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  1. Did you get a notification for my "thanks" in the bell?
  2. I would send you a special tinfoil hat to keep you safe but they use different radio waves in Canada and American tin foil won't work. I will leave something for you to keep you safe with the bellman in a secret location when I stay there in May. I tip well so they probably will leave me alone. Are shared tips kickbacks in Canada? In the mean time hide in plain sight, the little carts can't maneuver .
  3. The cruise package is horrible for me when I travel because I travel solo and its breakfast for two. I guess the front desk is on the 'bellhop mafia' as they have a printed card with the instructions. 😎
  4. Martin, When I checked in last May I asked how to get to the cruise terminal and they gave me a card to call for the bellman to come up and get my luggage, I wasn't on a cruise package. I did tip the bellman both when I arrived and when he took the bags. I think I had to call to have them get the bags by 11 or 11:30 am. A-
  5. I did the same thing about 3 months ago and charged the whole cruise, I was booking a few while I made up my mind. I full charged the first one. I had a credit on my account for a cancellation on another line so it didn't matter to me. I ended up canceling the full pay a week later and booking the cruise I only paid the $25 deposit on.
  6. Use Mobile Passport for US declarations https://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens/mobile-passport-control
  7. I would use the search tool in the departure ports or ports of call. Limit to the search to the forum you are in. So for Pan Pacific in Vancouver, I go to the Canada (Alaska/Pacific Coastal) ports of call, which comes up with a list of threads https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?q="Pan Pacific"&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=23&search_and_or=and A-
  8. Sometimes gift cards are blocked upstream of your junk mail. I have seen this with electronic cards from another vendor. I would suggest you ask your email provider or firewall provider if they are blocking the emails if you can find out from someone else who the sender and domain is.
  9. We had a perfect day with no wind so all the water was like glass, on the way back the wind came up and there were clouds in the mountains. Someone in our roll call organized a private round trip van with http://tntours98.com/index.html You do need a passport on these tours that cross the border.
  10. Sounds like they will be contacted once they get back to the states According to Holland America, all crew and passengers were individually screened for elevated temperatures on Feb. 10; no one at the time had a fever. "We are in close coordination with some of the leading health experts from around the world," said Dr. Grant Tarling, Chief Medical Officer for Holland America Line, in a statement. "These experts are working with the appropriate national health authorities to investigate and follow-up with individuals who may have come in contact with the guest." Cruise passengers who have already returned home will be contacted by their respective local health departments for next steps, the Holland America statement says. https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Cambodia-gets-more-praise-for-allowing-cruise-15060606.php
  11. AlanF65

    What to do in Sitka

    Museum Fortress of the bear 20190517_131031.mp4 Raptor Center Orthodox church A-
  12. There are a variety of Bus and train tours, most the trains go to the border and turn around, some go further. The better small bus tours go up the other side of the canyon, along to Carcross, emerald lake and back with a stop at a musher camp / iditirod dog training. I have done the train to the border and back, and a bus into emerald lake. The combination get the best of both. You see more on the bus tours that go to Emerald lake. Tutshi lake Carcross Emerald Lake Musher camp
  13. I use the attached as a cover sheet to my efax. I use the same form for Prince with a different address. I sent two out on Friday afternoon and had the OBC on Friday night and Saturday Morning A- Proof of ownership of Carnival Corporation or Carnival plc shares Sample.docx Proof of ownership of Carnival Corporation or Carnival plc shares Sample.pdf
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