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  1. Yes, by all means, with the vast array of needs faced by the government they should rush right out and give tax credits to affluent people because their vacation was ruined.
  2. And moan in suffering, because without that big noisy crowd of tourists some of them will have a much harder time feeding their families.
  3. Just remember, no matter what encouragement you get from people here, if you take a prohibited substance on board and against all odds it blows up in your face, it will be YOU facing the possibly serious hassles, not the cruisecritic cheering squad.
  4. I've been in yacht club on both the Meraviglia and Divina, and for me Divina was superior in every respect except for the dining room being aft when everything else was forward. I'm hoping that when we are on Seaside in November they will combine the food and service we experienced on Divina with the vastly more convenient dining room location.
  5. If you are looking for certainty in the experience then cruising isn't for you. Things happen at sea.
  6. Just imagine the public reaction if they reported on the flu the way they do for the Wuhan virus. Every day reports of thousands of new cases. Every day reports of hundreds of deaths.
  7. It is not a question of safety, it is an issue of consequences. If you are home and get the virus you self quarantine, and unless you are one of the ones with health issues and it hits you seriously, that's it. But if you are on a cruise ship, if *anyone* is infected a lockdown/quarantine is imposed on you that is much more severe than home quarantine, plus your odds of getting infected go way up.
  8. I saw something that, if true, startled me. We had more deaths in ww1 due to illness than due to combat - primarily due to the Spanish flu.
  9. Yeah, if you stock up on the latter, stocking up on the former seems advisable. What I don't get are the people stocking up on water. Our taps will not run dry and I've heard nothing about the virus spreading via the water supply. It is as if they are operating off a list of what to stockpile for an anticipated hurricane.
  10. In some localities, China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, the virus seems to have 'bloomed' while in others the spread is much slower. Policies, procedures, and competence are different from country to country. There is a vast gulf between panic and bravado.
  11. This is every bit as obnoxious as the people who insist on talking about politics in the MDR.
  12. Once you get offers, vet the TA. The site I use links to their BBB page. Plus I search on the TA's name everywhere I can.
  13. So every ship now at sea that would disembark in the US is stuck there for a month? Not my idea of a 'very easy way to solve the issue'.
  14. Maybe things have changed, but luggage valet was free in Seattle but in Miami we had to pay for it. Well worth it. Alas, I don't think MSC participates.
  15. That's OK, I'm sure their thousands of employees won't mind being thrown out of work because you wanted lower prices. SMH
  16. Well hey, N. Korea shot a government official who broke quarantine and shot their first confirmed case, so their strategy might be even more effective - if it weren't for that whole inhuman thing. Totally agree on the usefulness of demographic data on cases and deaths. It would also be useful if cases/deaths were reported by whether they are folks who were infected outside the country and came back, or if they were 'home-grown" infections.
  17. Depends on what you mean by problem. Getting caught? Breaking law/rules? Dealing with fall-out if caught? I'm a medical marijuana patient in CO and I vape THC oil. I have no doubt that: 1- I could easily get it on the ship as it is highly concentrated and doesn't smell, and 2 - I could easily vape it in my cabin and no one would know because vaping thc or herb doesn't leave any residual smell. In my apartment you could be in the other room while I Vaped and you wouldn't have a clue. But I am too old (64) and have too nice a life to put it at risk by doing 1 and 2. I suck it up, put up with the aches and pains, don't enjoy eating as much, and drink wine more than usual to help with sleep. Getting entangled with law enforcement is on my anti-bucket list.
  18. You're right. And buying a BMW, is not a cost savings over buying a Ford.
  19. I use a site that lets various TAs compete for my booking and I get multiple offers with perks at varying levels - but I need to get at least 8-10% to pull the trigger. There are plenty of TAs out there that are happy to book on MSC and offer perks. I've booked 3 MSC cruises with 3 different TAs, since I am a disloyal SOB, and got good perks in that range every time.
  20. Suspending cruising YOURSELF is completely within YOUR power. Maybe other people have other opinions.
  21. And they recommend NOT buying and using masks for routine use because they are needed only for infected people and medical personnel.
  22. That would be an interesting discussion, but I doubt it will get going buried in this thread. You should consider starting a new thread.
  23. I pay no attention to what the WHO says about this because they have been unduly influenced by China for a long time. I look to CDC and NIH for far more reliable data and conclusions. IMO, the only people who take that WHO 3.4% mortality rate figure seriously are people looking for a reason to panic, or trying to spread panic.
  24. Yacht Club is much more than a "room and drinks".
  25. Wouldn't want to be at a buffet with THIS guy. https://twitter.com/AGWilliamBarr/status/1234657661494317056
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