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  1. I don’t think any of that is actually happening just yet so most people will still be able to use the people mover or the Aligaluna boats to get to the cruise terminal.
  2. Sadly we are there on the 15th along with Marella Celebration and Seven Seas Splendor. The Splendor is scheduled to dock 🙁.
  3. I'm intending to do just that. Can you remember how long the sail in takes? I don’t want to get up too late.
  4. That’s fantastic, that’s just what I needed to know. Thank you.
  5. If you choose anytime then you can reserve a table in advance including people from other bookings. We did this and only had to queue up to the podium, once there it was straight in.
  6. Our included package doesn’t show on our personalised so I would have to call Celebrity to upgrade.
  7. Hi. Our July cruise on Infinity needs tendering at Kotor. I’ve only done tendering once before and that was 10 years go on the RCL private island so don’t remember much, I think we just went to disembark as normal and got on a boat. I’ve searched on here but nothing has come up so can someone explain the process for me? Specifically I’ve seen mention of tender tickets. Where do we get these from and will I need my sea pass card? Can I get tickets for my other half without him being there? Can I get tickets for my family who are in a different cabin? We will not be taking a Celebrity tour so I assume they will have priority, how long should we allow to disembark? Any information welcome, Chris
  8. Currently BA flights from ORD and to FCO are in Terminal 5. Just make sure your flight from Chicago isn’t operated by AA but with a BA flight number as this will operate into T3. Process is the same - follow connection signs to your relevant terminal, go through security then on to gates. If transferring T3-T5 then there is a bus transfer as well. If transferring T5-T5 then look at the connecting flights screen when you get off the plane. If you arrive at satellite B or C and your flight is departing from the same then you can do security in the satellite. If it’s not listed then you have to take a shuttle to the main terminal. just follow the signs and you’ll be fine.
  9. We did mangrove kayaking on Bonaire. Great experience and not hard work. We drove past some flamingoes on the way. Just walking along the quayside you can see hundreds of brightly coloured fish so I’m sure the snorkelling is great.
  10. A bit harsh describing Boyzlife as a tribute band - it was one original from Boyzone and one from Westlife.
  11. They seemed to cost more onboard when we were on last year.
  12. It happens everywhere. My friend started as a new doctor at a hospital and felt a bit excluded for the first few days in the staff room. It then transpired they thought she was on work experience from high school.
  13. Is the cancellation invoice just so you can show the insurance company you’ve cancelled so can claim off them? I’m sure they’re not asking for more money off you just showing they are taking your deposit money off you. Definitely query the amount if you think it’s wrong.
  14. Yuan is easily bought here in the UK so I’m surprised you can’t get it
  15. thanks. Thought I’d better check.
  16. It says you get a souvenir cup which is refillable at bars around the ship. Can I also order drinks when I don’t have the cup with me?
  17. I cant believe Dasani is considered premium lol. It had to be withdrawn from the U.K. when it was discovered it was tap water with chemicals added.
  18. Drinks packages and speciality dining are reduced today.
  19. I don’t know the answer, but if you proceed to try and book it, the correct price to pay will show including the service charge.
  20. Same here for Infinity in July. 25% off excursions but nothing on dining. No sale banners.
  21. Hi, new to RCL. Where do you make the reservation for Starwater when onboard?
  22. Word of warning. The deposit remains non-refundable in the U.K. picture from another social media site
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