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  1. All of this has been discussed here previously, a You Tuber  just wants to show off with his shirt. See you at sea soon.

    Regarding prices, I am seeing the opposite, all my cruises are early bird bookings, and the opposite is happening, prices are increasing frequently. Also with so many cancellations in 2020, it is creating high demand in 2021 causing prices to rise and availability is being limited on popular cruises.

  2. You will receive the instruction in your room and invitation to a meeting with the B2B's where al your questions will be answered.


    The TAD you will meet in lounge for the process, here you will receive your new card. after all other passengers disembark, the group will be guided to a room in the terminal. Here the Customs and Migration officer will look at your passport then the group will board the cruise for the next leg.

  3. 5 hours ago, Homestyle said:

    I have just called Celebrity to do a Life & Shift for our cancelled Millennium July 2020 cruise and there are NO inside cabins available through the whole of July and August in either direction.


    Any advise please?  Celebrity said I would have to go for an outside at the current price offered on a Sale only, which is about £700 pp more expensive and  I would be loosing my CBP and OBC, I think not!


    If I am right in thinking, I only have until mid June to arrange my Lift & Shift?


    July 2 to July 9 shows 11 inside cabins CAT 12

  4. 11 hours ago, WNcruiser said:

    Over the weekend the two September Canada/New England cruises disappeared from the website. Today they are back and showing sold out except for suites. Very strange. Obviously they are being cancelled but why show suites for sale?





    Will Celebrity limit the cruise to 100 passengers?

  5. 23 minutes ago, VitaminSea53 said:

    I have been tracking 2 different cruises and today the website is not giving a discount after entering the Captains Club number (and hitting ‘apply’).  I realize the Flash Sale is done but was hoping the CC discount would continue. Has anyone had different results?


    Yes the promotion ended yesterday

  6. 15 hours ago, DisneyTech said:

    Does anyone know if that is still offered in Concierge rooms? I don't see any mention of it anywhere from Celebrity and I can't find anything recent that indicates one way or the other. Hopefully someone with some recent experience can fill us in!




    This is the Current Concierge Menu, (Reflection Feb 2020),  many items not in the normal menu.






  7. 20 hours ago, Blue_Flame said:

    Yes, I think you are correct when cards are canceled and reissued with a new account number. 

    in my case, the cards were just canceled and the other cards we currently have with the same banks are not in anyway linked to the canceled cards. I have my doubts that my refunds will find their way to another open card account that is no way linked to the closed card. 


    I think there is No way the money will find your card, you need to call Celebrity. One time this happen to us, Celebrity ask us to fill a Refund form with the data of the new Credit Card, They send us the form by email, fill and sign, scan then  send back to the  refund department.

  8. On 5/8/2020 at 12:07 PM, Blue_Flame said:

    Second answer was that if I have any open credit card account in the same bank as my closed account, then the refund will go back to the open card. In my case, I do have another open BofA Visa and a couple of open Citibank Visas, but have seen no refund activity there. 


    Has anyone been in a similar situation, and how were your refunds handled on your closed credit cards?


    This happens when the closed account is linked to the new account, like you close the account because your old CC was compromised. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, katrina915 said:

    I typically go to the calendar and cancel excursions from there.  Looks like the website has changed and I can't find the calendar or where to cancel excursions in cruise planner. Can anyone help?


    Login into you X account, in the top right of the screen is Welcome and your name, click there and upcoming reservations,  on the displayed reservation click on plan my cruise.

  10. 9 minutes ago, britishcruisers2 said:

    How do you remove a forthcoming (or not!) cruise.

    I have 2 cruises loaded onto the app but one has been cancelled due to the current situation but I can't work out how to remove it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Try with logout and login again

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