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  1. When we were on MSC Divina in the Mediterranean, crew members were excited at the prospect of the move to the Caribbean. Because they would get a higher proportion of Americans who tipped beyond the autogratuities and weren't as likely to remove them.
  2. When was it decided that a discount that is not offered to everyone is not actually a discount? And who made the determination? I'm simple minded. If I pay less than the stated cruiseline price it is a discount, no matter what semantically games are played.
  3. So, basically, no rational reason. They didn't have automatic gratuities in 1973.
  4. Well then you are absolutely correct. Once we eliminate all of the actual existing discounts that hundreds of people have reported getting on cruisecritic, it is true that there are no discounts. /sarcasm. You are just playing a semantics game.
  5. The cruiseline has a DUTY to warn passengers that sexual assault is possible? When and where is there a situation where sexual assault is impossible? Anywhere? It happens in homes, schools, workplaces, social settings, etc., and none of those situations require any such warning. Until you are dead sexual assault is ALWAYS possible. That is why it is stupid for someone to put themself into situations where the risk is significantly higher than the everpresent risk level.
  6. So, group booking prices of large agencies don't exist? Even though hundreds of posters and TAs say they exist?
  7. No. It is more like the difference between people who walk into a new car lot and pay full sticker price vs. people who negotiate and save hundreds, or thousands, of dollars. And then having the list price payer lament that they still don't understand why people negotiate.
  8. Kids don't listen, they watch. You can't lead them with talk, you need to walk the walk before you talk the talk. My dad, who taught junior high for over 30 years, always said that kids this age are ignorant, but they aren't stupid. My own 15+ years of teaching just confirmed that, for me. They watch and quickly figure out what the priorities are. And sadly, in these days of outside babycare, childcare, after school care they quickly understand that parents put a higher priority on maintaining their lifestyle unabated than being a significant part of their lives.
  9. Yes, there will always be predators. Part of parenting is teaching your kids how to avoid them. Doing so does nothing to reduce the culpability of the criminal. But lots of parents do it badly.
  10. Not included in the YC (or any other class) fare. I can't find how much we paid for the drink version, but I think it was about $14. The limited dinner choices, for the dinner option, were a turnoff to us so we never considered it.
  11. People are trying to give you good advice, but you are so defensive about what you are doing (which frankly makes very little sense) that you aren't hearing. I mean really, what have you told us? You did no research on the first TA and now with the second one you have bought a pig in the poke based on some unspecified 'amenities'. By your own description you make impulsive, rash, decisions. You couldn't even wait to talk to the second TA in person and get details about their deal, before plunging in and transferring your booking. Would you buy a car like that? Commit to buying without knowing the price, or what options are included, what rebates are available, what financing is available, if relevant? You ignore all the proven practices that people who have used TAs to save significant amounts have advised, and then lament that you don't see why you should use a TA.
  12. It is not about what happens at age 15. It is what the parents were doing for the 15 years leading up to age 15. Real parenting is not easy. Between ages 10-14, approximately, a royal battle occurs that most parents are not even aware of. This is when kids choose their parents' values or their peer group's values. Saw it over and over again, in 15 years of teaching that age range.
  13. I think the premium may also allow you to connect with more devices - important if sharing the package.
  14. Yes, of course they could have been forcibly raped. But they never would have allowed themselves to be plied by alcohol. Or even been anywhere near a bar. Or gotten into an extended discussion with grown up men in a situation like that. Because they were raised better than that.
  15. I already know that you regard blunt honesty as being rude, but I have to ask, why would you transfer your booking to an agency without knowing if they will give you perks?
  16. Raised 2 terrific daughters. Neither needed constant supervision, at age 15, because they were raised in a way that something like this could not possibly have happened. The parental irresponsibility started long before this cruise for this to happen.
  17. So, the consequences of parental irresponsibility should be borne by the cruiselines? Interesting take.
  18. Do you think everyone here is lying about the benefits they receive? And you are missing the fact that using a TA for a RIVER cruise is not the same as using one for an OCEAN cruise. And I'd bet that most people booking their cruise through a TA do their flight and other bookings themselves. One poorly researched experience with a TA is not a good basis for making a sweeping judgment.
  19. The Flam train would be very doable with a 20 month old. It is a short walk from where you disembark to the train, and the ride is about an hour each way with about a 5 minute turnaround. Terrific scenary, including some lovely waterfalls.
  20. Yeah, but that isn't the REALITY of the list. You probably wouldn't mind hiring the peeing college kid to be your kid's care taker. But if you are hiring someone and their name is on the list are you going to assume it is a public pee-er, or even believe the person if they tell you that is why they are on the list? Knowing that some (most) on the list are guilty of far worse things? If the list were done differently than things could be assessed dfferently. But until that happens, assuming that someone on the list is OK seems . . . unwise. And yes, a lot of crimes rightfully, IMO, result in consequences for the criminal even after they have paid their debt to society.. Among them are loss of voting rights, loss of 2nd amendment rights, foreclosed from many jobs, etc. Not being able to go on cruise is a pretty mild consequence
  21. Except that in some cases gratuity income is taxed at a lower rate, in their home country, so it is an advantage to those crew to have most of their income come from gratuties. Which never seems to cross the minds of those who clamor for the cruiselines to fold grats into the fare and just pay the crew salary. A perfect example of virtue signalling that makes the signaller feel better while screwing the people the signaller purports to care about.
  22. It is a dumb line of reasoning they are using anyway. People on the list may be urinators or they may be child rapists, or anywhere in between. The point is, we don't know. And few people are willing to cut any slack for people on the lists in the hope it is a urinator. So no, we don't take a chance on getting a urinator, because we might end up with far worse.
  23. Nice, you insulted my beliefs and now calling names. From the great ethicist. Lots of people are on the list for more than peeing in public. But by all means use the infrequent outlier to whitewash the whole list and justify putting people (children) at risk.
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