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  1. If you are taking a limited resource that is there for all passengers and using it exclusively for yourself you are a chair hog. People may not realize it since you have a butt in the chair, and so no one hassles you, but the underlying reality is the same.
  2. So what was this, the special 'they didn't tip' rack? Sounds pretty nonsensical to me.
  3. Those 'semi-retired' longshoremen make full-time pay and get the most lucrative jobs, like cruise ships, because of their seniority, and make well in excess of 100 grand. Tip them or not - your choice. I don't, despite the dire warning here that if you don't they will lose or dunk your bags.
  4. Same here, on the Divina W. Med cruise we got off of a couple of days ago.
  5. What do these excursion and tour guide stories have to do with Yacht Club tipping? FWIW, we just got off our Divina Yacht Club cruise a couple of days ago. In addition to paying the auto-grats we gave our waiter 40 euro, his assistant 20 euro, and our butler 10 euro. The waiter and his assistant were outstanding. I wouldn't have tipped the butler, but my wife wanted to so we did. I didn't think our overall butler service, while very good, exceeded my expectations. Butlers make significantly more than the other staff and have a lighter workload. Which is what my waiter told me when he said yes to my question about whether he would like to become one. He also told me that working the Caribbean where there are a lot more Americans is prized, because they do extra tipping way more than cruises with predominantly Europeans.
  6. The login page gives you the opportunity to add Gb at a relatively reasonable rate. And shows what you have used and how much you have left. At least that is what we just experienced on the Divina cruise we just got off of a couple of days ago.
  7. That doesn't mean they get to control my actions. Lots of folks take actions that have consequences for me. So what. I live in the world as it is. I don't try to restrict what other people do.
  8. Saying what you do is an opinion. Telling other people what to do is preaching at them.
  9. Uhhh, in the US that 'porter' IS the (unionized, highly paid) longshoreman.
  10. Nice virtue signalling. How does you going or not going on a cruise affect them?
  11. Yes, the decent human beings cover for the . . . others. You're right, it stinks. But cheapskates gotta cheap.
  12. Other than cash the best gift you can give a crew member is a positive mention on a response card. Trinkets end up in the trash, a place neither positive comments nor cash ever end up.
  13. OP asked a question. Do as you like. Have the courtesy to allow others to do what they like. But if you want to be consistent, tip the guy at the airport who puts your luggage on the conveyor belt. And DEFINITELY tip the longshoremen who take your luggage OFF the ship at the end of the cruise. After all, they provided you with a service. And it's just a few dollars.
  14. And they make 6 figure incomes in the US. Before tips.
  15. Then THEY should get the vaccine. I'll make decisions based on my own assessment as to what is best for me. Others should do likewise, whether that is the same as what I do or not. I'll be darned if I will be guilted into something I don't think is best for me.
  16. No, he is saying what HE does, not telling you what YOU should do. Unlike OP.
  17. FYI, this is a cruise board, not a nanny board. We are each capable of deciding these things for ourselves, and what we do has nothing to do with cruising. What's next, warning us to renew our car registrations on time?
  18. Nope. But neither are trinkets. If you ARE going to give something beyond the auto-grats, give cash.
  19. Geez, this is a cruise board, not a medical board. People can live however they wish. We don't need nannies.
  20. In this case, the OBC is an incentive to book. Why would someone deserve an incentive to book when they have already booked?
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