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  1. When did cruise ships start with the sanitizers? Is it something of long standing or is it something that started in more recent years?
  2. My understanding is that the sanitizers do nothing to stop viruses at all, so all the pushing of Purell is more sanitation theater than anything. Personally I think just living life without all of the real or imagined hyper-sanitary precautions is the best vaccine against a lot of this stuff.
  3. We were going in the opposite direction but we did a leisurely tour off the beaten path, including lunch at a quaint place, an optional castle in a nice car with a very pleasant English speaking driver. There were 5 adults. For us it was a relaxing way to see some countryside and make the transition from 3 hectic days in Rome to a relaxing cruise of the W. Med. It was a half day in the countryside and they dropped us off right at the ship We booked it through a company called Rome Chauffeur - it was called 'Pre-Cruise Rome’s Enchanting Countryside Tour'. I checked and they do have a post cruise version. It wasn't cheap, 400 euro, but for 5 of us I felt it was good value for what we got. For the return trip after the cruise we did the straight transfer with the same company which, for 5 of us cost 160 euro. We also used them at the start for the transfer from the airport to our hotel in Rome -4 of us for 60 euro. We were very happy with the service and value in all three bookings. Whatever you decide, have a great trip!
  4. Only because they have shown themselves as being incapable of accepting that different circumstances require different actions, so they get treated like children who make bad choices and end up getting the choice taken away.
  5. Pay it. The fact that 17 people are related doesn't have a thing to do with it.
  6. Maybe because they read about doing it on a website where someone was joking about it and took it seriously because the joker gave no indication it was a joke? Just spitballin' here.
  7. I was in YC on Divina a couple of months ago. 2 comments: 1) the OP probably won't find availability for early 2019 2) While I thought the YC was excellent the room itself, which OP has as his priority, is about the least WOW feature of the YC.
  8. Thanks for such a detailed rundown!
  9. Do you recall what the weekly pass for the thermal area cost? And did you use the thermal area? And if so, how was it. We'll be on the ship for 14 days starting late April in the Baltic and the Norway coast, so thermal sounds attractively toasty.
  10. Please, paragraphs and spacing!
  11. I bet that was a great review. Unfortunately the lack of spacing and white space made it too difficult to read, which is a shame as you obviously put a good deal of thought and energy into it. But walls of text are almost impenetrable. I also have a question about your thread title. Are your other reviews NOT honest? Or do you think Divina reviews in general are not honest? 😉
  12. So punishing one group of people for something that OTHER people did is the European way? I wonder how many Europeans would agree.
  13. Not a direct compare, but in recent years I did a 7 day Caribbean on Equinox in an aft balcony cabin, and last summer I did a 7 day Western Med on Divina in a YC Deluxe Suite. Based on those experiences, both of which were very good, I would unquestionably go with the YC at equivalent prices, let alone at a savings. In addition to the perks you listed is the topsail lounge, which is a large lounge looking out forward with full Butler bar service, a mini buffett, entertainment in the evening (piano). I've never been in a haven suite, but there are threads here and on the NCL board making the comparison. YC generally comes out very well in those comparisons. You will also see some threads here about the YC drinks situation, which is in flux. But I feel confident in saying that the YC drink package is equal to or better than the Celebrity premium drinks package, which is what I had, let alone the classic. Not a comprehensive answer, but I hope it helps.
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