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  1. Actually I’m on the June 15 out of Rome , and the cruise shows 2 formal nights but doesn’t specify which night. Just trying to figure out what nights to possibly reserve one of the specialty restaurants.
  2. Leaving on a 7 day cruise from Rome to Athens. The cruise leaves on a Saturday and has one sea day , . Anyone know what nights of the cruise are two formal nights.
  3. When going straight to the Acropolis museum ticket purchase site, it shows tickets are sold in window blocks of 2 hrs. For example from 12:00-1400 , 1400-1600 and so on as an example .. It mentions having to be there at the exact start time for entrance but then you can stay as long as you like. So if I buy the 14:00-16:00 time are they saying I must be there at 14;00 or can arrive anytime within that window? Could I arrive at 15:30 and get in ?
  4. Thank you Nicagal. Actually I booked the same company https://www.motoscafivenezia.it/en/ about 2 weeks ago for our upcoming June trip. So glad to hear your experience with them and the decision to spend the money will be worth it as we arrive in Venice!
  5. So i tried the 1 in front of my seven digit number several times but it wouldnt accept. Ill try again. Thanks. Ill try again. Perhaps instead of from my ipad ill try from my computer.
  6. We will be on Jun 15 cruise out of Citteveccia port. Ship leaves at 7 pm. What is the absolute earliest passengers can board ? We want to book The Sanctuary as soon as we board, there is only one seaday so don’t want to get there and see a sell out . anyone know ?
  7. bennybear, Do you remember what company you used for private water taxi ?
  8. We've decided we would rather use a shared or private water taxi from Marco Polo Airport to our hotel. I tried booking on venicelink.com, but the site required an international phone number and I couldn't proceed with the booking. Very strange. I could use Viator, their rate is higher than venicelInk but at least I think the booking will go through. or should we just book either a shared or private water taxi when we arrive at airport? We will be arriving in mid June on a Monday morning at 9:05Am. Is it not that busy at that time , so its ok to wait and just negotiate for a taxi then? And if we wait will we get too high a rate.? All experiences and thoughts welcome.
  9. Has anyone use withlocals.com for any tours on Athens. We can take an Acropolis and museum tour with them or another company called Athenswalkingtours. has anyone used either company and any recommendations or thoughts?
  10. On June 22 we will be disembarking from emerald princess and have hotel for 2 nights. we can do an 11:30 tour of Acropolis and The new museum at 11:30 or do a 3:30 tour? im thinking the 3:30 may be preferable since the museum is first and then the Acropolis which means later in day for Acropolis, perhaps less heat and less crowded. any thoughts on which time you would recommend ?
  11. We will be disembarking on Sat June 22, ship gets int Piraeus at 4 am and I’m assuming ship starts letting you off around 7 or 8. Can we make an 11:30 tour after dropping baggage and or checking into centrally located hotel
  12. We will be disembarking on Sat June 22, ship gets int Piraeus at 4 am and I’m assuming ship starts letting you off around 7 or 8. Can we make an 11:30 tour after dropping backs and or checking into centrally located hotel ?
  13. Hank what a fabulous explanation. Thanks so much ! This has turned out to be quite a worthy topic as I feel for the unlimited brewed coffee and tea, plus the 15 specialty drinks I think for me it will be worth it to buy the coffee package.
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