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  1. They will be in the nursery together if you want to drop off. The nursery charges by the hour and pre-bookings are advisable as they can only take 8 kids at a time.
  2. TBF, it just says your sea pass card will be on your door at 11am, which could well be true. It doesn't say anything about getting to it or your room, or your room being ready at that time...
  3. So now they're saying the windows are waist height? I thought part of the reason of those reenactment photos was to prove that they were higher than waist height which meant he was unable to lean over and drop her... 🤷‍♀️
  4. It depends if there is someone onboard that is Zumba trained. Sometimes it is the AM or other member of the cruise staff team which means it happens elsewhere on the ship (e.g on some ships it has been in the centrum or pool deck).
  5. Not SOLAS or any other 'rule'. MSC will allow any age to cruise on their ships.
  6. I dont really have sympathy. A few years back me and my mom were travelling from the UK to Boston, when we got stranded in Orlando for 2 days (thanks to a snow storm). When we landed in Orlando the airline told us they had given out the quota of rooms for the day, but we could wait and see if they could help us, but the probably couldn't. Instead of running to the media, I got on my phone (most UK plans include the US at no extra charge, although I probably would have paid the extra) and found a local hotel, then caught a taxi there. It wasnt hard. It's not rocket science. Oh, and we had to go buy shorts because it was a lot warmer than we were expecting, again, not hard. When we got home, we claimed it all back on our insurance (including meals, which we would have eaten in Boston anyway so that was a bonus). It wasnt what we expected but it wasnt the end of the world, and we have a story to tell. We laugh because we were expecting cold and came back with sunburn!
  7. Again. On the cruise or not, why do you need to know?
  8. Unless you know the crew member, or are directly involved in this situation, why would you need to know this information? 4 times in my 9 contracts, a crew member passed away, the companies I worked for didnt announce their death to the general public, nor did they need to...
  9. Not sure how much good it would do putting the crew in quarantine now, all the crew I know onboard have been enjoying shore leave and have been posting photos of themselves all over NYC....
  10. Dryer sheets to make the drawers/wardrobes smell nice and clothes smell fresh. Pop up hampers, for shoes and/or dirty clothes
  11. The parents:"We have never wanted charges filed against Sam because we know with all of our hearts that he would never put Chloe in harm's way,' they said last week," I would love to know what their idea of harms way is if they think hanging a child out a window isn't...
  12. What if someone in the places you rent out opened the window, and then someone else went and dropped a kid out? Your locks and all that are still inspeceted, and the dropper didnt open the window... Same argument...
  13. Those 2 age groups nearly always did the same activities but in separate rooms. Many ships have always had those 2 age groups combined and it's fine.
  14. Could you imagine the mess if they gave it away for free? Even Disney (who apparently dont nickle and dime) charge for popcorn...
  15. I'll take the kids over the adults. I know how the YS would deal with this lounge situation though: Step one: you get what you get and you dont get upset. Ok, still arguing/crying/not sharing the toy, Step two: it just gets taken away completely and then there's nothing to complain about! 👍
  16. Diamond doors is a shift we have, usually when theres an overflow and there's someone at the door physically checking cards to allow people in. Usually done by cruise, sports and youth staff and some supervisors. It's a hoot.
  17. Thanks for the laugh guys. Taking me back to my crew member days, reminding me of that sinking feeling when you saw 'diamond doors' on your schedule. On The plus side, I think I found the guy that lectured me for a good 20 minutes about how he was actually Diamond++ and how it really is a thing, I think he got me confused with someone who cared...
  18. I dont understand why they released the photos of this new evidence in an attempt to defend the GF. If anything it makes him look even more guilty. It shows how much effort he went to, to lift her up and over the safety rail. It shows he wasnt just holding her up to the window to look out and slipped, but he went to a lot of effort to put her in a dangerous position...
  19. That doll isn't even near the same height, weight or shape of an 18month old, surely they could have got a more realistic doll...but then, most people have accepted/seen what actually happened and dont need deperate posed pictures to try and sway a vote.
  20. They lost my sympathy literally hours after it happened when they tried to claim it happened within a kids area. Well they looked a little silly when all you can see is a bar... And their "there was no sign" argument is getting old. If there was a sign on the window, you wouldn't see it, because the window was open. If there was a sign anywhere else they would be arguing that it wasnt visible if you were standing at the open window... At the end of the day, if he hadn't lifted her up, she would still be here. RC didnt lift her up to the window, and RC didnt force him to lift her up to the window.
  21. People seem to be getting phone calls with free down-grades these days...
  22. What specifically did you want to know? They can change cruisely. If you want an idea of activities offered you can look at most other ships because they all do pretty much the same thing.
  23. My favourite bit of all this is that Michael Bayley was spammed with pictures of the naked man!
  24. I don't think Royal paid a man to stand in his birthday suit in the middle of your adventures, and unless the bus breaks down every time, I don't think they can really be in the firing line for that one either... Was it really an 'insincere inarticulate apology' or was it just a reply that you didnt want to hear? Especially as it came from a 'low level employee' rather than a 'senior executive'?
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