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  1. Grand Suites and above allow for in room dining from all the venues course by course, if requested. You could even do appetizers from Pacific Rim and a steak from Prime 7 for example. We've done this several times with friends/family on our balcony. Below Grand Suites, you still can get Compass Rose delivered to you, but not the specialty restaurants. BUT... If you have a good butler and plan ahead, they can sometimes make happen for you in rooms below a Grand Suite. This all might change when Regent sets sail again though.
  2. FYI - regarding testing fees. So far we have been able to get reimbursed by our health insurance for all testing we've paid out of pocket. This includes tests we've had to take while traveling in Europe earlier this summer. The first time we tried to submit was for a PCR test that was $250 per person, we were happily surprised when 3 weeks after submitting it to our health insurance, we received a check reimbursing in full.
  3. Correct you can keep the hotel if you choose not to use Regent Air. You still get the transfer to the ship the morning of departure. No transfer to the hotel from the airport or back to the airport after the cruise though.
  4. Shouldn’t this be signed “Regent Management”?
  5. This wasn't a question about vaccinations working, it's about having breakthrough cases with a fully vaccinated group. What happens in that case on board? I would think the cruise line would treat it the same as having a covid outbreak at that point and put in jeopardy being accepted at the next port they are docking at.
  6. Let's assume 100% vaccinated on board. What happens when there are "breakthrough" cases onboard? Where everyone is vaccinated and still comes down with Covid. The NY Yankees recently had this happen, where eight players/team personnel tested positive for Covid, despite all being vaccinated and adhering to stricter social policies from MLB. Some had symptoms, others didn't. I'd imagine the team travels with far fewer people than a cruise would, so if it can happen there it can happen on a Regent sized cruise ship.
  7. I don’t think Florida is being impacted as much as the cruise industry says. Certainly money is being lost, but tourism in Florida has been very strong. Ports have also been extremely busy with cargo vessels. Airlines and hotels are raising rates and expanding supply due to the high demand, all while cruise ships aren’t sailing. Maybe I interpreted it wrong, but Del Rio was on CNBC earlier and actually supported Desantis and his actions. He also said that for now it will be 100% vaccinated to get started, but down the road they will be relaxing this once they can get ships sailing and the percentage of those vax’d nationally increases. Very positive interview I thought.
  8. Agreed Agreed. Our TA has set us up at some incredible hotels around the world, where she personally knows the owners/management and makes sure we are well taken care of. Several times while cruising, she's been able to get us a complimentary day room at a local resort. Anything (hotels, cruises, tours) that we book through her, she stands behind and will fight for us if we have any issues or bad experiences. A good TA is invaluable to a great overall vacation experience.
  9. Totally agree here. As much as we want to get back on a cruise, we want to understand what this new version of cruising will be. Many times issues on board have been that a crew member was new or didn't understand the Regent way yet. There will be a lot more of this since there will be a totally new crew on board and have been away from working on board for over a year now. Spending tens of thousands to not get what you are used to, would be very disappointing. We are thinking to give it two to three months of cruise sailing, before we jump back in. Right now we'll stick to the charters we have booked with friends/family, but can't wait to get back to luxury cruising on Regent and the other lines.
  10. You are forgetting Domestic airlines are US based and pay US taxes. Also you are on the flights for a few hours vs days/weeks on cruises. The big three cruise lines do everything they can to not pay taxes in the US and very few crew are from the US. Because of this, the CDC/federal government has put the cruise industry in the back of the line in terms of priorities. As impacted as the port of Miami and other US cruise ports have been, the Caribbean ports depend 100% on the travel industry. I’d look at the potential of starting a cruise in these islands, as one more thing we can do to help those who were decimated by the pandemic over the past year. Cruising from the US will return soon enough. We should all think positively (test negative) and have patience. 🙃
  11. I don't believe the airlines are discussing adopting a vaccine requirement. They are discussing a health passport, where it would confirm if you had the vaccine or if you had a recent negative test. NY State has the Excelsior pass, which does exactly this. The airlines are in talks with Clear among other companies to do something similar.
  12. The Florida governors comments about a vaccine passport will have no bearing on what happens at the cruise level, out of Florida. Customs and Border Protect could require a vaccine passport through a directive from the CDC, when boarding the ship. From my understanding, CBP must clear each cruise that leaves port from the US. So the back and forth regarding the Florida Governors comments are mute. Also while NCLH is headquartered in Florida, it is incorporated in Bermuda. The CDC hasn't made resumption of cruising a high priority, as the majority of major cruise lines aren't headquartered in the US. Unlike major airline and hotel chains. Major cruise lines have been doing their best to avoid paying US taxes for decades, which is why in times like this, things are taking longer than we'd all like with resuming sailings. Think we need to point our frustration more at the cruise lines themselves, rather than the CDC in this case.
  13. Wonder how many bookings were new vs shifted for the world cruise. If you tell me there are a majority of new bookings, I'd say it's good news.
  14. Has anyone heard how the cruise lines will be obtaining and distributing the vaccine to the crew? I would think the cruise lines are very far down the priority line for these vaccines. Might get some clarity on resuming sailings, even to nowhere, once we have an idea on that front.
  15. @mrlevin Think you are on the right track here. Been hearing rumors of similar since mid last year.
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