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  1. True, but these ships ARRIVED in port in the early morning and left out at 4pm the same day with passengers. That seems like a different cruise to me. Port schedule shows the ship is on a Multi-Day Cruise. I thought Princess was shut down for 60 days.
  2. Something very strange is going on with Princess cruises out of Port Everglades, FL. IF PRINCESS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SHUT DOWN FOR 60 DAYS, WHY are their cruise ships still sailing out of Port Everglades? The Caribbean Princess sailed yesterday, March 13th at 4:00pm. The Sky Princess arrived this morning at 5:15am. She is scheduled for departure at 4:00pm this afternoon for a multi-day cruise according to the Port Schedule. This Emerald Princess is showing up on the Port Schedule for arrival on the morning of March 15th. Why did Princess announce a shut down of 60 days if some of her ships are still sailing???????
  3. I watched the Caribbean Princess ship sail out of Port Everglades at 4:00pm, March 13, 2020. What gives it sailings were canceled?
  4. I thought Princess Cruises was not sailing for 60 days, yet I watched the Caribbean Princess sail out of Port Everglades, FL with passengers onboard at 4:00pm, Friday 13, 2020. What gives?
  5. My husband and I have a Celebrity northern European capitals cruise scheduled for September 19th. Am I being naive in hoping the coronavirus will be stopped by then?
  6. My husband and I are 70 so guess we had better have a letter from our doctor just to be in the safe side. However, our Celebrity European cruise is not until September....
  7. I have noticed some cruises will have a box on the left with NON REFUNDABLE fares. The box on the right has a higher price, but it is a REFUNDABLE fare. Perhaps this happened?
  8. We ordered a charging device from Amazon which is ship approved. It has 2 USB ports and two more outlets. Excellent for recharging camera batteries and cell phones. I noticed several other passengers had one just like it. No trouble going through the cruise line's security check either.
  9. We were on the Celebrity Reflection Sept. 30, 2019 and our two large bags were left INSIDE our Concierge sometime during the safety muster.
  10. Congratulations! Enjoy good health and be happy. I retired the first time in 2001 after 31.5 years and went to work 3 months later for a staffing agency for 14 more years. Finally had enough and this time retirement has "stuck"!!! Live everyday to its fullest and on Sunday night's just smile to yourself because you can "sleep in" on Monday!
  11. Ewwwww! NO, we have definitely NOT had the horrific dining experiences you have endured! However, I would like to suggest there are two subjects that should NOT be discussed in the MDR on a cruise: RELIGION & POLITICS. America is so divided these days, I fear some of us would embarrass ourselves in front of any nice foreigners at our table. There is another couple cruising with us for the first time and we are of different political opinions. I have informed the wife (most opinionated) that we should NOT discuss politics at a nice dinner and she went so far as to say, "If it comes up, we could just say we prefer not to discuss politics at a lovely dinner." Whew! Hope everyone is of like mind. HappyCamper49
  12. Thank you, WatchHill. Like you, we use our X totes for various things! Previously on our Concierge class X cruises the totes were on our bed upon check-in in our rooms.
  13. Hey panoramaofthepast, thank you for your reply! We were on the Silhouette last year for the April transatlantic. Loved that ship! I am thinking the April 2019 remark about no more tote bags is that the Equinox was going to be refurbished in May and perhaps they weren't being replenished then.
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