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  1. We are onboard the Reflection

    1) At Limon we have to change the clock one our back and next day again 1 hour forward, the APP doesn’t change the ship time at Limon!!

    2) The reservations for Speciality Dinner were not added to my Calendar


    I tried refreshing, log off and logon and nothing happens.

  2. Me and DW accounts are locked since we board the Reflection Yesterday , the newsagent displayed is: 

    We’ve got your info. However we’re unable to bring up your account right now so please try again later.


    I log off from the app and the problems continues

  3. 1 hour ago, GRBlizz said:

    Newly back to Celebrity after a few years away from cruising, and was surprised that the deposit for our first cruise back was non-refundable.


    Worked out fine, since we were booking close to final payment date. But now I'm looking at dates a year or more out, and who knows what life holds in store. Is there no way to specify a rate that includes a refundable deposit? I couldn't find one.


    By default the system goes to NRDB, after selecting your cabin click in the left middle of the screen your offer, this will show the screen to select the best value (refundable) and Best Price (NRDB)

  4. 1 hour ago, brellis said:

    Have checked in and shows a link but as of yet clicking on it does nothing regardless of the browser or from computer or ipad/phone.  Just shows an 'X' and loads for eternity.  We are 77 days out and I want to make sure the perks are listed correctly and as I understand it will show on the XPress Pass.  Thanks for the insight!


    B. Ellis




    The Xpress Pass is available after doing the check in (90 days before sailing). The BVG Perk will show 30 days before sailing also in your order history you can check the BVG and Internet Pkg

  5. On 1/22/2020 at 12:25 PM, Jim_Iain said:

    Really good point.   Wasn't sure about Canada.    I read often of UK and Australian bookings not being able to to do the same.  


    Wonder if Mexico and Central American are the same as the U.S. and then we could say North American Bookings. 


    Yes in Mexico we can reprice before final payment, and our final payment is 75 days before sailing instead of 90. I have had the benefit of saving and upgrading on several cruises

  6. 1 hour ago, JerseyGirlatHeart said:

    Has anyone received a Back to Back discount on a 6-day cruise?  I have a 6-day/12-day Back to Back scheduled, received a discount on the 12-day portion ($100), but am being told that there is no discount for the 6-day leg.  True or False?



  7. Booking onboard gives you extra OBC, plus the chance of a bottle of wine and or a Raffle ticket per booked cruise. On our last cruise in the Eclipse, if you booked the first day extra is a bottle of wine, and the on-board reservations until the x day participated in a raffle  iPad, OBC, Shorex and specialty dinner.

  8. 2 hours ago, slanik said:

    We are sailing on the Summit next month - 2/15.  I was checking out the menus on the Celebrity phone app.  I don't see lobster on any of the nights at the MDR.  Has anyone sailed recently on the Summit to know if Lobster tail is still served in the MDR?  It used to be on the last Chic Evening.  Thank you.

    Look at Last evening Chic night menu in your app



  9. On 1/10/2020 at 4:23 PM, JaneStarr said:

    I’ve been told that Reflection Captain was due to change today and that they might be shifting staff. Does anybody have the current Reflection line up?  If not, I will post when we board on 1/20.



    I'm on Reflection Feb 10, will be waiting for your post, please who is captain's club host and concierge host?

  10. 2 hours ago, weregoingcruising said:

    What extra obc do you receive for b2b and for booking onboard?


    It's nor OBC, it's a discount (YDR7) $50 for leg per cabin 7 to 9 nights cruise and $100 for leg per cabin for 10 or longer nights cruise, plus the OBC for booking onboard is:


  11. 37 minutes ago, jelayne said:

    And not all B2B cruises get the discount.  Got $100 discount on 1st leg but was denied the discount on 2nd leg because leg 1 was booked with X and transferred to a TA while the 2nd leg was booked directly with the same TA.  Was told both booking must be made through the same place ( X or TA). 


    Past September booked onboard the Eclipse a B2B with 2 place-holders, when I called my TA to book the desired cruises the discount in both legs was removed.

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