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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed this review. Especially the pictures. Thank you For taking the time to post.
  2. Have a wonderful time! We were on Harmony last December and it was wonderful. I also like The Kraken Lava Flow!
  3. 2 years ago we were faced with a similar situation. My father was in his last days and we had a cruise coming up. I called our TA to see if our insurance would cover cancellation and she said yes, it would but wait until a couple days before canceling. Daddy passed a week before the cruise so we were able to go. While it wasn’t the happiest trip, it was very restful and healing. My prayers are with the OP. Losing a parent is extremely difficult.
  4. I agree completely! I’m a stepmom, step grandma and a retired elementary school teacher. I am very aware of how easily children can get hurt in ANY situation. I’ve even (discreetly) kept an eye on children in public when I’m not sure the adult in charge is watching carefully. I once watched a baby in a stroller that was obviously left alone in the Solarium at least 1/2 hr. I couldn’t relax until the parents returned. They had obviously been in the pool. The stroller was in an area where they would not have been able to see it from the pool.
  5. DH & i just received texts from RCI about our upcoming Caribbean cruise. It states what has already been on here: if anyone has traveled from, through or to China less than 15 days before embarkation, they will not be allowed to board. This includes crew.
  6. I am not fearful, but I like to be proactive. We are flying from S.C. to San Juan in March to sail on Freedom. I realize that neither place has reported the virus, but the “regular” Flu is so bad here that some school systems have closed. I always travel with sanitizing wipes for the arm rests and tray on the plane. We wash our hands constantly while traveling, soap & water as well as hand sanitizer. I think I will buy that virus killing purell mentioned on these boards.
  7. Been off CC for awhile so just found this thread. It sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for the pictures. We are looking forward to getting back on Oasis but that’s not until March 2021. enjoy Mariner and when you return give a Bella a pat for me.
  8. The news report I saw said it ALMOST hit Oasis, but the video you posted looks like it may have hit her. I hope not!
  9. We had almost $100 left and John wanted to get the cash to use for extra tips for Elaine and Jeremiahs in the SL. It’s a good thing he went without me because I was already wondering how my luck would be on a slot machine! 🤣
  10. I had to ask my DH because I can’t remember. He said he thinks it was the first night. He is sure it was early in the week. He loved the tomato soup that was offered at lunch. I couldn’t try it because it wasn’t gluten free, but he had it many times.
  11. I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info.
  12. I think I’ve coveted everything I meant to. This review was a spur of the moment thing. I ran into a couple problems I didn’t anticipate. For instance, I took pictures with my iPhone because it has a much better camera. But typing information on it was a pain. However, we were relying on the free internet offered to Suite guests, so to transfer pictures from the phone to my iPad I had to use John’s internet password on one device. I’ve saved the best tip (IMHO) for last. Our friend from Fredericksburg told us how to “cash out” our remaining onboard credit. He took John to the casino and basically what they did was this: Make sure you know how much credit you still have. Go to any slot machine. Tap your card on the slot machine Press ACCOUNT then PERSONAL BANKER Enter 4 digit PIN CODE, month/day of your birthday Press TRANSFER TO GAME, then ROOM CHARGE Select amount UP TO $500 and press ENTER (This is where you must know how much credit you have left) Then cash out. Happy Sailing!
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