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  1. Thanks for that rundown. We board next month for 16 days.
  2. I didn't know about the $20 a bag option. You just made my wife very happy. Who wants to do laundry while on vacation?
  3. Next time read the terms and conditions. This is entirely self-inflicted, the way you describe it.
  4. Thanks for these reports. Hopefully everything will be up to full AQ standards by the time we board in Oct.
  5. Keep saying it, eventually it will get through. What a lot of misinformation in this thread.
  6. Although my own annual travel health policy happens to be with geoblue, I think you are better off talking to one of the highly spoken of multi-vendor agents than geoblue directly. What fits one person may not fit you, and depending on your specific circumstances geoblue might not be your best fit. Professional advice is better than forum advice.
  7. There is an insurance forum that you should repost your question on. There are a couple of cruise insurance brokers that a lot of folks like and recommend. You will be advised to call one and discuss your situation to see what fits best. It's good advice. Here is the link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/
  8. My favorite entertainment moments on any cruise occurred in the Divina YC on our Med cruise last year. It was late, and there was a fellow playing the piano and singing and there were only a few people around. He had a nice, slightly gravelly voice - a lot like Andrea Bocelli in the lower range softer part of his songs. He started actually playing a Bocelli song, and I wondered how he would do when he came to the part where he had to open up and unleash a powerful voice. As he came to that part, an Italian gentleman at another table started singing. My first thought was, 'crap, that's just what we need - some amateur wannabe.' And 5 seconds later I realized that he not only had a terrific and powerful voice, he knew what to do with it. The piano player face lit up and they ended up doing 2 or 3 more duets of Italian love songs. It was so unexpected and such high quality on both their parts that I was just blown away. I just wish they had started sooner. Serendipity.
  9. If you are only looking at Med cruises then I think you are in for disappointment as there are only so many suitable ports for cruise ships. OTOH, we did the Med on Divina, and the Baltic & Fjords on Meraviglia and there were no ports in common. So you can diversify geographically.
  10. And I'm hoping that between now and then New Orleans doesn't get hit with a hurricane. Luckily we are 'go with the flow' cruisers who know how to make lemonade, when necessary.
  11. Interesting. We are doing the August Red Wing to New Orleans. I wonder how they will handle it.
  12. I never tried to do this because we just got an extra card on the one account.
  13. One of the features of the card is that if you spend your points within Chase's portal you get a 50% bump in value. So you definitely want to spend some time poking around in there. I've never booked a cruise there, but I have booked some nice domestic 1st class tickets through it. They fairly recently changed over to Expedia as their partner, so the site has become more expedia-like. I'm assuming that your question was about using the POINTS to pay for the cruise. Because I'm pretty sure you already know how to use the card. LOL
  14. So you come on here and revel in the fact that you don't know anything about your own long term finances. OK.
  15. To a degree. I don't want to increase that degree. And then there are secondary problems. I remember the joke: to err is human, to really screw something up takes a computer. Hacking the 5,000 paper health records we used to have in Dr.s' offices is impossible. Hacking 12,000,000 health records from a medical databases? Not a piece of cake but doable - we know because it has happened. I'm a big fan of liberty and privacy, and I have no illusions about where we are headed in that regard. I'm glad that I have lived my adult life over the last 45 years rather than over the next 45 years.
  16. For financially responsible folks credit cards are a fantastic tool for both convenience and perks. I would never let the fact that some people are irresponsible and get themselves in trouble deter me from using them. But in a larger sense they ARE evil, IMO, because they are an important step on the road to a cashless society, and a cashless society is a surveillance society.
  17. I have one of those also. But this is different. A secured credit card is still credit. Putting up security for a credit card is like putting up security for a loan. They only go after the security if there is a default. Meanwhile if you make the payments on time you build a credit history. Nothing you do, with respect to a debit card, will do much for your credit rating - unless you overdraft with it which would be bad. Back in the day, as a young guy in his first post-college job, I wanted to buy a car that cost 4k. I had the money and could have paid cash. Instead I put 2k down on the car, and took out a loan for the other 2k. Since I had no credit, I got the loan by depositing 2000 in a savings account and using that account as collateral. And then, as I made the monthly payments I started establishing a credit history. We also guided our daughters in purposefully establishing a good credit score by borrowing and paying off, when they could have paid cash. Their credit scores were built well enough that both now own homes despite being under 30.
  18. We haven't, but we are booked for the Montreal to Boston cruise in October. I think that is Victory 2. I'd certainly like hearing about your cruise when it is over.
  19. I had the more radical Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. By the time I was 8-1/2 months out I knew very well what I could and could not eat, and though I wasn't a cruiser back then, I don't think I would have had any trouble at all eating appropriately. And congratulations for taking ahold of your life this way. I've had my ups and downs, and I'd still certainly like to weigh less than I do, but life is much more livable at 290 than it was at 390.
  20. Maybe instead of 'affording' a cruise you should think about establishing some kind of credit (like using your 'cruise' money to get a secured credit card) and then build on that. But by all means the people in this thread discussing how they use credit cards to their advantage and who know something about finances must be the ignorant ones.
  21. Change is good. In this case necessary. Seriously. You can do it if you apply yourself.
  22. And to complete the scenario, if you paid by debit card or cash you go into that big long line of unsecured creditors, and if you're lucky you'll get a few cents on the dollars after a while. A looong while.
  23. I'm not going to let my actions be controlled by propaganda. When my supposed betters stop flying around the world in private jets to attend climate conferences I might pay more attention.
  24. Did you have that problem with your kids?
  25. I don't know that I would call that a routine purchase. I was talking about daily activities, not one-offs.
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