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  1. All of this has been discussed here previously, a You Tuber just wants to show off with his shirt. See you at sea soon. Regarding prices, I am seeing the opposite, all my cruises are early bird bookings, and the opposite is happening, prices are increasing frequently. Also with so many cancellations in 2020, it is creating high demand in 2021 causing prices to rise and availability is being limited on popular cruises.
  2. I have 8 cruises booked, all Inside CAT 9. Today in all cruises the cabin rate rise around $200 each.
  3. You will receive the instruction in your room and invitation to a meeting with the B2B's where al your questions will be answered. The TAD you will meet in lounge for the process, here you will receive your new card. after all other passengers disembark, the group will be guided to a room in the terminal. Here the Customs and Migration officer will look at your passport then the group will board the cruise for the next leg.
  4. Will Celebrity limit the cruise to 100 passengers?
  5. If the cruise is full. Does that mean that some passengers will be expelled from the cruise? who? when?
  6. Now that would be impossible, it is very risky to cross to San Diego through Tijuana.
  7. This is the Current Concierge Menu, (Reflection Feb 2020), many items not in the normal menu.
  8. Cancelled 4 weeks ago, today May 16 I receive my money back for the Summit Ne & Canada, the deposits are dated May 13.
  9. Today after 4 weeks I receive my money back for the Cancelled summit cruise, the deposits are date May 13 and today is May 16.
  10. During the booking ,Click in " See if you qualify for offers" and enter Your Captain Club Number, then select an continue, promo it's worldwide until May 18
  11. I think there is No way the money will find your card, you need to call Celebrity. One time this happen to us, Celebrity ask us to fill a Refund form with the data of the new Credit Card, They send us the form by email, fill and sign, scan then send back to the refund department.
  12. This happens when the closed account is linked to the new account, like you close the account because your old CC was compromised.
  13. Cruise Critic Roll Call - Sail Away at Vancouver Oct 13, 2019
  14. Cruise Critic Roll Call - Sail Away at Vancouver Oct 13, 2019
  15. Cruise Critic Roll Call - Sail Away at Vancouver Oct 13, 2019
  16. Celebrity in USA is 90 day some TA make it early
  17. Today X adjust his exchange rate for MXN from $19.3 to $23.7 a 22.8% increase, the FCC is done in the currency amount you paid. You paid X amount in CAD you will receive the same amount in CAD
  18. We have done Lunch at The Porch several time onboard the Silhouette and The Reflection, the tower is included and if you like you can order more,
  19. Login into you X account, in the top right of the screen is Welcome and your name, click there and upcoming reservations, on the displayed reservation click on plan my cruise.
  20. Try with logout and login again
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