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  1. Cancel your current booking and book onboard the Infinity, do your math to see if it's better
  2. It's nor OBC, it's a discount (YDR7) $50 for leg per cabin 7 to 9 nights cruise and $100 for leg per cabin for 10 or longer nights cruise, plus the OBC for booking onboard is:
  3. Yes the new cruises are B2B, TA say me that they don't have the YDR7 discount code in his terminal, so I cancel and will re-book onboard Reflection next February
  4. Past September booked onboard the Eclipse a B2B with 2 place-holders, when I called my TA to book the desired cruises the discount in both legs was removed.
  5. The discount is $50 for 7 to 9 nights cruise and $100 for 10 nights and longer
  6. I have cancel my reservation at Qsine 1/2 before the schedule time without charges
  7. http://thecelebritycommitment.com/2019_WAVE.html
  8. Overview Not quite ready to say goodbye? Neither are we. Extend your vacation a few extra hours. Let us store your luggage while you relax by the pool and sip on a cocktail from your Classic Beverage package. Relax with a massage at the spa. There's so much more you can do. So, there's no need to rush to the airport. With Extend Your Stay, you can take your time and return home completely rejuvenated. Plus, we can arrange private or group transportation for you to the airport for an additional fee. FT97 Highlights Extend Your Stay program: Relax and spend more time on board on departure day. Classic Beverage Package for the day. What to Bring Small bag with personal belongings Medication Credit Cards What to Wear Comfortable Clothing Swimsuit (if planning to use pool) Important Notes Guests that sign up for Extend Your Stay in Fort Lauderdale are required to put their luggage outside their staterooms the evening before debarking. Luggage will be marked with Extend Your Stay Luggage and will be offloaded into the customs luggage area in Pier 25. Guests can stay in their room until 9AM. As per Federal regulation, all guests in Fort Lauderdale need to debark before anyone is allowed to go back on board. Extend Your Stay Guests will be led to the luggage area to collect their Extend Your Stay marked luggage and proceed to clear Customs. Once Customs is cleared, Extend Your Stay guests will be able to return to the ship and will be guided by our staff to drop-off their luggage in the designated area. A ticket receipt will be provided so guests can collect their belongings once departing the ship for good. Minibar service is not included in this program. Guests will have access to all public lounges and the pool deck. Please note that no exit and re-entry to the ship will be permitted on departure day. For your convenience, personal credit cards will be accepted for onboard purchases throughout the day. Private and group transportation is available upon request. Guests who have booked transfers through Celebrity Cruises will have the option to request a later transfer upon signing-up for the Extend Your Stay Program.
  9. 46 days for Reflection: 4 Sea days, Grand Cayman, Cartagena, Colon, Limon, Costa Maya & Cozumel
  10. You need to call, sometimes all options aren't available online
  11. My cabins on B2B Feb 5 & 15 2021 restored to the original both cruises still locked for new reservations
  12. Some cruise dates are now available for booking, for our February 2021 B2B, only leg 2 cabin has been restored to it's original. both cruises still locked for booking.
  13. Connie revolution make changes in the deck plans, all sailings from April 20 to April 21 was locked on December 11, see the following thread for detail Constellation disappeared?
  14. Same here only December 23 touch canal is open for the one year in revision
  15. same happen Thursday a few minutes returned for booking then disappeared again, for our B2B only in the 2nd leg have assigned the cabin, see what happens next week
  16. You upgraded you classic beverage perk to premium
  17. She just arrived at 10:36AM instead of 7 AM NOTIFICATION CELEBRITY REFLECTION arrived at Port PORT EVERGLADES at 2019-12-20 10:36 Local Time (2019-12-20 15:36 UTC) Time of Arrival/Departure is the time the Vessel approaches the entrance/exit of the Port respectively. CHECK IT ON LIVE MAP
  18. For our B2B in February 2021 the second leg cabin has been restored to its original state, first leg cabin continuous guaranteed. Yesterday you can see the dates to make reservations and as you continue you receive a message there are no rooms available, now it is fully closed and the dates are not shown.
  19. Bookings for my Feb 2021 B2B are open, my cabin in both cruises was the same now is guarantee and bookable in both cruises, Tomorrow I need to call my TA After a few minutes again back to the locked system 😞
  20. One week and counting Constellation cruises for February 2021 are online but I cannot simulate a reservation, I receive the message No rooms were found for this request. For my B2B, the cabin is shown as guaranteed on both cruises.
  21. X just removed the cruise from April 2021, the gap is now until May 2021
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