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  1. The international nature of the passengers, most of whom are not on CC is one reason. Another reason is that most European MSC sailings have multiple embarkation and debarkation ports and dates. We boarded our cruise in Kiel, but other boarded a day or 2 later in Copenhagen. So even among the English speaking cohort it is a little difficult to get a roll call going because people generally identify by cruising dates.
  2. And then we should burn down every hospital who treats an infected person? This is ludicrous.
  3. Legal tender doesn't cut it at currency exchange. Try it yourself. Take some of the $2 bills and try to get them changed into local currency. Look, I understand you were trying to do something nice in a distinctive way and didn't realize that the distinctiveness was detracting from the niceness. Now you know. What you choose to do with that information is up to you.
  4. The crew are never going to act anything other than pleased when given something by a pax. But your 'cute' $2 bills are actually a royal pain for them as they are much more difficult to exchange and they get a worse exchange rate. They take them because something is better than nothing, but you aren't doing them any favors by doing this, compared to just giving them 2 singles.
  5. 11 deaths outside of China, where government secrecy and denial were the worst possible reaction and contributed to it getting out of hand THERE, is over-hyped, IMO. I'm pretty confident of 2 things. 1) the rest of the world has been and will continue to be, much better at containment than China has been, and 2) by the end of April it will fade out. No chance I would cancel my upcoming cruise this November.
  6. People in general have a horrendous ignorance of probability.
  7. See, I never said any such thing. I never said the people were dumb I said what they were doing is dumb. Smart people do dumb things all the time. Especially when someone encourages them to. On a travel forum.
  8. Probably because OP's point and poll had nothing to do with that distinction? If you don't like his poll, maybe start one that asks the question you want asked?
  9. The top priority in a quarantine is not the safety of the people being quarantined, it is preventing the spread outside the quarantine area. The safety of the quarantined people is secondary to stopping the spread.
  10. Nice review. Ironically your one Con, the shows being too short, would be a Pro, for me.
  11. True, but in the absence of the secrecy and denial with which the Chinese initially reacted to their outbreak, containment will be far better in other countries than has occurred in China in all likelihood. And it is very likely that as soon as the weather warms up it will fade away.
  12. The purpose of sharing knowledge is not to encourage people to do dumb things.
  13. Given the secrecy and denial with which the Chinese first reacted to the outbreak I think almost every other country the virus makes it way to will do a much better job at containing it. I doubt it makes sense to use the progress of the disease in China as an example or projection of what the spread will be like elsewhere.
  14. And is no basis for telling people that traveling without a passport is no big deal based on your travels without a passport in a circumstance that don't apply to them.
  15. But in the process you are minimizing the potential difficulties they may run into that they cannot really assess and make a decision on because of a lack of knowledge - which is why people come here to ask. Your strange obsession is leading some people down the primrose path.
  16. Here is the thing. If there is an issue where 'experts' can plausibly take positions 180 degrees apart, then neither is really an expert, on that situation, and it is all BS - generally for the purpose of attracting eyeballs and ears and clicks.
  17. Most people don't go on vacation to get into arguments. But if that is what floats your boat . . .
  18. Yes, but one person's 'straight talking' is another person's boorish bloviating. There is a wonderful expression that crops up in Victorian literature, notably in Jane Austen novels. Entering a situation ready to 'please and be pleased'. That, to me is the adult way to act on a cruise and what I strive for personally.
  19. I strongly suspect that if someone tried that and really pushed it, handcuffs would come into play.
  20. Almost sounds like a weird variation of Munchausen by proxy.
  21. I suspect you are too late. The time to find out about perks is before booking. With a booking for 10 people you would be a prime customer to a good TA and should have been able to get some substantial perks. As it is now, without any leverage, the best you can hope for is them throwing you a bone. Alternatively, if you booked with a refundable deposit and are far out enough so that there would be no penalty for canceling you could re-acquire some leverage by threatening to cancel if they didn't give you reasonable perks, but I'm betting you would not do that for fear of being 'offensive'. Personally, if a TA had booked 10 people for me and never volunteered any substantial perks I wouldn't worry about them getting offended. Or you could just go ahead and cancel and then see what other TAs will quote to you in fares and perks for a re-booking. As to amount? I generally shoot for perks with about a 10% value, but will settle for maybe 8% if I can't get 10 or more. That is on top of any returning cruiser discounts and credit card point values.
  22. Sadly, too often the real expertise of 'experts' seems to be unintended consequences. OTOH, the top priority of a quarantine is to prevent the contagion from escaping the quarantine area. Preventing spread of the contagion within the quarantine are is important, but decidedly a secondary priority.
  23. People are generally terrible at assessing risk in everyday life. Doubly so when they don't even know what is entailed if the risk goes bad.
  24. The folks who chose the cruise ship might want to peruse this: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/wholly-inappropriate-quarantine-practices-may-have-helped-spread-coronavirus-on-the-diamond-princess-cruise-ship-experts-say/ar-BB102mkO
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