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  1. We have! 8.00 flight from Manchester UK then smooth transfer to Celebrity transfer coach. Bit of a wait to check in and at security but settled in the buffet now. Buon viaggio!
  2. You can’t go wrong with the Baltic cruise. History, beautiful, people friendly cities and museums galore. Weather can be a bit hit and miss, but June to August is probably best. Each stop a new country with new food to try.
  3. Ship-Constellation Length of Cruise--9 days Cruise sail date--August 25 Date received e-mail offer--July 25 Captains club tier--preview Booked through Celebrity Current Cabin--Inside Bid--yes Cabin category--Ocean view Bid--£170 Notification Date--August 23 7.30pm unsuccessful.
  4. You’ve chosen well there. Some people don’t like that arrangement but I love the lack of a foot “coffin”. Those seats are very comfortable. The weather in the U.K. today is warm and sunny so you should get a good view of Windsor castle just before landing as planes are landing from the west today and hopefully a smooth connection. Your Venice flight is on time so you should have time to relax in the lounge and freshen up using the showers. Just in case you’re in the business lounge, champagne is available but only on request so just ask a server and they will bring you a glass. In the first class lounge it’s help yourself. All other alcohol is self serve.
  5. You are going to love it! The places you are going to are all beautiful and lovely just to stroll around. What have you got planned in each port? We can offer tips around your plans.
  6. I’m on that cruise so it will be interesting to compare experiences. We don’t set off until Sunday morning though. Good move with the business class to London should be a lot more refreshed, are you staying in Venice Saturday night?
  7. When are you going? After her refurb I think the existing menu, which looks very quirky (plenty of videos on YouTube) will be replaced by le petit chef. Infinity already has LPC. I’m glad I’m going next week as the existing Qsine looks more appealing to me.
  8. Problem finally solved. I was putting in the wrong booking reference. Every time I spoke to them (in the USA) they were telling me to input the flight reference number that appears on my edocs when what I needed to put in was the cruise booking number. Thankfully, I managed to get through to the U.K. and they put me right, I knew it must be me doing something wrong. Thanks to those above who were telling me what to do, it’s always simple when you know what you’re doing. Thanks again.
  9. You should also be able to upgrade by going into manage my cruise and scrolling down to the bottom.
  10. The European sockets are the 220V so being an adaptor.
  11. Absolutely nothing! Lol. I’ve managed to quote the wrong post. Sorry. I blame the North Koreans. 😳
  12. Surely those who dress up more will stand out from the crowd. I thought that was the whole point of dressing up, showing off in your finery? If everyone dresses up you’ll just be lost in the crowd.
  13. Perhaps they’re swapping them round in the refurb?
  14. Firstly, are you going in March or May? In Europe 5/3/20 is the 5th of March and the gardens will be closed. They open 21st of March until May the 10th. I have no no experience of this company but they may be useful : https://www.accessibletravelnl.com/travel/Tour-Keukenhof-
  15. You have paid the gratuity up front so no extra to pay. If you buy a drink that is over your package limit you pay the difference in price plus 20% on that difference only.
  16. If you miss the Zurich to Rome sector then your return trip will be automatically cancelled and forfeit.
  17. Thanks for that, but that link just takes me to an error page. Nothing’s working and I haven’t had an email response yet. I only have a Celebrity reference as booked directly with them. It’s not the end of the world if we have to check in at the airport but thanks for trying.
  18. You may be better posting this in the Celebrity forum, or giving more information on the ports you will be visiting.
  19. You can also do it via manage your reservation
  20. Still not working and 13 days to go. I’ve emailed them to see if they can sort it. 🤞🏻
  21. The euro socket will be 230v so just take a Euro adapter and you should be fine.
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