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  1. Doc reverted. Looks like someone needed to double check the header name before editing the worksheet.
  2. For sure. I just felt it needed to be pointed out because most status match programs with other industries/services just give you the status but not the corresponding nights. For example, I have Marriott Gold via the credit card, but it doesn't give me the corresponding total elite nights for that status, so if I want to make Lifetime Gold or Platinum, I still need to accrue those normally.
  3. TBH giving you the points to get you to the status is much better than just giving you that status, as it makes it much easier for you to get to the next level of status. Only problem with MSC's program is that you need to cruise with them once every...3 years, was it? Because your status will expire otherwise.
  4. Welp, it's down again to 44.5/share, likely due to overall market uncertainty shenanigans.
  5. Surely you meant "also partake in the local "baijiu". Some of them will make Granny's moonshine smooth as a glass of cool water "
  6. Jeez, did someone at MSC have a horrible experience at a Marriott property or something?
  7. The blurry residue obscuring the window from about 0:04 of that video seems like the biggest argument against an OV for Alaska unless it's significantly cheaper than going balcony.
  8. Is it the waters between Cabo and LA, or between LA and SF as seems to be implied by other posts?
  9. No, but the flights themselves aren't too different from each other. Ooh, posturing, how fun! Seriously though, your favorite lines include high-end luxury lines like Windstar, Oceania, and Seabourn. Clearly you do expect expect the cruise line to do much more than provide you with transportation, food, and board.
  10. Do people generally find balconies necessary for Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mexican Riviera, or Panama Canal itineraries?
  11. I was kind of considering LA/Long Beach/SD to be the same area, as they're not too far from each other. Hmm, might need to look into Southwest, then.
  12. I'm sure that sounded a lot more worldly and sophisticated in your head, rather than "I like throwing away money for no reason". Don't know about you, but my money on a cruise goes towards an enjoyable vacation. The cruise lines are hardly doing me a favor by granting me the privilege of cruising; they're providing a service that I pay money for, and if a specific itinerary doesn't offer as much value as another one, why would I pick the former over the latter? Now if I were to lower myself into the mud pit of generational mudslinging, I could point out how the Boomers turned Am
  13. Welp, looks like it's holding steady for the past 2 days. Just went in on 100 shares in my Roth so I can enjoy delicious tax free dividends and eventual onboard credit.
  14. So just so I'm understanding correctly, it's 5% off whatever price paid, regardless of whether it's booked directly or through a third party vendor? If you book third party, do you need to then contact MSC for this or is it automatic as long as your loyalty ID is provided?
  15. So if I'm understanding correctly: Going southbound from Bay all the way to Cabo is fine. Going from Cabo to LA is fine. Going from LA further north is chop?
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