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  1. We were on Explorer over xmas. The service was hit or miss from our experience and from others we spoke to as well. I know the hairdresser who was very popular, was leaving Regent due to frustration with the change over in management. I had two massages with two different people. The first massage was good enough, that I signed up for a second. The second one was a waste of money, if I hadn't been using onboard credit I would have caused more of a fuss about it. I was told by my Fiancé that the facials are now a waste onboard. They stopped doing extractions recently, something about a passenger being injured? Maybe things will change for the better as the new team and management refines things. I don't think making the change over so close to a sold out xmas cruise was best though.
  2. 784/785 are the safer choice. I did like that the 1200/1201 had more direct sun on the balcony, but the wind and motion play a big factor in risking going with 1200/1201.
  3. 1201 living room IS bigger, just looked at my old pics of that room. The dining table in 784 is smaller, holds 4 people. I’m sure the butler can bring in a table for 6, but space is limited. They should remove the single chair in the corner and move the dining to that area. Right now in the 784 layout, the dining area blocks the entrance to the balcony. The chandelier in either room is VERY dangerous. Many a heads have been hit on it. Multiple butlers have told me they and customers have hit their heads on them. Not sure if this is getting changed on splendor.
  4. There is a dining table that has seats for four people. It's small. We had dinner outside, just us, one night and it was a lot of fun. We did want to have a larger service and our butler (Ravi) said that wouldn't be a problem to make it for 6 people, we just ran out of time to plan that this trip. There certainly is enough space on the deck for that many people or more. The winds most of the time were non existent, there were some points where the wind was pretty strong though.
  5. Overall we were happy with the suite. I do wish that the back part of the balcony had glass or a railing to see through. We ended up spending the majority of our time on the side balcony, since it did have a view. Yes, it is a king size bed, the bedroom is quite spacious. I'd prefer that they give some extra space to the living room though. The furniture in the living room felt a bit oversized for the current space.
  6. Posting pics of 784, hope these help everyone in understanding the Grand Suite. Let me know what questions you have.
  7. I'm in 784 now. I will post pics once we return, ship wifi is too slow to deal with the time it will take to upload. In regards to noise, it's very quiet 95% of the time. The only serious complaint at this point is while docking, the room shakes for a solid 5 minutes if not more while the captain gets the boat positioned. Makes for no chance to sleep in on days in port.
  8. Gerry, We’ll be in a Grand Suite On deck 7 over Xmas. Let me know if you want any interior pics or have questions.
  9. Very much agree with you on this! Hope this gains some steam. Wouldn't it help Regent to better manage their budget for excursions, if they knew upfront how many passengers removed themselves from the inclusive tours for each cruise? They may even be able to get some more profit out of us, if we decide (after removing ourselves) to pay and add a tour or two while onboard.
  10. On our Voyager trip in June you could only fill out the survey online. Since the last stop was an overnight in Venice we completed this the morning before we docked (since it had to be done before disembarking). Little did we know the only real issue we would have on the trip was issues with the tour in Venice on the last day. While we did address our issues with Destination Services, I would have liked to include my comments regarding this issue on the final questionnaire, to make sure that Corporate was aware. My vote is for Regent to offer submitting the final questionnaire within a week of return from a trip via online or through the post.
  11. I'm shocked people buy anything from the in cruise stores, unless they truly need something they forgot at home or are just burning on board credit. The jewelry can be had for cheaper on land. The other stuff in the gift shops you can find on Amazon for half of the cost in the Regent store. With having wifi on board, I've checked a few times when we've seen something of interest.
  12. I'm on the Explorer this year for the Holiday Cruise and can report then. My experience last year on Seabourn in the Caribbean over xmas was that there were several multi generational families, but not many small children. The small children that were on board, were never a bother or got in the way of the experience. I saw many more children on the Voyager this summer in the Med, but the kids club they had running really kept them busy and out of the way. I've also done two Silversea holiday cruises and again very few children (under 18). All the holiday cruises I've been on, for luxury cruises at least, haven't had many young children and the kids that were on board never were a bother. Mostly it's college age and just passed college age, that I've seen on these cruises. As people have said before, every voyage is unique so you can never be sure what groups will be on any given cruise regardless of time of year or destination. This years explorer holiday cruise starts the 17th, so I don't think many young children will be on this voyage either. At least in NY the grade schools don't close for holiday recess till 12/23.
  13. My last time on Explorer, the gentleman who was in the Regent suite with his family, dressed similarly actually. I’m not kidding...
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