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  1. Union strike no taxis no transport La mafia in power
  2. We are onboard the Reflection 1) At Limon we have to change the clock one our back and next day again 1 hour forward, the APP doesn’t change the ship time at Limon!! 2) The reservations for Speciality Dinner were not added to my Calendar I tried refreshing, log off and logon and nothing happens.
  3. It’s chrome , I try with safari and it works thank you for your answers
  4. Me and DW accounts are locked since we board the Reflection Yesterday , the newsagent displayed is: We’ve got your info. However we’re unable to bring up your account right now so please try again later. I log off from the app and the problems continues
  5. By default the system goes to NRDB, after selecting your cabin click in the left middle of the screen your offer, this will show the screen to select the best value (refundable) and Best Price (NRDB)
  6. Booked for July 2021 Reflection B2B2B Norwegian Fjords plus Scandinavia & Russia plus British Isles
  7. The Xpress Pass is available after doing the check in (90 days before sailing). The BVG Perk will show 30 days before sailing also in your order history you can check the BVG and Internet Pkg
  8. Yes in Mexico we can reprice before final payment, and our final payment is 75 days before sailing instead of 90. I have had the benefit of saving and upgrading on several cruises
  9. Booking onboard gives you extra OBC, plus the chance of a bottle of wine and or a Raffle ticket per booked cruise. On our last cruise in the Eclipse, if you booked the first day extra is a bottle of wine, and the on-board reservations until the x day participated in a raffle iPad, OBC, Shorex and specialty dinner.
  10. Look at Last evening Chic night menu in your app
  11. I'm on Reflection Feb 10, will be waiting for your post, please who is captain's club host and concierge host?
  12. In the Eclipse My cabin assistant helps me with one like this, not so precise but a great help
  13. for a price drop, you need to reprice and the current promotion will be applied, do your math to see if it's better
  14. Thank you, I see the old Qsine still onboard the Summit. I Hope Qsine will be there by September when we will sail onboard her.
  15. Don't worry, the square that says "Check On Board" means that the excursion is sold out.
  16. From Feb 5 to March 4 No limited time additions
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