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  1. Park Café is in Central Park, with both inside and outside seating. There is also a bar in Central Park--get your drinks and go to Central Park Café, sitting outside for some awesome people watching. Light menu--soups, sandwiches(including panini), great roast beef on a bun(Kemmelweck), salad bar(they mix the items you choose, no self serve), cookies, cut fruit, and other sweets. Barb
  2. We sailed the 7 night on Symphony in 2018. We flew into Rome and spent 3 days pre-cruise; We loved Symphony and all that Oasis class offers. We had been to Barcelona and Rome previously on land trips and we knew that you can see more of Barcelona as a port stop, especially since it its so close to many key sights. The hop-on bus works well in Barcelona since the streets are wider; Rome's ho-ho bus leaves you with a longer walk to the central attractions. Embarkation in Civi was a breeze, with far fewer passengers to load than in Barcelona We have also sailed Explorer, most recently to Alaska, and she is a beautiful ship as well. Oasis class just offers more for kids, teens, and adults, too. If there is a significant price difference, that would influence me since the overall experience will be great on both ships. Have fun whichever ship you choose. Barb
  3. I loved the Savory Bites; when I asked for them they provided them for the rest of the week. Another favorite is chilled peach soup; they brought it to me several nights on my Oasis cruise in January. Not MDR, but the paella in Windjammer on day 1 for lunch, and the cream of mushroom soup in Chops. The mushroom soup in Central Park café is very good, also. Three weeks from today(wishful thinking--6 weeks) we sail on Harmony, loved it last time and we felt the food all over the ship was really good! We were on Celebrity Edge in April and are glad to be back to an Oasis class ship--our favorites! Barb
  4. I don't know about the VIP sticker, but the orange Seapass card may indicate that you boarded in Civitavecchia on your Med cruise, not Barcelona. We sailed Symphony last September, and I just checked my Seapass--it's orange. Barb
  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful report and pictures. We are booked for the May 17, 2020 cruise, so I'm really starting to do some serious planning. We booked this in December of 2018. We'll be flying from Atlanta, Georgia on a direct flight, and will spend 3 nights in Amsterdam along with 2 other couples. So far, my main focus is to decide on a hotel in Amsterdam, so I'm making a list of the key places there that we want to see. We plan to use one of the guides in St. Petersburg, and may see what it will cost for the six of us to have a private tour. DH sometimes has knee issues and can't always walk at a brisk pace. Thanks again for the info; if you post again, let us know more details. Barb in GA
  6. We'll be in Amsterdam next May for 3 days prior to a Baltic Cruise, so I'm starting to read these related posts. We once spent part of a day in Amsterdam during a 12 hour layover on the way to Paris; just a little taste left us wanting more. I'm interested in your experience at Banks Mansion: location, price, comfort? Thanks for your input. Barb
  7. Many posters have commented that they made reservations in the cruise planner and when they log in later, instead of a time, the calendar shows "At your leisure". Here is a way to see your actual reserved times: Log into your cruise planner, then scroll down until you see "Explore the possibilities", click on the phrase "Pamper the Palette" then, scroll down to the phrase "It's your time to enjoy" and click "Plan all cruise dining" Your reservations for dining will show up with the actual times day by day. I hope this helps. Barb
  8. My favorite part of the all access tour is seeing the amazing storage areas: frozen, fresh, refrigerated, meat, dairy, liquor and more! It's astounding to see just how much is required to feed everyone. The crew areas are interesting, too. If the back of the house intrigues you, you will love the all-access tour. Barb
  9. I bought a small alarm clock with a large digital display that is usb powered. I also bought a small fan that is usb. On some newer ships I can plug them in to the bedside lamp. On other ships I use a multiplug usb adapter. These items are so lightweight, they are easy to carry, and remain in my luggage for the next trip. I have also used them in Europe, using the plug adapter for the usb plug in. Barb
  10. There is a spa that does great massages at a reasonable price. They book up early, so go get an appointment before strolling the shops. I don't remember the prices, but I do remember it was less than half what the ship charges. Also, no pressure to buy products. They are in one of the covered palapas near the center entertainment area. Barb
  11. Check in always makes you feel like the cruise is really going to happen. My 90 days is tomorrow, but I sent my old passports for renewal a month ago and don't have them back yet. I know it should be soon, and 90 days is still a long time away, but I'm so ready to check in! Barb
  12. I'm looking at this cruise because the prices seem pretty good, but I'm wondering why there are so many veranda cabins available: I see deck 6, 7, and 9 with 40+ each deck and deck 8 with 80+(grouped together). Could this be a cancelled group? It's past final payment, so before I book, I had questions. Thanks, Barb
  13. We have sailed Oasis class 8 times(3 Oasis, 3 Allure, 1 Harmony, 1 Symphony) and Anthem once. We greatly prefer Oasis class, and probably won't go on Quantum class again. Our big likes on Oasis Class: the shows, especially the Aqua show, ice skating show, and comedy club; the variety of non-paid restaurants, including Park Cafe and Solarium Bistro; and the wide open spaces such as Central Park and Boardwalk. We preferred the variety of music choices, with a special love for Jazz on 4 and the music in Central Park. We did not care for the shows on Anthem, nor did we like the traffic flow on the main level of Anthem. Our experience in MTD was not good on Anthem, with waits that were long. We did love the Windjammer on Anthem. These are just opinions--mine may be very different than some, but we have another Harmony cruise booked, and expect to enjoy it for all the same reasons that our previous Oasis class cruises were enjoyed. Whichever you choose, a cruise is great fun for a family group. Enjoy! Barb
  14. We're booked on this cruise next May, so I will have a long wait! It helps to read your blog and see the Compasses. Keep up the good work, Barb
  15. Absolutely go enjoy a trip on an Oasis class ship! DH and I are seniors, but we love the shows and food on this class ship. We've been on all 4 sisters, and have Harmony booked again for September. We enjoy the ability to move between areas with lots of activity and to have multiple places to read and chill. The music choices are unmatched by any other class of RCI ships--Jazz on 4, the variety of clubs and bars, and the music in Central Park. Enjoy what we find to be the greatest floating resort and entertainment center. Barb
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