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  1. That is fine. But if someone does that and it blows up in their face I'm not going to feel very much sympathy.
  2. Or, as I like to say, it isn't a problem until it IS a problem. And then it is a BIG problem.
  3. Maybe you should consider the special zip-lock type bags that can be vacuum sealed. Best of both worlds, vacuum sealing with non-destructive access for TSA, if necessary. https://www.foodsaver.com/food-storage-bags-and-containers/specialty-vacuum-seal-bags-and-rolls/vacuum-zipper-bags/foodsaver-vacuum-zipper-quart-bags-26-count/FSFRBZ0236-NP.html#start=17
  4. Bar staff share in the gratuity automatically added to individual drink prices already, and generally the bar gratuities are included in drink packages. So either way you have already tipped, albeit through a different means than the DSC. If you want to tip beyond that you certainly can, but you should understand that you have already tipped, and that extra cash tipping constitutes double tipping. If that is your intention, that's fine.
  5. How can I half lose an argument I never entered? I'm describing him as an idiot in this thread, not calling him that to his face - the way you know that is I'm not even talking to him because I'm not traveling with him. But if you want to spend your vacation with someone who does not understand the norms of civilized behavior, so you can try to teach him how not to behave, by all means have at it. For me, life is too short to let such negative people stay in my life.
  6. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. There is virtually 0 chance that what you've read is correct.
  7. I live my life and I encourage other people to live their life. I don't want anyone, other than my wife. reforming me, and I would regard any such effort as offensive. So, turn it around, and the Confucian version of the Golden Rule applies: Don't do to others what you don't want done to yourself.
  8. This is what happens when 'true believers' buy into something. And I'm not talking about true religious believers. You are a true Ramsay believer and it causes you to go far overboard in pushing him. Students are allowed to bring religious materials into school and express themselves about religion. It is the SCHOOL that cannot do it. but you distort the reality because that is required to push your point.
  9. I'm an evangelical, so I wouldn't have a problem with the verses (so long as they aren't used out of context, which is an all too common trick). My problem is with the very notion of one-size-fits-all advice. This thread amply demonstrates the nonsense inherent in that. One size NEVER fits all. If such a thing had been put in when my kids were in school I'd have opted out.
  10. 90% of the students at the school I taught at were on free lunch and breakfast. And are so attuned to things being 'free' that most are shocked to learn that the teachers didn't get free lunch. So not only would the $139 be an instant non-starter, it would be grotesque to use poor kids to pad his bank account so devotees could talk about him being a multimillionaire to buttress his credibility.
  11. Delayed gratification is at the very heart of financial success and you are a good example.
  12. And THAT is the problem with one-size-fits-all advice. One size never fits all.
  13. Most of us go on vacation to relax and have a good time, not to try to reform an idiot. "Miss one dinner or spend the entire cruise, and after, feeling resentful." Or do neither by not traveling with them.
  14. That just means you have no excuse, because you knew who you were going with and what he is like. But this demonstrates another of my life observations: most misery is self-imposed.
  15. AFB in a no-brainer decision. More space, more to do, better food, easier access to internet, better options in almost every sense. I think some of you aren't really following the plight of the ones quarantined off Japan on the ship.
  16. That would be more apt if there was anyone who really understands the danger, yet. And that is the point. In the face of uncertainty a measured level of concern based on the best available information is far better than panic induced by scaremongering.
  17. I never worry too much about general cruise pricing trends because I only pay attention when I am looking to book. But I know there are folks here who follow pricing and have a feel for general cruise price levels and I have a question for them. What is your sense about whether the coronavirus is causing price decreases, and if it is, how far out? Would it reach early 2021 cruises? And would it reach destinations that are fare from the current major outbreak areas, like the Caribbean? Thanks
  18. Based on my second career, 15 years teaching public school, I'm very doubtful about the ability of most of my colleagues, at the time, to teach such a class. Many would have personally benefitted from taking such a class. It is like the College and Career class my daughters had to take in HS. It was a complete waste of time as teachers who became teachers right out of college don't tend to know very much about careers, or what any career requires, or really very much else that applies to real life. My Dad was a public school teacher, and despite have been in the Army at the tail-end of ww2, gone to college under the GI bill, and gotten a Masters degree, after going directly into teaching he really didn't understand much about economics or how much of the real world worked. Luckily my Mom had a bookkeeping background and kept the family on the financial straight and narrow.
  19. When in danger fear or doubt Run in circles, scream and shout
  20. No, the sad thing is how many kids didn't have a good parental example. My millennial doughters are great personal finance managers and never got any instruction in school. But my wife and I were pretty transparent about our finances and our financial decision making process. And they were smart enough to absorb the lessons of no debt other than home, living below your means, maxxing out matching in 401ks, pay off credit cards in full every month, etc.
  21. I bet he didn't get there via callable loans for the purpose of flipping houses. Which is what I said was dumb.
  22. Sadly, I agree. My first career was as a pension actuary for 20+ years, and my firm set up pension plans for small businesses, many of which were professional practices. And a lot of my clients made great incomes, but despite that a fair number had serious financial problems. Being able to make money and knowing how to handle money are very different. Ramsay has made a lot of money telling people how to handle money but does he know how to do it himself, as opposed to teaching it? I questioned that ability when someone told the story of him racking up an unexpectedly large balance on a cruise by blithely running everything on his cruise card - a pretty rookie mistake for a personal finance guru. Which is when the whole 'he's a millionaire, how many of you are' defense arose.
  23. It depends on the kid, their parents, and your tolerance for cultural differences regarding kids. On our Baltic YC cruise the was an Italian family with a monstrous child. And I don't say that lightly. She would literally scream in the grandmother's face in the restaurant and act out in the Lounge. And the parents not only said nothing to her, it was like they didn't even notice. And grandma didn't seem nonplussed by this behavior either, so I gathered it was their normal behavior. Yet they had another child in the family whose behavior was fine. OTOH, there were other international (from an American perspective) families who had kids who were delightful.
  24. Sounds like he was just dumb. I've never had a real estate loan, for personal residence or investment real estate, that was even callable, let alone called. Sometimes people learn the wrong lessons from their failures.
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