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  1. Along with the other selections I would search in two places or post questions in the one of the boards below. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/315-west-coast-departures/ which has these results https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?q="San Diego hotel"&quick=1 or https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/142-california-coastal-pacific-northwest/ which didn't have any results
  2. I would think they would would need to preserve a relative temperature without big humidity changes and temp changes inside to protect the interior finish materials. Wood and laminates expand with humidity and shrinks with heat, constant movement leads to cracking and issues with the coatings. I guess it would be a cost to replace vs cost to temper analysis.
  3. They should supply you with a smart device so you can be tracked and traced. :=) I have masks, more masks, and more masks along with sanitizer, more sanitizer and more sanitizer. I saw a joke add yesterday 1 free roll of NEW TP with a case of Corona beer.
  4. Actually all they need to do is require installation of a Covid-19 app on anyone that has a smart phone, my phone already has covid-19 tracing if I install an app, the apps do 14 day anonymous data that can tell you if you have been in contact with any one that tested positive. If you have an Android phone, its settings - Google and there it is Covid-19 notifications, for IOS its under health. So they can trace anyone with a smart phone, they just need to overcome the minor civil liberties issues of tracking everyone in the country everywhere they go.
  5. Mine is still refundable ( in hot dogs), maybe they changed the fare by mistake when they or HAL applied the FCC. A-
  6. Yes, But I think the cruise line will argue if can they move forward for something that happened in a foreign country with a foreign based company. A-
  7. Probably the first issue is jurisdiction, the ship did not sail from the US nor was the voyage to end in the US.
  8. Received port fees and taxes last night for my May 18 Maasdam sailing canceled by HAL to Alaska. Previously received my FCC for the same cruise. Earlier in the week received full refund from Princess for Sept 11 Alaska sailing. A-
  9. Here is the result of this search https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?q="beverage package"&type=forums_topic&nodes=103&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_in=titles You need to get to the more search options I start with this seach box and pick the highlighted items, then search "beverage package" in quotes A-
  10. I think the incentive is there and the financial risk has been removed in the development phase and manufacturing phase with government funding. Beyond the US there is another 10 billion is funding raised by WHO and China along with 850Million in Canada. "The crisis in the world is so big that each of us will have to take maximum risk now to put this disease to a stop" Changing the process to concurrent steps rather 1 step then another also accelerates the process. There has never been a global motivation and mobilization on this scale in the last 30-50 years.
  11. But the US and the world are doing rapid development along multiple lines with multiple manufacturers. Any company that gets US funding from Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority has to commit to providing the US 300 million doses other than an English company that is to provide 7 out of 10 doses manufactured. They have spent about 1 billion of about 5 billion to ramp up manufacturing. There are 13 drugs in clinical trials right now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_vaccine A-
  12. Everyone eats together 3x a day, they are in cramped quarters 24x7, they may have different air systems than cruise ships based on different criteria based on damage containment, fire and flood.
  13. I researched this over lunch. I paid Big Box TA $1,304 and change after I transferred the cruise to BB TA, I paid Princess $100 deposit on credit card #1. I received the $1,304 I paid on credit card #2, my $100 deposit is not here yet but I am guessing it will pop up in the next few days. the $100 is an older charge than the $1,304 A-
  14. My Sept 12 on Grand Princess to Alaska from Vancouver was refunded to CC today, I had paid about 30%. Full refund was only option at the time they cancelled. A-
  15. Sounds more like constantly changing covid 19 guidelines. The correct methods are explained here (satire)
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