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  1. Hi, Before 11-26 (10-31), I made a deposit of $25. I guess we wait until 1-26 to see what happens to new bookings transferred Thanks Alan
  2. I just emailed world_cruise_reservations@hollandamerica.com and asked the form and then replied to that email with the filled out form. I don't know who my PCC is, I booked online and then made some changes on the phone and cancellation once I knew what I wanted. Thanks Alan
  3. Royal tells you it takes 8-10 days and it takes the full time. I was surprised it moved so fast (less than 24 hours). Make sure you use the latest form Transfer Request Form - FINAL 091919.pdf You can also request the form and then reply to that email with the completed form. Thanks alan
  4. So I sent in the transfer paperwork yesterday and it was moved to Big box TA today. Online if I book through big box I get a shop card. They are giving me $500 in refundable OBC.
  5. On about the 3rd or 4th day of the cruise you should get a from in your staterooms for Port Valet. This is a FREE service that if you sign up all the luggage will be at the destination airport when you get home, so you just lug your carry on with you. The form has places for luggage fees, you only pay luggage fees if your bags aren't free on your flight. This would make a car or limo ride simpler and less to manage when getting off the ship. https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free
  6. I am traveling solo, if I purchase two nights at $70 is that 4 solo visits? Thanks Alan
  7. Try conrtol-click to select multiple files at one time, they all upload to the uploaded images, then you type some text and insert as you wish or hit save and they all post as below
  8. Yes the 4 hours is too short in most ports, which is why generally speaking cruises out of Vancouver get more port time / more ports. Or a Seattle 3 port of Juneau, Skagway / or ISP or Sitka, Victoria. I also think that if it goes to Glacier Bay that's basically like a port in that you are there for 8 hours. When they leave out of Seattle and do Glacier Bay and Dawes or Tracy arm then the time comes form port times. Really there needs to be more 10 and 11 day cruises but it must not meet the demand of what people want / have time for / are willing to pay. Last Mays 11 night Ovation out of Vancouver was great for ports / port times. The 14 night that HAL does goes to a lot ports that you don't normally see. A-
  9. I was booked on Adventure bound in May and was sick that day, everyone else in the roll call that went rally enjoyed the trip. I may book on next years cruise ,waiting to see, the ship I am on does Zodiac trips right off the boat while at Tracey arm. Their bookings open on the 2nd of January I believe. https://www.adventureboundalaska.com/
  10. Yes your comment is accurate, 4 hours stops are less than ideal but ships sailing longer distance seem to do these shorter stops. A 7 day from Seattle that includes Glacier bay it looks like this is a lot of ports is short time cruise with Juneau, Glacier Bay, ISP, Sitka, Ketchikan, and Victoria my point is Glacier wind made accommodations and they make accommodations for another tour of a shorter duration for a 2.5 hour tour from the meetup point. There are 10 excursions on the HAL site for the 4 hour visit including whale watch, zip ride, ATV and others.
  11. I have a 5.5 hour stop there and Glacier Wind is doing a 3.5 hour whale watch and will be at the pick up area early so IF we get off early and are all ( 6 of us) at the meet point early the trip will be longer.
  12. I have only cruised a few times and the OBC has always been consumed with gratuities or items I would buy anyway online pre-cruise or a few drinks I buy. I use the shop card for either planned big ticket items or every few weeks for groceries so its cash I would spend anyway. I want the lowest net cruise cost and I count the cash cards as a cash reduction of the cruise cost. In the past I have also received cash from the cards in store. In the past I also consider the 5% cash back I get for using their card as a reduction in the cruise cost, even though it is delayed to two different dates. This year I prepaid most of a B2B on their CC to take advantage of the CC travel insurance. That benefit ended in September so when I canceled with Royal and booked with HAL I used that credit towards HAL and opened a CC with travel benefits and paid some of the unpaid amount with that CC to get the 50k miles bonus for purchases in the first 4 months. I also book direct with the cruise line and move the reservation to big box which nets cruise line OBC and benefits and big box cash back. If I had a lot of OBC I would not go to the onboard stores and just spend the money because I had it which I imagine a fair amount of people do.
  13. I book the best deal online with the cruise ship, then transfer to big box store, so I get cruise ship OBC, gratuities and whatever else the cruise line included, then they send the cash card later. I like the cash cards, I shop there. T I buy a lot a the bb store and prefer the cash card, I prebook my excursions, try to pay for next years cruise before the cash back period ends so I have the cc cash back to use onboard if I want. I don't drink enough to consume the OBC. Cashback cards seem to round down to some number around 8% in 10 or 15 dollar increments.
  14. Royal allows different packages but the only way to get it is to call in and explain the circumstances, can't be done online.
  15. Smaller boats are more nimble so they can get closer within the regulations (300 feet, stay behind whales, don't approach whales). They can also coast in to get closer. That said all boats need to follow the same rules https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/alaska/marine-life-viewing-guidelines/alaska-marine-mammal-viewing-guidelines-and-regulations#keep-your-distance
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