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  1. One for one (used it in February before things started to shut down). Wouldn't mind another "glitch" of that type for 2021 sailings....
  2. USAF 1978-1982. Comm squadrons. (Teletype and crypto gear repair) Stationed at Aviano Italy, Langley Va and TDY to some fun spots in Italy, Canada and Germany.
  3. You are correct, there is a machine in the Mini Bites area on deck 15 (a silver colored machine that faces the sports court). We were on the Harmony 9 Feb 2020 cruise and it was broken down pretty much the whole time.
  4. Onboard Harmony. Last night a group of a hundred or more were on the aft pool deck watching for the launch. Just after 23:00 we saw it through broken cloud cover to the northwest. It appeared as a smallish orange ball to the naked eye. Crossed over us off the port bow on a southeastern track. (Or so it appeared). Pretty neat. Big cheer and applause from those watching.
  5. On the Harmony with you tomorrow. Love that T-shirt. Hopefully Royal Caribbean runs that “holy crap, we just sold the deluxe package for $18!” sale every year.
  6. We were on it once, really liked the Enchantment. We would do it again. As for tips: The "bridge" on the pool deck is a great place to watch the goings on. (sail-away, contests, etc.) In the background in this photo.
  7. We have done 2 cruises in the first week of December (on smaller ships) and I don't recall hearing that much Christmas music. They did have a Christmas carol singalong after lighting the tree in the Centrum on the Enchantment. It was only a few songs. And they were playing Dean Martin singing carols as we disembarked the Majesty at the end of a cruise. So, no. I don't recall it being constant. There were many other types of music playing all day. (you may however, get tired of hearing "Hot, Hot Hot") 😉 Hope that helps.
  8. Back to the original question... 😉 We were on Coco Cay in December of 2018 (before the "Perfect Day" upgrade) and there was a person using a drone at the beach. Maybe they have changed the rules now.
  9. On the Enchantment the first week of December last year, they did a tree lighting in the Centrum. This was followed by a Christmas music sing along with passengers and crew, led by the CD. It was on the 3rd night I believe. They passed out songbooks and everyone seemed to have a pretty good time. I am assuming this is done on most ships and is a weekly occurrence during December. IMG_3947.mp4
  10. Thank you Bob and Capriccio! I didn't know there was any rentals close to PE. (only have rented cars at Port Canaveral)
  11. Just got word from Southwest Airlines that our flight home from Fort Lauderdale has been moved from 13:45 to 18:00 on December 4th. Changing flights or flying home a different day is not an option for us, thus we have some time to kill. Any suggestions on what to do while killing time in Fort Lauderdale for a few hours? Our current plan is to Uber/Lyft from the port to the airport and grab a rental car for the day. (so we don't have to hang around the airport or schlep around town dragging our suitcases) This assumes that an Uber/Lyft/taxi would take us to the arrivals area to get the car. We could grab a rental closer to the port, but they add $50 to drop it off at a different location (i. e. the airport). Thanks
  12. My cruise planner no longer shows a link at the top to "Order History". (it was there yesterday after I booked the $18 packages) I take it that this means it has been cancelled. Oh well...
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