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  1. So, the consequences of parental irresponsibility should be borne by the cruiselines? Interesting take.
  2. Do you think everyone here is lying about the benefits they receive? And you are missing the fact that using a TA for a RIVER cruise is not the same as using one for an OCEAN cruise. And I'd bet that most people booking their cruise through a TA do their flight and other bookings themselves. One poorly researched experience with a TA is not a good basis for making a sweeping judgment.
  3. The Flam train would be very doable with a 20 month old. It is a short walk from where you disembark to the train, and the ride is about an hour each way with about a 5 minute turnaround. Terrific scenary, including some lovely waterfalls.
  4. Yeah, but that isn't the REALITY of the list. You probably wouldn't mind hiring the peeing college kid to be your kid's care taker. But if you are hiring someone and their name is on the list are you going to assume it is a public pee-er, or even believe the person if they tell you that is why they are on the list? Knowing that some (most) on the list are guilty of far worse things? If the list were done differently than things could be assessed dfferently. But until that happens, assuming that someone on the list is OK seems . . . unwise. And yes, a lot of crimes rightfully, IMO, result in consequences for the criminal even after they have paid their debt to society.. Among them are loss of voting rights, loss of 2nd amendment rights, foreclosed from many jobs, etc. Not being able to go on cruise is a pretty mild consequence
  5. Except that in some cases gratuity income is taxed at a lower rate, in their home country, so it is an advantage to those crew to have most of their income come from gratuties. Which never seems to cross the minds of those who clamor for the cruiselines to fold grats into the fare and just pay the crew salary. A perfect example of virtue signalling that makes the signaller feel better while screwing the people the signaller purports to care about.
  6. It is a dumb line of reasoning they are using anyway. People on the list may be urinators or they may be child rapists, or anywhere in between. The point is, we don't know. And few people are willing to cut any slack for people on the lists in the hope it is a urinator. So no, we don't take a chance on getting a urinator, because we might end up with far worse.
  7. Some of us remember when using 'old farts' was considered vulgar.
  8. Nice, you insulted my beliefs and now calling names. From the great ethicist. Lots of people are on the list for more than peeing in public. But by all means use the infrequent outlier to whitewash the whole list and justify putting people (children) at risk.
  9. Let us know when you have hired an ex-con whose offense was fraud and embezzlement to be the controller of your company.
  10. Let us know when you've hired a registered sex offenders to babysit your grandkids.
  11. Wow, I don't see the 'poor' marketing nor in what possible sense this is a con? This made no sense three times. Your complaint seems to be that for the same $14 you want them to charge strictly for admission, they give you a drink? So is it bad marketing to give more or is it a con for them to give you more? And the drink package has nothing really to do with it because it is just a single 'specialty' cocktail that is the same for everyone, not like ordering whatever you want from a bar. When we went, the cocktail looked ghastly and my wife and I were able to get bottles of water instead. And I think they only did that much for us because we were YC, although I'm not sure about that.
  12. Some people put a lot of stock in booking with the cruiseline and having 'complete control' of their booking, which just means they can make changes directly rather than through the TA. But for me that is not terribly significant, and I like the cost savings of using a TA.
  13. This. One of the things that really negatively impacted the service we received in Meraviglia's Top Sail Lounge was the lack of peripheral vision and multitasking of most of the butlers.
  14. Depends what you need from the TA. You sound pretty self sufficient in knowledge and decision-making and able to deal with the blips of traveling. So you have to ask yourself why would you use a TA? I do all my own research, so in my case it is to get a very good deal. So once I've decided on the specific parameters of ship, sailing, cabin class, etc., I use one of the sites that let TAs send bids, so the TAs are competing. You still have to do some due diligence before choosing one . I put out my request very specifically, so one of the ways I judge them is how closely they paid attention and tailored their bid to my request. I've had good results. If you do a Google search on something like 'cruise price bidding' one or more of these sites will show up, if that approach is something that interests you.
  15. Yeah, it was a strange comment from one arguing for 'ethics'. Gratuitous and insulting.
  16. No, actually YOU brought it up by asking me the question. And asking someone IF they do something is no different than asking what. Does saying, 'of course I do wonderful things but I'm not going to say what' any different, under the untruths (?) of Matthew 6:1?
  17. A difference at what? Someone's cause of the day? Anyway, with truly due respect, it is neither your nor anybody else's business what I do or don't do. I'm a big believer in Matthew 6:1.
  18. I live my life and pay no attention to the nags, the scolds, and the virtue signallers.
  19. And I don't mind you paying extra so my vacation is cheaper. So we are in agreement. And if you think that AI or the Internet are going to change the fundamental principles of marketing, good luck to you.
  20. You confuse offended with astounded. And yes, I do KNOW that I paid less than anyone who booked through the cruiselines because I always check to see what that cost would be. It's called comparison shopping.
  21. On my recent Meraviglia YC experience, the Asst. M'D, a young lady, was way better than the Maitre D.
  22. Well, you did more than go there, you booked with them. Sure, anyone can have a lousy experience. The problem is that you then extrapolated your rookie mistake onto everything. You blame the world of TAs for your own initial naivete and lack of due diligence. It is like someone saying, 'that mechanic did a lousy job so I am never going to a mechanic again.' Do you think everyone is lying about the financial benefits they get by using TAs? Why is it that we can get them but because of your first, bad, experience you can't? But hey, it is no skin off my nose.
  23. I will. And you enjoy paying more for YOUR vacation so I can pay LESS.
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