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  1. What is not being done that would have been done had those responsibilities not been reassigned?
  2. Can you imagine the panic if every day the media reported on the number and distribution of new flu cases, alone with a daily death toll?
  3. There were no cuts. There were proposed cuts but they were never enacted.
  4. I said a while back that one of the things this will reveal is the relative competence of the various governments around the world. Every country will get infected people, but the difference between 60 cases and no deaths and 650 cases with 21 deaths (Italy), or 388 cases with 34 (if you believe the Iranian government) or 210 (if you believe the BBC) deaths is not by chance. In the long run I think parts of the middle East and Africa will end up being hardest hit, along with China.
  5. The whole tip on sales tax thing is the very definition of a tempest in a teapot. If you tip 20% and the sales tax rate is 8% the difference is 1.6%. Which is $1.60 on a $100 check. Personally, if I am spending $100 for dinner, $1.60 either way is barely worth noticing, let alone making it a big deal on a message board.
  6. I'm with you. Travel insurance should be looked as two different things. Medical and evac insurance cover virtually open ended risks that literally can run to tens of thousands or more. Very few people can afford to self-insure that. Cancellation/interruption insurance, OTOH, involves a risk that has a fixed knowable cost. Many of us are comfortable not buying insurance for these risks because the exposure is limited, we get some coverage from our credit card, and for any difference between what the credit card covers and what separate insurance would cover, the insurance is very expensive.
  7. Totally agree, and we got nothing except miles on our first cruise. But seems like you are learning the lesson we learned, that there is a lot more out there in perks and bargains than I had imagined when we booked our first cruise.
  8. One person's 'the sky is falling' crisis is another person's buying opportunity.
  9. By tunnel vision I mean not noticing when people needed service because they were focused on one thing without peripheral vision. By a lack of multi-tasking I mean making separate trips between the tables and the bar to take an order, a separate trip to pick up used glasses and plates, with 2 separate trips for each table. A separate trip for each individual task. When I was a teacher we talked about having a soft focus where we were aware of everything going on in the room. The TSL butlers seemed to have the opposite kind of focus, very focused on one thing with a lack of overall awareness. I didn't experience that on Divina. And FWIW, this was late April to early May, 2019, just to provide time context. And the Divina trip was in Sept, 2018.
  10. I did the Mera YCA on a 14 day Baltic, and Divina YC on a 7 day Med. The biggest difference is the location of the restaurant. On Mera the restaurant is forward, within the YC enclave. On Divina the restaurant is aft, so you have to walk the length of the ship to get to and from it. The first night a Butler will walk you to the restaurant as it involves going down several decks, across the length of the ship and back up again. As a general matter I found the food and the service on Divina noticeably better than on Mera. On Mera it seemed like the butlers were poorly trained. They suffered from both tunnel vision and a lack of multi-tasking, neither of which I experienced on Divina. Given a choice, in identical circumstances and conditions, personally I would choose Divina. We'll be doing the Seaside YC in Nov. in the Caribbean, and I am hoping for the better restaurant location of Mera, and the better food and service of Divina. We'll see.
  11. I'm scouring the cruise sites looking for last minute prices on Caribbean cruises next month. So no, not on a Caribbean cruise.
  12. OR, just a different thought, people should make their own decisions and face their own consequences.
  13. But it sure gives a great pretext.
  14. Your best protection against all of this stuff is teaching public school for a decade, or more. LOL
  15. Boy you really have it bad. The more infectious a virus is the shorter time it generally can live outside a host. So cold viruses are bad parallels - flu viruses are more on point. Stomach viruses, which corona isn't, have slightly longer lifespans outside a host. And yes, if someone with the virus walks onto the Diamond Princess after it is left completely isolated there could be a problem. But no more so than ANY ship that an infected person walks onto. There is no special or additional risk with the Diamond Princess because of the recent quarantine. Which was the actual point.
  16. Sorry, I had you confused with momofmeg. You have my apologies.
  17. Kind of a completely different point than the one you have been trying to push.
  18. Did you sign an NDA that prevents you from answering the question about what ship it was?
  19. Someone should do research on how short the life of a virus is outside of a host. A clue, keep everyone off the ship for a couple of hours, or let's say 2 days, to be safe, and there won't be a live virus left. Avoiding that ship because of that quarantine is superstition, not science.
  20. I hope so, since fares will be dirt cheap because of this kind of ignorance. Never sailed on Princess, but I would have no reservations about booking a cruise on that ship if the right opportunity presented itself.
  21. Did it fail? Has there been a widespread outbreak in Japan? Keeping their people safe was the primary purpose of that quarantine. The well being of the quarantined passengers and stopping the spread on the ship, was very much a secondary priority. One thing the coronavirus will reveal is the relative competence of government's around the world.
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