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  1. For our Southbound cruise next August 2020, we're thinking about flying into Fairbanks instead of Anchorage and renting a car. We have friends in Wasilla, would like to see Denali and various town that are north of Anchorage, so flying into Fairbanks sounds smarter than flying into Anchorage and backtracking. That being said, does anyone have any experience with flying into Fairbanks? I assume it's a small airport, but do they have rental car companies? High likelihood of flight delays/cancellations? Just trying to see what would be the best option here.
  2. We went Aug. 24-31 last year and we only had rain in Juneau. Otherwise, it was beautiful and sunny every day, cold on the glacier day. But I would still bring a light rain jacket. In Alaska, you never know what's going to happen so better to be prepared. I will say that on our Royal Caribbean ship, they had a deck sale with lots of cold weather gear and rain gear and hubby got a really nice rain jacket for about $40, same quality as my Northface one that was way more than that.
  3. I can't imagine anyone really seeing Hubbard Glacier like that. It was absolutely beautiful.
  4. Really interested in doing this, as it sounds like everyone who has done it has a very enjoyable ride. After reading the website and Trip Adviser reviews, it seems like everyone brings a packed lunch with them, and you can also bring alcohol. For those who have done this tour, or live in Portland, is there somewhere close by the port or where you get on the boats to buy something good for lunch and a bottle of wine and some cups to drink it out of? The website also says that you can get off the boat when they are unloading the mail at the various islands. Are there good places for snacks/coffee/ice cream, etc. right there where you get off?
  5. We did northbound last year, and we absolutely loved it. Vancouver is a great start to your trip, awesome city. And Anita is right, the scenery just gets better and better with each passing day. That being said, we're doing southbound next year, because I got a pretty great deal, and also snagged an aft facing balcony. The port times are longer (in Skagway until 8 pm, as opposed to 5 pm on our northbound), and I'm much looking forward to the fact that we get that godawful long flight out of the way at the beginning of the trip instead of the end. However, I really don't think you can go wrong wither way you go.
  6. We went with Jayleen last August, and are booked again August 2020. She is fantastic, personable, and born and raised on Shelter Island right in Juneau. We had a great time for sure and we can't wait to go back and see her and the whales next year!
  7. You'll get great shots with the D3400. I blew up one of mine into a 3 foot wide canvas and it looks awesome. But I definitely wish I'd had the different lens. We're doing Canada/New England this year and Alaska again next year, so I'm excited to use it.
  8. My brother, who is a real photographer, recommended it. I lost a great shot of a moose in Skagway because I had on my short lens and couldn't get it switched in time. The 400 mm can get you pretty up close and personal with just about anything, while still being able to get the close up shots.
  9. I have the D3400 also and I recommend this lens. It'll save you from having to quickly switch between lenses and missing a good shot.
  10. Following along. We're booked in an aft facing cabin in August 2020 on Millennium. Can't wait to see your full report!
  11. I agree with everyone else, since you're renting a car, please take your time and enjoy the drive from Seward to Anchorage. Stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center for sure. We loved it. Lunch at the Double Musky in Girdwood. The views during the drive are spectacular. The only place we ate in Anchorage was the Glacier Brewhouse, and it was very good. We didn't spend any time in Anchorage though, just long enough to eat lunch, return the rental and go to the airport.
  12. We stayed at the Alyeska for 2 nights post cruise, and got gas at this gas station, plus snacks one night for the hotel room and breakfast at the bakery the morning we left. I remember walking out of the convenience store and being met with the view across the road and and even though we'd been in alaska for over a week by then, I was literally just awestruck all over again.
  13. So far, the only difference is we're doing Southbound instead of Northbound. Last year, we started in Vancouver for 2 days, cruised, and then spent 3 days post cruise exploring in between Seward and Anchorage. This time, I think we're going to spend a few days north of Anchorage (we have friends in Wasilla), Talkeetna, etc. then take the train to Seward and spend two days there before the cruise and do the Kenai Fjords cruise. But in general, I'm going to soend a lot more time researching ways to save money. I actually just posted that topic a few minutes ago. I'd love to see everyone's favorite money saving travel tips.
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