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  1. Shes yotuh staff which comes under entertainment/cruise division. Still classed as a crew member, just a crew member with slightly more stripes/ priveledges than others and not a tipped position.
  2. She's youth staff. So comes under cruise division/entertainment
  3. I was told no new crew for 2 months! Dont know what that means for those already onboard, I know i wouldn't want to extend for 2 months of my contract was almost up!
  4. Which is hopefully what they're doing for all crew coming back from vacation too...
  5. Nope. They can go mid contract. Some positions can do 2 or 3 ships in one contract because their job is covering vacations of others. If someone gets medically signed off/quits /gets fired, someone from another ship can get promoted and transferred to take on their position. Sometimes they can be flown across the country/world and might get a couple of days off in between. Others might walk from one ship, across the pier and onto another (seen that happen many times in Cozumel).
  6. All big cruise lines do. They fill as needed.
  7. Depending on the manager it might depend on how into 12 he is, but with aging down from teens the majority usually say yes.
  8. Not really. More kids bump up than down, with exception of the nursery.
  9. Knowing whose on mariner right now, probably. They usually have a 'within 3 months policy'. However, if its busy with actual 6+ then no. And they pretty much have a one strike rule and back down to your age appropriate group. Remember though, playing with older kids, and understanding activities aimed at older kids with kids they've never met before are two different things. I've seen many 5 year old bump ups get quite overwhelmed and not want to join, which means they go back to aquanauts, but many do well.
  10. Not used the daycare, but worked in it... Oasis class is one of the best for toddlers. They have a new splash pad for kids in diapers (they cant go in the pools), the carousel, face painting, balloon animals. They have an open play area where families can play together and you can get free toy lending bags from the nursery if you want/need extra/different toys, that you can change out as much as you want. They only usually take 8 babies/tots at a time so bookings are recommended, especially at busy times, but you may be able to do a walk in drop off. They can eat, sleep and poop in there. They will try and keep to the schedule you give them as much as possible. When you drop off they'll give you a phone so you can keep in contact with each other if needed.
  11. There is no nursery on adventure. (Adventure ocean is available for kids from 3 and potty trained.)
  12. Bigger ships (freedom included) the nursery will be available 9am till midnight (or 10.30 if no babies booked), but may close 12noon-2pm on sea days. Smaller ships on sea days 9am-12 noon and then around 6.30ish till midnight (or 10.30) and port days usually just the evening unless you have an excursion booked and they will open it for your required times. All ships will open the nursery earlier on port days of the ship docks early and you have a ship booked excursion. The nursery is usually pretty empty on port days. They're busy sea days and evenings. All tots are together but only they only have 8 at a time (4 on a couple of tiny ships) They will follow your schedule as much as they can. They have snacks, cribs/cots for naps, toys for all ages and unlimited paw patrol haha. All ships have some form of open play every day where you can go and play together and they change out the toys every day so it different, and they also have bags of toys you can borrow and take back to the cabin to play with if you can't drop off when you want to.
  13. They will be in the nursery together if you want to drop off. The nursery charges by the hour and pre-bookings are advisable as they can only take 8 kids at a time.
  14. TBF, it just says your sea pass card will be on your door at 11am, which could well be true. It doesn't say anything about getting to it or your room, or your room being ready at that time...
  15. So now they're saying the windows are waist height? I thought part of the reason of those reenactment photos was to prove that they were higher than waist height which meant he was unable to lean over and drop her... 🤷‍♀️
  16. It depends if there is someone onboard that is Zumba trained. Sometimes it is the AM or other member of the cruise staff team which means it happens elsewhere on the ship (e.g on some ships it has been in the centrum or pool deck).
  17. Not SOLAS or any other 'rule'. MSC will allow any age to cruise on their ships.
  18. I dont really have sympathy. A few years back me and my mom were travelling from the UK to Boston, when we got stranded in Orlando for 2 days (thanks to a snow storm). When we landed in Orlando the airline told us they had given out the quota of rooms for the day, but we could wait and see if they could help us, but the probably couldn't. Instead of running to the media, I got on my phone (most UK plans include the US at no extra charge, although I probably would have paid the extra) and found a local hotel, then caught a taxi there. It wasnt hard. It's not rocket science. Oh, and we had to go buy shorts because it was a lot warmer than we were expecting, again, not hard. When we got home, we claimed it all back on our insurance (including meals, which we would have eaten in Boston anyway so that was a bonus). It wasnt what we expected but it wasnt the end of the world, and we have a story to tell. We laugh because we were expecting cold and came back with sunburn!
  19. Again. On the cruise or not, why do you need to know?
  20. Unless you know the crew member, or are directly involved in this situation, why would you need to know this information? 4 times in my 9 contracts, a crew member passed away, the companies I worked for didnt announce their death to the general public, nor did they need to...
  21. Not sure how much good it would do putting the crew in quarantine now, all the crew I know onboard have been enjoying shore leave and have been posting photos of themselves all over NYC....
  22. Dryer sheets to make the drawers/wardrobes smell nice and clothes smell fresh. Pop up hampers, for shoes and/or dirty clothes
  23. The parents:"We have never wanted charges filed against Sam because we know with all of our hearts that he would never put Chloe in harm's way,' they said last week," I would love to know what their idea of harms way is if they think hanging a child out a window isn't...
  24. What if someone in the places you rent out opened the window, and then someone else went and dropped a kid out? Your locks and all that are still inspeceted, and the dropper didnt open the window... Same argument...
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