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  1. During our B2B2B YVR-HNL-YVR-LAX, X offers this lunch during the sea days. 2 times during the Hawaii legs and one time in LAX leg. The charge $40 USCy PP The Menu Our Waiter Our Table with Glass of Water and Chardonay The Main Dish Our waiter serve to each one a extra leg and extra cake without charge 🙂 The Dessert The view from the Tuscan Grille window
  2. During our Eclipse cruise to Hawaii they make the King Crab lunch 2 times (days at sea)
  3. I have the same question, near to purchase the Tickets we are on the Summit, disembarking on Monday, ship is scheduled to arrive at 7AM. Flying from Boston to Dallas with AA, at 12:35 it's OK?
  4. We celebrated our 34th anniversary aboard the Silhouette on March 20, 2019, we did not hire any package, we only registered the anniversary date in our reservation, we received the decoration at the door, a bottled Champagne in our room, The Swans in our bed and the cake at dinner
  5. If I book a B2B2B 3 consecutive cruises the discount is applied to the 3 cruises or only to the first two cruises?
  6. $25 Nonrefundable Deposit Offer is applicable to new Nonrefundable Deposit Bookings (“NRDB”) made October 31st, 2019, for select cruises departing 02/01/20 – 05/03/21, excluding Cruisetours and Galapagos sailings. Reduced deposits are in USD, per person and exclude group bookings and bookings in suites. Limit one reduced deposit booking per passenger. Reduced deposit must be paid by deposit payment required due date. Offer is combinable with “Sail Your Way” pricing and October savings offers; not combinable with Exciting Deals or reduced rates. Offer is applicable to the United States, Canada, Australia and Mexico. To redeem at celebritycruises.com, proceed to the payment page, select “Other” in the deposit field and enter the deposit amount. Standard full deposit penalty is applied if booking is cancelled within final payment period; see Celebrity’s cancellation policy for details. NRDB cancelled prior to final payment due date will be forfeited. $25 per person service fee applies to changes to NRDB ship or sail date. Applicable to groups at prevailing rates. Not applicable to incentive, contract, or charter groups. Nonrefundable deposit offers are not applicable to sailings within final payment. Refer to celebritycruises.com and the Cruise Ticket Contract for additional terms and conditions. Celebrity reserves the right to cancel the Offer at any time, correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, and change or update fares, fees and surcharges at any time without prior notice. ©2019 Celebrity Cruises. Ships’ registry: Malta and Ecuador.10/2019
  7. I have purchase the Luggage valet in FLL (Silhouette) and MIA (Eclipse) flying with AA MIA-MTY (Mexico)
  8. $219 it's ok , $325 price for 10 days - 10% for pre-purchase = $292.50 - 25% CC select discount = $219.375
  9. When booking the placeholders, I was told that you keep the on-board promotion (Extra OBC & Reduced Deposit) What changes is the current X promotion at the time of selecting the desired cruise, the extra onboard credit can change if you book a higher or minor category to that of the placeholder.
  10. It depends on the length of the cruise in our Past B2B2B (10+11+7) the $50 bag were offered only in the first 2 legs, your room attendant delivers the coupon to your cabin, the coupon can only be used the days specified. if you are CC select member the bag cost $20 for cruises of 12 or more nights.
  11. Only a place holder, and in November 26 you call to Celebrity
  12. They need to physically scan your passport and credit card
  13. Most likely, this group of captains are in their vacation period
  14. I don't see Captain Leo on this picture
  15. As you can book the hotel and air directly you can also book the cruise with out help of a TA, and even more so when the travel agent does not provide any additional benefit to those provided by the cruise company, and does not solve a problem that arises in the path. On my past B2B2B cruise on the Eclipse, Vancouver-Honolulu-Vancouver-Los Angeles, Celebrity said I was violating the PVSA (Jones Act), I had to solve the problem with the help of LLP since my travel agent was negligent and incapable. That's why I say that you don't need help to get rid of fleas, you can do it by yourself.
  16. I booked Viator excursions in Vancouver, I receive a great service, less crowded that X excursions and better price,
  17. I just fired my TA, she never gave me anything extra and the last problem, she could not solved it. I fix it without her help. says the saying that one scratches the fleas alone without needing help.
  18. We book Water view - marina tower room, Floor to ceiling windows. The Silhouette from our room, March 15, 2019.
  19. I always check-in online for all legs for the B2B2B2B2B(etc), and only print the first boarding pass. In the last leg X always ask your plans at the end of the cruise, these questions X do not ask them in the first sections. It's good that your info be stored in all the legs of your cruise.
  20. I will go to al Bacio for a Specialty Coffee, you can order to go or to drink in the lounge
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