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  1. 50 minutes ago, LHT28 said:



    "I'm sure I'll find this out in a few days when we board, but I am curious."

    So maybe suggesting calling, when I've already said I'd know for sure in just a few days was kind of besides the point.  Which was to solicit experiences and opinions.  Which it did.  In most responses.

  2. 1 hour ago, cb at sea said:

    Shuttle buses don't require a car seat...neither do large shuttle vans.


    I've always found it strange that it has become so inconceivable to drive your car with a baby not in a car seat, yet un-protected babies on buses and vans are no big deal.  And then I think back on what passed for car seats 50 years ago - cheap little things that had nothing to do with safety - without there being some great slaughter of babies in accidents.

    I think the car seat industry has a very effective lobby.

  3. 3 hours ago, SRF said:

    I have had several cards compromised.  Funny thing is, although I travel a lot internationally, every time it happened here in the US.


    We had a card skimmed at a gas station, that was then used for gas all the way up the East Coast.


    I had one, that I found checking my account.  It seems that while I was outside the US, I was doing Uber and Lyft rides all over CA (I have Uber and Lyft accounts, but with other cards).  I saw two movies in FL, the same night, 80 miles apart.  And bought 4 airline tickets on American (I NEVER fly AA by choice), from Las Vegas to Charlotte.  This was cute, as there were names on all 4 tickets.


    Others have had a single charge or two that got flagged, there were not mine.


    And then there was the time my work travel card was turned off.¬† When I called, the representative stated it was triggered due to a charge in one country in the morning, and an attempted charge in another country that evening.¬† I asked the representative if he had every heard of a thing called an AIRPLANE.¬† And to look at the charges.¬† The morning one was a hotel (I checked out).¬† The evening one was 5 hours later, checking INTO a hotel.¬† Yes, this is very strange behavior.¬† And remember, this was my work card, that I travel internationally about 40% of the year. ūüėĄ



    Bold strategy, getting snarky with someone who is trying to protect your financial security.

  4. 1 hour ago, LHT28 said:

    It will happen in your first US port   you will clear Immigration & probably Customs

    it may be seamless or you may need a F2F


    That makes sense, although I don't know what F2F means.

    Edit:  never mind, Face to Face.

  5. I'm sure I'll find this out in a few days when we boardboard, but I am curious.

    We will be boarding Victory II in Montreal for a 12 day cruise up the St. Lawrence seaway, through Quebec City, over the top of Maine, and ending in Boston.  Does anyone know how customs and re-entry work when you re-enter the US mid cruise?

  6. In about a week we sail on Victory II's Montreal to Boston itinerary.

    Yesterday I got an email offering me a (paid) upgrade from my booked AA class cabin to one of the two owner's suites for a grand a person.  I originally wanted the owner's suite but they were sold out when I booked.  So now I have it, for less money than I would have had to pay if I got it originally.  Needless to say, I'm pumped.  This is the first such upgrade offer I've ever gotten in my limited cruise career.

    Has anyone sailed in the owner's suite on Victoria II?  I'm curious if the comments I've read about tiny showers applies to the OS or does it have a bigger bathroom/shower.


  7. 51 minutes ago, Jimnbigd said:

    2 years ago it took about 3 weeks. (USA). My big complaint is that there s a period of time when we do not have a passport because we have to mail in the current one. I wonder what people who have to travel outside the USA do during this time when they don't have a passport? It takes time, even if expedited. Be sure to use certified mail to send in your current passport.



    Plan ahead?

  8. 4 hours ago, perakcruiser said:

    No, the ships where the YC is away from the cabins are the ones that not have an offical YC, only suites. 


    This is completely wrong.  For example, Divina has Yacht Club, but the YC restaurant is aft while the rest of the YC is forward.

  9. 21 hours ago, JohnJayJotaJames said:

    We've just confirmed our YC inside cabin for Christmas 2020 in Brazil on the MSC Grandiosa. Looking forward to enjoying Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows, probably one as a dinner & show the other as cocktail & show.

    I know that drinks are not included in the Dinner & Show package. Does anyone know if any drinks are included based on your drinks package or does everyone have to pay for their drinks? Thanks!


    You've gotten some informative replies, but you should also be aware that your choices for dinner are very limited.  When we went the dinner choices were lamb and fish.  Period.

  10. 9 hours ago, kelbell said:

    Large family trip 12/2/19, future niece in law has passport in maiden name, wedding 10/19.

    She is planning on bringing new license (with new name), passport with maiden name,

    original birth cert.and marriage license. Do you think she will be ok?

    Has anyone ever had this occur? after researching  official website this seems

    to be the correct course of action.  We just hate to be wrong.......

    And yes we looked into expediting a new passport, consensuses no,  nervous it  wont

    be in on time. 

    Thank you.


    For December of 2019?  Expedited service should get you a passport long before the End of October.  We just did it and it took 2 weeks.

  11. 2 hours ago, Windyhair said:

    I've read somewhere on here that teachers get a discount when booking. Can someone verify this for me please. We are planning our class reunion in the next couple of months and trying to book is a headache. I need to know about the discount since we have a lot of teachers going. TIA! Teachers from Alabama


    MSC is one cruiselines that gives discounts for teachers (even retired ones) as well as police, fire, and military.

  12. 22 minutes ago, cltnccruisers said:

    With both my cars and my cruises I like to have as much control as possible.  Though my experience with TAs is limited, losing control is enough to put me off.


    That is fine, but not a reason to post misinformation like you did about how the bankruptcy affects people who book through a TA.

  13. 2 hours ago, cltnccruisers said:

    A new reason to book direct - Thomas Cook.  Travel insurance may help a few but most of the folks left stranded will be at the end of the bankruptcy line.


    I don't know how the rules work in Britain, but someone booking with them in the US with a US credit card has no worries.  You cannot be charged for a service that hasn't been provided.  The credit card company has to reverse the charge, by law.  OTOH if that same US customer booked that same cruise using a debit card then they would be stuck, getting rolled into whatever provision is made for unsecured creditors.  Moral:  always use a credit card to book travel - never a debit card.

    Not to mention the fact that reputable TAs in the US don't hold your money anyway, it goes right to the cruise line. So no, the Thomas Cook situation really isn't a reason to book direct.

  14. 9 hours ago, Itchy&Scratchy said:

    OP's passports are valid, will be valid during the cruise and will still be valid 3 months after the cruise.


    Except in some places that doesn't make it valid for travel.  My passport was valid, it would have been valid during my upcoming cruise, it would have been still be valid for 6 months minus one week when my cruise is over.  And if I hadn't gotten it renewed, that week would have caused me to miss the cruise.

    I'd rather not take that chance, nor advise other people take that chance.  YMMV

  15. 1 hour ago, bzv143 said:

    Trying to decide on a YC1 cabin on either Deck 18 (top) or 16 (next down),  Port or Aft.  Advice? 

    Also, I noticed on the MSC website that the rooms and balconies are different sizes. Experiences?



    I would always prefer the deck with the TopSail Lounge.

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