise in October 2021. I might also book it for a 12 night cruise the spring of 2021 not sure about that yet.
  7. Thanks you win you figured me out I am hopelessly naive. Still better than being called insane or ignorant.
  8. What difference does it make if I can cancel the cruise before final payment and get price drops if the price goes down and I am not paying anything until final payment? After 75 cruises I think I know about price drops and watching prices. But thanks for enlightening me on cruise prices.
  9. You can pick as many as you can handle. I think I already said that in my post.(of course you might think both)
  10. Just curious because I value your opinion so highly do you think I am absolutely insane or pitiably ignorant. I booked a 17 night cruise on the Encore today for October 28,2021. No money out of pocket because I used FCC and Cruise Next certificates and I can cancel with no penalties anytime before final payment. And also get any price drops. Of course you might think I am both as I have only been on about 75 cruises so far I am sure many less than you.
  11. Hard to go wrong with either. We have spent 29 nights on the Bliss and were scheduled with 21 more but cruise was canceled. We have spent 14 nights on the Encore. My preference right now is the Encore because I enjoyed Choir of Man slight!y more than Jersey Boys and many of the staff we got to know on the Bliss moved to the Encore. I really like both.
  12. My TA talked to NCL and they told her the same thing the OP was told. Really not sure what the truth is at this point. I did send an email to guest relations asking that question so I can get something in writing from NCL when they answer that question.
  13. Totally agree with your thoughts on the type of people that would enjoy the Encore and the type that probably wouldn't. We did two weeks on it and enjoyed the entertainment but we are also not the type that want to lay out in the sun. Just my opinion.
  14. I am reading this thread just to be prepared as our next three cruises we either have reduced or free airfare. Not going to be upset no matter what happens as it is was my choice to do it. All three cruises we fly into New York from Detroit two days early so no concern about missing the ship. First one we do 21 nights on the Bliss and fly home from Seattle $99 per person. Second fly home from New Orleans after 13 nights on the Breakaway spending two nights after cruise free airfare. Third cruise fly home from Rome after 18 nights on the Getaway and spending two nights post cruise for $299 p
  15. Great review. We did the first two cruises on the Encore out of Miami. Enjoyed everything on the ship that we did. Great staff and entertainment was the best we have seen. Thanks for sharing.
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