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  1. We are now safely home and wondering if we are happy or sad that VT is facing Kentucky in the Belk Bowl. 🤔 For disembarkation we met in the Suite Lounge. We left there at 8:19 and by 8:50 we were completely out of the port and on the road to the airport! I’ve got so much more to share but right now I have to put away clothes and go pick up our girls from the vet.
  2. We just asked what they liked while talking to them about themselves. They were very surprised to get the goodies! The couple who gave us the idea knew where there were grocery stores where we stopped. in March we are going to islands we’ve never visited. Since most of the staff liked unsalted peanuts we are going to bring some with us. A lot also commented on our powdered flavored creamer so we are going to bring some of that as well.
  3. We got a great tip from another couple, Ed and Debbie from Fredericksburg, Va. They ask their suite attendant and SL servers what snacks they like. Then they buy those snacks when I port. We did this and it was so nice to see faces light up when we handed them a bag of peanuts or some snickers bars. I always want to do something extra for the people who make my vacation special. We tip well because we know that’s most important. But this is more personal and yet not bits of clutter that the staff probably doesn’t have room for or even want.
  4. When we are in St. Maarten we love to buy gifts at The Belgium Chocolate Shop. Sadly, the little shop right at the port and the one downtown have closed. I saw a sign for the shop over a little shop that had spices, teas and such. The shopkeeper has a small section of the Belgium chocolates in a refrigerated case. She told us the original chocolatier sold her shop and is now living in Germany. The new owners make the chocolates on the French side of the island. She is selling them at the port to see how well they sell for her. We nearly bought her out. I Hope it is a successful venture for her. Of course once we buy our chocolates we race back to the ship so they don’t melt!
  5. We did the Martini Class on day 3. It was held in the Wonderland restaurant. The bartender was fun, although he only mixed 3 different martinis. One he said was the original martini, very dry. Next was a margarita. He asked who invented the margarita and I said Jimmy Buffet. He just stared at me like he was thinking, who let her in here? Turns out Margarita invented the margarita. Last was a French martini. The bartender asked why it’s called French. My teacher’s pet DH piped up with the correct answer, the Chambord. After that he made everyone 1 full size martini of their choice. I had an excellent dirty and John said his lemon drop was the best he’d ever had. e
  6. We’ve been using the elevators more than usual because of my foot issue. They sometimes get very crowded. Is your 5 yr old having a good time?
  7. Thanks for following. Our itinerary is the Eastern Caribbean, St. Maarten, San Juan and Coco Cay. Thanks! We started out with just the VT magnet and some pom poms. But the pom poms were getting ragged so John began ordering the magnets. Our collection has grown over the years.
  8. We went out on the viewing platform. You can access this from the solarium.
  9. The solarium has a special area for suite guests. We like these private areas. You can open and shut the roof covering a bit. There’s a crank near the entrance.
  10. Charlie waiting for a drink at the Bionic Bar. Sorry Charlie, it isn’t open right now.
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