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  1. Thanks everyone! Looks like I made a good choice. I just cannot wait!
  2. When I was looking at Celebrity’s website, there were no aft facing balconies except for the accessible ones, which I obviously wasn’t going to take. But then I went to Costco’s travel site and they had one left. Bought a Costco membership and booked it. I think he’ll love it. We so loved Alaska last year, I couldn’t wait to get back. We have Canada/New England this September to get through first, but not on an aft balcony
  3. I’ve decided I’m not telling him I switched it. I’m just going to wait til we get in the room. We had a regular balcony cabin last year to Alaska and we spent so much time out there. Breakfast every morning, leaving port, we sat for hours with the binoculars. I can’t wait.
  4. I think Jayleen would go out whale watching alone if she had to, so only two passengers is no bother to her. You’ll love it.
  5. We went with Jayleen last August and are booked with her again August 2020. She has a small, 6 person boat, she was born and raised in Juneau, and we had a fantastic time. We were on the very first tour the morning we got into Juneau and ended up being her only two people on that tour. So we had complete one on one attention for 4 hours. We will definitely book with Jayleen every time we go to Alaska.
  6. Great! I saw that the cabin was open and jumped on it without much thought, but it was also the only one left. I've been reading that there's less wind back there, which I think will be nice for Alaska in case it's chilly. And the fact that balcony is so much bigger is a big plus.
  7. Just switched from cabin 8159 on Millennium for Alaska 2020, to cabin 7203, which is an aft balcony looking out off the back of the ship. It was a decent bit more expensive, but it was the last one left and I really wanted it. Did I make a wise choice?
  8. My husband and I will be on the Anthem at the end of September/beginning of October and one of our stops is Boston. We're very interested in a tour that will take us to multiple breweries and if that isn't in the cards, we at least want to know the best brewery to go to.
  9. We didn't get our car until around 9, took about 4 hours driving to Emerald Lake because we stopped at literally every opportunity to take pictures, went to Carcross, saw the desert, ate lunch and got back in plenty of time to return the car and get back on the ship.
  10. I usually have it an aperature mode. I don’t know much about cameras but my brother is a photographer and set it up for me. Though auto mode is fine for most things and will take pictures in a high enough resolution to print really big pictures.
  11. Yeah, it was $599 at the shop in Anchorage. My brother said it's still a pretty good price at $649, and he's an actual photographer lol. We have a Canada/New England cruise coming up in September, and Alaska again next August 2020.
  12. I got this one https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1345956-REG/tamron_afb028n_700_18_400mm_f_3_5_6_3_di_ii.html I tried it out actually in a photo store in Anchorage, but waited an bought it online when we got home since it was our last day.
  13. I bought a Nikon D3400 DSLR camera specifically for this cruise because I knew that my iphone just would not cut it, and I was right. If you're wanting to get shot sthat are right in front of you, no zooming, color is good, etc. then your phone will be fine. But I knoew I would want to print pictures in large scale. I have a 30 x 40 canvas that I got printed of a view in the Yukon, and there's no way I could've printed that from an iphone picture. I'll be purchasing a 18-400 mm lens before our next cruise, to eliminate having to switch lenses depending on the shot, but I would definitely bring a real camera.
  14. No kids, thank god. It will only ever be me and my husband. As far as $99 companion fare, that’s still practically free. The lowest I ever saw flights go last year for our trip was around $700 per person, which is what we paid.
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