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  1. My DH works from home anyway, except when he needs to travel to a job site. Since I retired I help him with his work. No more travel, but he still is pretty busy. I used to pick my DGD up after school sometimes, attend a women’s Bible study every Tuesday, and my best friend and I took turns visiting each other’s home to work on crafts. Lately, I just clean the house, help John, read and play games on my iPad. we live in a pretty area so I take walks when the weather cooperates. I was taking the dog with me but she decided she didn’t like walking! I’m happy we have sites like CC. I really miss being out with people, so it’s nice to be able to chat with you all. Sadly, my cousin died earlier this week, not from the virus. My family usually turns out big time for weddings & funerals. Not this time, only immediate family allowed.
  2. Thanks for the terrific review, especially your Star Class experience. I’ve been bugging/nagging DH to book us in a Star suite, but now I’m pretty sure we would have the same reaction as you. Perhaps when (& if) we are able to treat our boys and their families to a cruise we will try it.
  3. I was going to suggest Beaches resort, no kids. You could stay in one of those amazing over the water suites.
  4. We have a Nov 2020 cruise booked on Allure and absolutely no plans to cancel. The ocean (and the SL) is our happy place! 😉
  5. We love “balcony time”. On Freedom, was that really just a week or so ago?, I would sit out there while John caught up on work. So nice! FWIW, we were asked by our hair stylist to postpone our appointments for 2 weeks as we had been “out of the country.” San Juan, St. Thomas and the ABC Islands. The groomer agreed to take Jana but met us in the parking lot with a leash, didn’t want her to be wearing her own. I passed Jana through the window and they took her straight to the tub. I do understand the groomer because she has lung issues already and can’t take any chances. But it is a weird feeling.
  6. Yes, Blacksburg is a great place to live. We love it! Hopefully you will get on Freedom when everything calms down.
  7. Since 1 procedure is a colonoscopy, he’s not all that disappointed to put it off. 🤣 But he was scheduled to have a skin tag removed from his arm. It has been become annoying because of the location & he was looking forward to that procedure. It’s rescheduled but may also be put on hold. The dr offices here are not seeing anyone unless they have Corvid 19 symptoms.
  8. Yes, we are home. Disembarkation was very easy. We were in a suite so the concierge led us off at 8:00. RCI has offered free transportation to the airport and we had signed up for that. Some cruisers said the DL concierge told them we would all have our temps taken (they did this when we were embarking) and we would be “sprayed”. I’m happy to say that didn’t happen! I would have been fine having my temp taken, but I wasn’t too happy about being sprayed with some unnamed substance. We were through customs, had our luggage and on the bus to the airport in about 20 mins. our flight home was later in the day and then a 2&1/2 hr drive home so we’re pretty tired last night.
  9. Wow! Good for you! My cousin was told to stop smoking and change his eating habits after his 1st heart attack. Sadly, he didn’t and we lost him a few years back. I hope you continue to do well!
  10. So sorry! Corvid19 is affecting so many things. John had 2 minor procedures delayed. One he was able to reschedule but not the other. Of course we understand & want medical facilities to be available for those who need them.
  11. So excited to follow you on this amazing cruise! And a little bit jealous. 😉
  12. I have to correct my previous answer. I was talking to a store clerk & he said there We’re a lot less people. Usually his store had long lines. I was the only one there at the time. I feel for the businesses being impacted.
  13. Really? I was on a cruise with @CruiseLifeRick and didn’t know it? I miss him on CC! We also had a very easy time getting off the ship and transported to the airport.
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